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A lot of my webcasts are up. Interview with Mike Muir from Suicidal, the show I brought Crazy James to outside of Paris… and lots other shit.

This is gonna be short.
My grandmother broke her hip and has been in the ICU for about a week with pneumonia to top it off, she is 90.
She has been married for 25 years to a man who loved her and took great care of her. He was in the CCU until today with pneumonia, he died today.

So, my Grandmother will have to go through all the rehab for her hip alone. I think she will have to go into a nursing home and she has no idea her husband is dead. They were married 25 years 4 days ago.

Life is fucked sometimes…

Think I will probly be going back to Florida again very soon…

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Maria C.

I am so sorry about your Grandparents. God Bless!