Celebrity Big Brother 3 – Premiere, House Tour & Delayed Live Feeds

The premiere of Celebrity Big Brother 3 was last night. If you missed the first episode you can head over to CBS and catch up on what you missed. Unfortunately the live feeds are delayed until at least Friday but you can get ready for them by signing up for your FREE Paramount+ Trial. If you watched the premiere episode, tell us your first impression thoughts in the comments below. Who is your front runner to win CBB3? Who is this seasons train wreck?

** OBB coverage – We unfortunately won’t be covering much of the CBB3 live feeds. I will try to do some updates but I can’t promise anything at this point.. Feel free to add updates or interesting moments from the live feeds in the comments 🙂

Take a look at the newly redesigned house the celebrities will be living in for the next few weeks.

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we get an update on the live feeds friday, instead of the live feeds?!? WTF is going on? we are missing critical gameplay


Looking forward to this quick season. Get those live feeds going! Not too fond of a few of them. Can’t wait for it to get ugly.


Whaaat no coverage? I get it, real life first. Hope all is well and appreciate all you do!!


im missing you guys a lot,…sad face 🙁


Woohoo! Todrick FTW! I’ll be checking for updates periodically as I’m too cheap for live feeds 😛


mirai and carson were nommed but the latter won veto and teddi is the replacement

they better not evict mirai because she’s interesting


But she’s so naive and unguarded. She needs to listen and observe more and talk less and be less trusting if she wants to stay.


I hope Teddy goes home.. annnnoying!


Oh my! I totally forgot how mind numbing it is to watch live feeds when they hide them from us. Meh.

another name

episode 1-3.

cbb3 2.jpg