Big Brother Spoilers – Erics thoughts on Winter Reality TV Shows Thus Far

Long time no speak! First off, I wanted to thank everyone for the insane amount of birthday wishes that I received this past week. It’s really amazing to think that so many of you would take the time to show me some birthday love…very cool of all of you. And the birthday celebrations were great, so thanks. It’s funny…I may be in my upper 20’s, but I don’t feel a day over 23, don’t look a day over 19, and don’t act a day over 14! So, all in all…I’m much younger than the number says.

Random Topic of the Day: Cereal. Two points:

1) Ever notice that Cap’n Crunch’s eyebrows are actually on his hat, not his face?

2) Why is it that 99.5% of cereals have a clear interior bag, yet Corn Pops (and sometimes Smacks) have a silver bag? I mean, literally every other cereal has a standard packaging, so why the heck are Corn Pops different? Theories?

Now, on to the main event. The winter season of reality TV thus far. And what a slate it’s been. Naturally I’ve got to start with the biggies:

AMERICAN IDOL – I have greatly enjoyed Idol this season. There has been decidedly greater focus on showcasing talent this season, which is way more up my alley. KARA has been a welcomed addition, if for no other reason but to shake up the dynamic a little bit. I was familiar with what she’d bring to the table, as she was a judge on one of most underrated cancelled reality shows in recent memory, THE ONE (which featured SYESHA MERCADO as a contestant). Every year my friends and family run a few different Idol pools – one in the vain of a football survival/suicide pool and another that involves predicting the complete order of elimination. Can’t wait. Seems like female singer/songwriters are ruling the day in the early auditions.

Early personal favorites have included: EMILY HUGHES (the dyed haired rocker who sang “Barracuda”), CASEY CARLSON (“1,000 Miles” – mostly because she was ridiculously hot), ADAM LAMBERT (“Bohemian Rhapsody”), ANNEMARIE BOSKOVICH (“Bubbly”), MEGAN CORKNEY (“I Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man of MIne”), and my personal favorite thus far, DEANNA BROWN (“Sitting on the Dock of the Bay”).

If I was a betting man (and I am), I’d be looking out for the following to be taking a very good sniff at this year’s TOP 12: VON SMITH (a youtube sensation, did not make a very likable first impression to me), DANNY GOKEY (lost his wife one month before auditions began, seemed like a genuinely great guy), ANOOP DESAI, SCOTT MACINTYRE (it will be interesting to see if the story of his blindness carries him to the top of the voting heap), JOANNA PACITTI (several previous record deals), BRENT KEITH, LENESHE YOUNG, and TK NASH.

On to THE BIGGEST LOSER. Ladies and gentlemen, they got our memo! Plenty of more likable characters, almost all of whom have far more weight to lose and more dire stories to root them on through. The first few episodes of the season were far more enjoyable to me than anything from last season. I was disappointed to see some of last season’s antics creeping through lately – the ousting of JERRY, keeping JOELLE in the game at DAMIEN’s expense (and inexplicably lying about it when they had the votes secured either way), and David’s lack of desire/commitment to the process this week. Two really, really strange things though. In last week’s episode, DANIEL was just missing. He was not at the challenge, not in any diary sessions, and not a part of the story. Then he just showed up at the weigh-in without them ever acknowledging it. Then, I really disliked how in the preview for this week’s episode, they freakin’ told us who the bottom two were going to be! They’re asking us to commit to watching a two hour episode, so why ruin the outcome for us? Still it’s been a vast improvement over last season in my eyes.

JASON MESNICK has not disappointed on THE BACHELOR. He is just a really sincere, down to earth guy that is giving a great bounce back feeling to the franchise. In a rarity for the show, you actually have the impression that he has genuine connections with each of his five remaining girls and the field is truly wide open. I was floored when I saw the season preview with DeAnna returning. Why why why torture this poor man? And why does she conveniently realize this when he’s back on national TV? Nonetheless, I will be watching with eyes peeled to see how her return plays out. I won’t provide any spoilers, but for those who are interested, there is a very compelling story circling online that builds a very strong case for what the outcome of the season will be…so search away if you’re interested.

Looking for a breakout star from this season’s slate of shows? Try KHALOOD “MRS. B.” BOJANOWSKI from MOMMA’S BOYS on for size. Holy shit, was this woman a freakin’ nut job. Anyone who even saw 5 minutes of this show know exactly what I’m talking about. My brother went to sleep away camp with one of the guys from that show too, haha. Small world.

I have been a tad bothered by CELEBRITY REHAB PRESENTS SOBER HOUSE thus far. Don’t get me wrong, I find it riveting and quite well done. But I guess I was naive to buy into the fact that these people remain sober. I had the pleasure of meeting BRIGITTE NIELSEN after the filming of Season 1 and she was in great spirits and entirely sober. That gave me hope. But let’s face it…it’s now rather evident that very few of these celebrities remain sober after filming the show. Which then makes me question their motives and intentions in the first place, especially returning for the sober house aspect (are they just doing the show for the paycheck etc.). It?s almost unfortunate that the show is so entertaining, as that is just not the point. It?s very well done though and quite fascinating?I just wish I had greater confirmation that the show was as helpful as I wish it to be, and not exploitive.

For some reason my season pass keeps refusing to record THE CONTENDER. Damn, I say. I’ve been enjoying THE REAL WORLD thus far. As well as RW alum, ERIC NIES on CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE IDOL. Is poor SCOTT even on RW: BROOKLYN though? It’s obvious that they’ve been trying to bring some substance back to the franchise to separate it from the trashier VH1 shows. Speaking of which, is BRETT MICHAELS even trying anymore? He really seems to be just going through the motions. There isn’t even the slightest hint of pretending that there’s any chance that actual relationships could come out of his show or REAL CHANCE OF LOVE etc. anymore, and I think that’s just fine with me. Enjoy them for what they are…the lowest of the low common denominator form of entertainment…and I love it, haha! How much fun would it be to cast one of those shows? Am I the only person in the world watching 13: FEAR IS REAL? If I’m not, I should be…it’s not very good, haha.

Lots of the big boys will be returning soon with HELL’S KITCHEN (tonight), SURVIVOR, THE AMAZING RACE, CELEBRITY APPRENTICE, etc. all on the horizon. But if you’re looking for the sleeper of the season, don’t miss I LOVE MONEY 2 – if it’s anywhere near as good as the first one, you’ll love it. Admittedly the cast doesn’t look nearly as esteemed as the initial batch from season 1 (if you can even use the word esteemed in that sentence), but I still have high hopes.

(Get it? Like Reality Bites, only it’s bytes…like sound bytes. Man, I’m clever, haha)

“My trip was awesome, we danced the Hora and sang the song Hava Nagila and lifted the twins up in a chair.” – SCOTT on “A DOUBLE SHOT OF LOVE” describing his trip home with his bisexual, twin girlfriends

“The conjugal visit got wasted by Matsuflex. I would have had the ears by the ankles…I would have done…I would have made…scratch that…don’t use that ears by the ankles thing…I don’t wanna piss my chick off…I would have made sweet sweet love to my woman.” – ROB “THE POWER TOOL” on “TOOL ACADEMY”

“They had me looking like a young Harriet Tubman out there.” – CJ on “TRUE BEAUTY” commenting on being forced to compete in the challenge barefoot

“Well we’re on a boat in the middle of the ocean, so II’m thinking this is a big change…they’re gonna change the reality show from THE BIGGEST LOSER to next year’s HAWAII FIVE-O. So I’m looking for the little midget who says, “De plane, de plane,” – so basically we were all nervous!” FILIPE on “THE BIGGEST LOSER” talking about his first impressions of the challenge

“JUDGE TOBY YOUNG: It reminded me of the career of Elvis Presley…it started off incredibly well, came straight out of the gates…

GUEST JUDGE: Then it died on the toilet.

TOBY: That comes later.” – TOP CHEF

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i love eric and all…
but does he have no other life than sitting at home and watching reality tv lol


Crazy people.. 🙂


Yo, E, what’s up. Great to see you’re keepin up with the Reality shows, I am as well, except that gay bachelor stuff. but other than that, Real World is kickin ass, minus the muscle bound airhead, who should “tap that” Beautiful Ebony Sister, and screw the girl at home


im glad to see eric has been watching a hell of a lot of reality tv =) haha