Big Brother 22 Live Feeds begin on August 5, Following the west coast broadcast of the series premiere

This has been quite the debate. When do the Big Brother 22 live feeds start? CBS has an answer for us. In a press release this morning it’s stated that the Live Feeds for BB22 start after the airing of the west coast TV episode. 11:30pm PST tomorrow.


BIG BROTHER Live Feeds: CBS All Access’ BIG BROTHER Live Feeds offer an in-depth, exclusive pass to the show across platforms. Fans will have the opportunity to watch all the action inside the BIG BROTHER house when the Live Feeds begin on Wednesday, August 5, after the west coast broadcast of the series premiere (after 11:30 PM, PT/2:30 AM, ET on Thursday, August 6). Feeds will be available through the CBS All Access subscription service.

If you don’t have it already you can grab the live feed subscription with a CBS all access account.

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BBAS2 baby

omg that’s amazing

BBAS2 baby

Can Cody make an appearance and get her out the first week and spare us all ?


Absolutely no Cody!!!!


Maybe there won’t be a repeat of the injury fiasco & it will be a way for her to redeem herself?


I wonder if she was able to pack her dildo? Who will she smack in the face first? Hopefully there won’t be any bumper cars -type HOH comp, she’d win that for sure!


Kraken season or no? What is the prediction?

another name

What’s the next step after Kraken? By week four we’ll know.


No, the Kraken Season does not start until 2021 ?

another name

Didn’t they make the cast official?
I thought this was the cast:

bb22 cast.jpg

I’m happy to just get a season and I feel like they have some solid people on especially while pulling this together last minute during a pandemic.

Linda Callaghan

No Big Brother After Dark?

another name

You mean i don’t have to listen to Josh cry and whine (joy) but I have to listen to *insert holiday name here* pontificate and whine (sad). Hmmm – weighing which side of the scale i’m on there. Evil thought: would it be mean in lieu of good luck to say break a leg? Well. Not toooo evil.
I read what i hope is just a joke where someone brought up the idea of there being a move in competition. Maybe Jody can host it? If there is a special safety competition in week one of an All-Star season we might as well just roll our eyes and practice the mantra “dis is some bulllllzhit goin on here” while cracking on the Kraken. Just sayin. What have extra add on safety cometitions given us? They gave us Paul in 19. Week one add on comps are some bad juju. Reallllly hoping it’s a bad joke. Unless the move in comp is everyone has to pass a temperature check. 3/4 eyeroll.
Only thing worse would be a return of camp comeblack. full eyeroll.
Okay. not the ONLY thing worse.
All comps being individual time runs in order to be covidconscious (and so times can reflect whatEVer the flying monkeys want) would definitely be just as bad. Feed outages for all individual run comps would make it feel like a season of bbcanada. Shudder. Let’s all hope they DON’T do that.

Jets Jets Jets

Survivor for its last season with all the winners (best season ever BTW) had the castoffs playing basically a second game with only one person opting to quit. This really made it more interesting and we didn’t lose a fan favorite week one. I can’t imagine BB not doing something the same.


Time to buckle up! After months of no new and live TV, we have BB and The Stanley cup all at the same time!

Feeds Gold

happy move in day simon, dawg and everyone in the chat!

lets hope for a good season

Creepy Harold

Test Comment

Feeds Gold

i wonder how much of the hoh comp we see tonight on the episode…likely the hoh is crowned before feeds come on?

theres apparantly no thursday episode tomorrow due to the live move in, and the sunday episode will be at about 10 et due to the pga championship golf final round finishing late

BBAS2 baby

cbs leaked 8 people


I always have high hopes at the start of the season…maybe this will be a decent season.


Reverse the thinking. Start out by thinking the season will be a burning pile of turd and then your view of the season will only go up from there

Feeds Gold

looking at feeds countdown clock it looks like feeds will start 30 minutes earlier than first expected, right after the west coast airing ends, so 11 pm pt/2 am et rather than 11.30 pm pt/2.30 am et

Manic Woods

What’s up guys. I’m not great with figuring any of this kind stuff out, but are you guys able to guide me through getting the live feeds in Canada?

Manic Woods

Any help would be so incredibly appreciated. Thx!!

Manic Woods

Thank you man!! Hopefully I can figure this out. Any specific VPN you recommend? I have never used a VPN. And are the feeds monthly subscription? How does that work with an iTunes gift card. Is there a certain amount $ I should get?


VPN ServiceGet a trusted, reliable and cheap VPN. We’ve used  for many years. It’s cheap, fast & secure.
By signing up through the ad below or through this
Hidemyass VPN  link, it helps us out at no extra cost to you. 🙂

This is from the Support OBB tab at top of the web page.

Manic Woods

I’m already having a really hard time figuring this out 🙁


I won’t lie. It took me a couple minutes to remember Kevin


I think he wore that same outfit last time.


I don’t know I kinda think Having Big Brother during a Pandemic isn’t right. I work in Healthcare and these houseguests are not social distancing or wearing masks. I don’t care if they have been tested This Virus needs people in order to replicate itself. The beds are not even 6 feet apart. I honestly hope no one in the house becomes Covid posative, but if anyone does thats when the Producer of this show should shut it down. MLB thought they could do it and they were all tested but then one team after another became covid positive.

another name

Tbh, they’ve been under sequester social distance rules for two weeks. they’ve been tested before being allowed in.
The only safety breech is if staff isn’t in contamination suits in d/r or comp set up or restocking or repairs.

Bonnie Sutton

Will there be after dark show