Big Brother Over the Top Halloween house revealed!

I’ll have to say that this is the coolest house EVER! I love Halloween and the Fall season and this house has that all over it!

Big Brother Over the Top starts tonight at 7pm on CBS all access. Subscribe to the feeds using thew link below.
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BIG BROTHER: OVER THE TOP, which begins streaming live on CBS All Access Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 10:00 PM, ET/7:00 PM, PT.  Photo: Lisette M. Azar/CBS ©2016 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Lisette M. Azar/CBS
©2016 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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The house does look awesome! Looking forward to reading your updates!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I think the house looks great. Thanks for covering the season Simon and Dawg. You guys rock!


Alright…don’t have to twist my arm:) Guess I will give it a try…


What time does the premiere start Simon?

sunny dee

Looking forward to the updates as well, i can’t see myself signing up and paying for a channel (CBS) that i get included in my already high cable bill no matter what the reason.

Are they doing ‘episodes’ at all, because in real BB, production is all over the place, and then edited out, so how will things go if we are to see all the behind the scenes stuff, or do they also shut down the feeds, then when they come back it is airing an edited version of a comp?

we do know one of the HGs is going to be Jason or Jozea, so one down, and who knows how many others to go.


Cool! Cant wait to read the updates, as I am in Canada, and I dont do feeds. I would much rather read your updates and the comment section… However, I am not sure if I will or can get into this season, cause I feel I might need the show to be able to relate names to the characters for the first few weeks. It will be interesting. 🙂


Any idea how much it is to subscribe to all access?


dang I wish they would open this up to Canada 🙁

Canada Eh!

Loves it! 😀

Jake K.

I already love 4 things about this season….(barring 1 clause)…
1. This how is (pardon my French) fucking awesome
2. I love the idea of a safety ceremony cause it SOUNDS like we are going back to the “X….you are safe” deal and I miss that type of round-table nominations. And the suspense over the day will be awesome.
3. Incentives to be awake
4. Lastly, (my hopeful clause) the HGs are told tonight that there is NO JURY….so they are cutthroat and mean

Jake K.

*house but why the down votes?

sunny dee

if i had to guess, it would be the downvote is about the online version & the fall season is an ‘issue’ with traditionalist fans. Some have watched non stop, including feeds, for 18 years, plus 4 seasons of Canada. They will have paid their 5.99US, however they managed that to show a US address i suppose, gotten a VPN, for 3 months, and now the ultimate what may seem to some, a blackmail scheme to not just get more money from them, but if they don’t pay up, there will be an entire season and HGs that they don’t see and don’t get to know.

after 22 seasons, for myself, i feel like this is a betrayal of my trust, and i am not hardcore or superfanny at all. IF they had made the online version free and accessible internationally, i would have been all in and supportive. but i really can’t be, and i don’t want to think that this is how tv is going to go, or BB, if they think it is cheaper than filling in empty time slots on summer tv schedules

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I think you are correct Sunny in that if the online show was free it would have a much larger audience. Bring on the down votes haters.


It’s the complete opposite! As soon as they find out the viewers vote then they will be playing up to the camera, and act like sweet prince and princesses. It will be a snore fest!

Misty Beethoven

Aw, Simon! It hasn’t even started and your making cat person jokes?!


Aside from the whole online thing and CBS attempting to bilk fans out of 5.99 a month to watch with no alternatives, I do think the last season (BB18) left a bad taste in a lot of people’e mouths – hence the rampant downvoting.


AMERICA- Fuck Yeah


Are yall saying all this “excited about the house” as a tongue in cheek kind of thing? All I really see different is a Halloween themed have nots room. pretty much everything else is the same. They painted the big white ribs purple, changed the bed sheets, and re-did the safari room. The bathroom still looks like a beach, how does that tie into the halloween theme?


Maybe Newcastle will bring back their Werewolf Dark Ale this year. Good stuff.

Misty Beethoven

I’m curious to see how long the house stays clean, or if this group will be slobs like BB 18. What is it about being in this house that turns people into pigs?


Someone posted this earlier about Michelle saying something mean to Nicole’s Mom. Meech: here’s the scoop. I saw day at the wrap party and was messing around saying you fucked up. Then we talked about the party the next day and who’s going. I thought the lady was a anti Nicole and so then I was like she prob fucking Corey and then I found out it was her mom…… I ran away and felt horrible.

Pumpkin Spice

Who knew Simon was a white girl in yoga pants drinking pumpkin spice?!

Really, I love fall also! Best house deco!


Simon posted those pics. Blonde wig, push-up, yoga pants and manolos. Very nice.


House looks awesome. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the workout room as an actual workout room.


It’s 5 minutes past the hour and it hasn’t started yet. Already running late. Lol


Ugh!!! Disregard my last comment. I was an hour off! Sorry, had a brain fart.


I signed up for the live feeds through the link on this site. Hope yall get a few bucks off it.


Better him than Jozea !!!




It’s so slow having them come in one at a time every 5 minutes.


This is super slow! I thought Julie said they will all be in within the hour, but we’ve only got 5 so far


Can I gouge my eyes and ears out now or should I wait for all of the houseguests to come in?? When my month is up I’m cancelling if this is what it is going to be like….soooo slowwwww……


Seriously. I’m so tired and despite my lack of sleep last night(3kids) I’ve stayed up for this. But 5 in one hour? Come on…


I like this. It gives them time to get acquainted instead of everyone yelling over each other. They are bonding right away.

Right Said Cornbread

Best cast ever!


Everyone is so likeable. It will be hard eliminating anyone.


Jason for the win …so he can get out of his parent basement! 🙂