Big Brother 21 Spoilers – Origami frogs, Backgammon and Eggs

Head of Household Winner: Jackson
Nominations are: Tommy, Cliff Holly
Power of Veto Players are:
Power of Veto holder: Nicole
Power of Veto Ceremony: Nicole uses the veto on Cliff. Holly is the replacement.
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The feeds have been impossibly busy today. So much happened Enjoy 🙂

10:20 am Wake up

11:13 am Backgammon

11:57 am Origami

***Breaking*** Nicole removed the “s$x stool” from the HOH shower

1:13 pm MORE Backgammon


3:04 pm EGG painting

4:24 pm MORE EGG Painting

4:34 pm **** breaking ***** they’re going to have an egg hunt for “pop”

6:46 pm THey’re still hiding the eggs.. plus backgammon

7:02 pm Searching for eggs

7:50 pm

Tommy is the only person to find 1 of Jackson’s egg. There’s 25 in total less than half have been found.

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Meanwhile, in the jury house, clueless Jess is asking where she goes to cast her vote to evict this Thursday.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Omg that’s awesome! :p

Roisin Dubh

That’s pure comedy!!!


SanDiego n Simon
U both have me Hollering for real!!!
While muttering to herself that Nick ruined her alliance with herself all while waiting to get to jury to get back in her alliance of one!
Damn that CBS parking lot! Go Jess Go! U can do it!


Hahaha Your sense of humour never ceases to disappoint Simon!

Club H.O.H

Lol I used to make origami frogs when I was a kid and race them.

Don’t over think it

I hope the frog wins HOH.


I think they should award the sex stool to the winner of this season and donate the money.

another name

i think the HOH shower should sue for inhumane treatment and the hot tub should sue for defamation after being blamed for causing the rash.

Last Season was Better

The frog is who should win. Go Frog!


Well its for them to fight boredom…I say don’t give them anything to do so they know how it’s been watching them this whole season


I’m giving you a slow clap!


If the frog doesn’t CROAK at the final HOH then it should win! It will be RIBBITing to watch! 😉


Ribbet ribbet.

BB live feeds addict

I am so glad we got an update on
The stool. I was worried.


The existential life of “The Stool” when it was made if it was sentient, I wonder if it ‘knew’ what its fate had in store. Oh poor Stool, Jack, Sis sat on you in creative ways. Did Jackson, Holly break you? Jess asked, “What the F**k is this about you?
You have had so many adventures.
Nicole took you out of the shower. Jackson, and Holly keep putting you in. Maybe after Thursday you’ll finally get some some rest, and after the show maybe the show runners will turn you to fire wood to finally give you the peace you deserve.

Miss Conception

And what a fine specimen of a stool you are! Much like this season!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I hope Nicole was wearing those gloves when she touched the stool.


Hahaha this is horrible


***Breaking*** Nicole removed the “s$x stool” from the HOH shower

Please tell me she was wearing a hazmat suit!

J e t s jets jets jets

How rude of Jackson and Holly.


He’ll be known as s$x stool Michie with his six-shooting pistol.

Roll Tide

Nicole touched the sex toy! YUCK!

J e t s jets jets jets

I’m going to caption the bottom photo. Holly: this is so much fun. I remember when I was a little girl getting to color Easter eggs. Jackson: dear god shoot me now.


Michie, it’s origami not to be mistaken as orga$m. (Michie, you did it to yourself by not filtering your behaviour.)


Origami frog for favorite house guest

another name

juror assesment: Just my opinion from the way they behaved in game.
Jack: more likely to vote male. more likely to vote according to comp wins. Most likely to vote for the player who played the game the way he believed he would have played it had he stayed.
Kat: more likely to vote according to who she liked. Most impressionable to production jury maintenance. winkwink.
Sis: will vote according to like vs. hate. more likely to cast a grudge vote unless she votes according to which of the people she likes talked to her last.
Nick: most likely to vote bitter. Look at his personality, we saw it on feeds. Bitter. period. Like sucked 30 lemons and smelled his own socks bitter. Bitter.
Jess: most likely to cast a Topaz vote. Truthfully. Also most likely to say woman empowerment while voting for a man to win.
Christie: most likely to cast her vote with endless justification and universalmagicbladder conviction. Will say there’s no bitter, there will be a bit of sour grape to her whine though.

Nothing better to do while they play egghunt.

Butters Mom

sis will vote the way christie convinces her to vote. Sis couldnt make a decision for herself ever.

another name

Jack had more sway with Sis than Christie. Especially if they resumed their previous behavior.

Franks fumes

Bitter Nick……makes since he is from Philly.


Joined the feeds with the egg hunt in process. This is so painful! This is reason enough to vote Holly out! Who will be first to call an end to it? I’ve switched my opinion – I thought keeping Tommy was a mistake but Holly’s hunt is torture! She should go.


So painting eggs and origami was someone’s idea to liven up the feeds? Tomorrow could it be a spelling bee?!


made me LOL!

What does it say about all of US commenting on every eye blink?

How about letting the HS watch new IT sequel? Nicole would sit in front row? j/k Nicole!

Get Watermelon Head Out Next!!!

Prob decorating cookies and tie dye t-shirts…. wow keep back with all the excitement….Not!!!


Eww! I’m kinda creeped out
1. Who leaves their mangy sex toys where other people shower? And you r worried about image?
2.They r hiding eggs for their house dad that they call “pop”.

Summer Gowen

Please someone tell Holly not to use metal spatula on a non stick pan. You can see where chipped off when cooking… she beating that poor pan up..


Good lord, when did this egg hunt start? I just tuned into the feeds at 8:55PM PT and they’re still looking. What a snooze-fest ZZzzzzzz.
Production, give Holly some more wine and then ask Jackson about college. And…can anyone figure out why Holly pulls the waist of her pants up as high as Ed Grimley?

Franks fumes

Ed Grimley’s pants are Martin’s Shorts…

another name

high waisted pants were all the rage when memaw was young? joking.

Butters Mom

After watching After dark just now Holly tried to talk to Jackson about her possibly being backdoored and whether they should tell Nicole and cliff about Tommy knowing Christie and Jackson tried really hard to ignore her at first by focusing on rotten avocados and then didnt act very concerned about what she was saying… I really do think he is ready for her to go. He wants her in jury. He did say to her that it would be stupid to keep Tommy because Christie is advocating for him in jury… but I think he knows that Nicole doesnt know about tommy and christie so why bring that up? This is dumb that they havent already told them if they are in an alliance with them. How can it benefit them to not tell them?


Best post and thread of the season…we are so easily amused by frogs and $ex stools! 😀


Simon, this post has totally made my week! With my daughter in a coma I desperately needed a laugh and you provided. Thank you so much!