Big Brother SPOILERS – Evel Dick – The latest update on the Hustler magazine interview ..want yours matted and framed?!

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I spoke with Hustler yesterday and I will pick some of the magazines either on Monday or

It doesn’t hit the stands until week after next. I have been trapped because between Geico and the dealer repairing my car, I have been stranded without my car for a month. So, I haven’t been able to price things like I wanted to. But I will over the weekend.I am also going to have a small number of them matted and framed. I want one for myself and I’ll give one to my mom… Not sure how many more I will have done, but those, I think I will also have something from the show. I was thinking about cutting the embroidered logo out of my BB duffle bag and having them put in ours. I have other shit too, so I will go through what I have and see, maybe have a shirt I wore as the background that the pages are laid out on under the glass…

Anyhow, all that shit is expensive though… cutting matting for the 4 pages alone will be expensive,… I will check and let me know if anyone is interested, they will be pretty good sized I am thinking, so….

So, sorry to put you off, but it isn’t exactly a time sensitive deal. And if you are interested in just the magazine, please keep adding to the comments on this or one of the other blogs that you do want one or two, I have to get a good guesstimate of about how many I will need. They are? giving me enough for family and close friends,? and I am buying the rest… But once they are gone, they are gone… So, make sure you tell me, because I don’ want to have to deal with the criers when they are gone and they are out…


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