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OKLAHOMA CITY – 7/7/2010 – CBS will unleash its 12th edition of their voyeuristic examination of social behavior, “Big Brother,” July 8, at 8 p.m. EDT.  And at 3 episodes per week, coupled with its three hour, uncensored nightly broadcast on Showtime 2, it’s perfect summer reality filler.
The grand prize, like always, is half a million bucks.  But, this season’s twist…it’s a million dollar idea if producers can pull it off correctly.   New this season, Big Bro is planting a mole among the houseguests to do viewers’ bidding and disrupt the players’ lives throughout the competition.
The only bummer, the Saboteur, who won’t be revealed to viewers until July 15, isn’t eligible to win the $500,000 purse.  Producers say the inside man/woman isn’t an actor, but a real player who went through the same casting process as the rest of the unsuspecting houseguests.
It sounds like the mole will earn money at the completion of certain tasks assigned to him/her after a vote by viewers.  Hopefully the Saboteur operative is given heftier missions than “America’s Player” back in season 8.  America voted in Eric as their “player”, and throughout the season was able to complete 21 of 28 tasks to earn a total of $40,000.
Eric’s super-secret operative assignments were a bit lame and a tad underwhelming.  His tasks ranged from flattering fellow houseguests, to inventing and overusing a catchphrase.  From fake sleepwalking, to mimicking houseguests, to vandalizing other’s personal property.  He did, however, score a girlfriend out of the deal, Jessica.
The British version of “Big Brother” introduced ‘the mole’ concept just last month. Mario won the role of “mole” through a random drawing, and was immediately levied an “Impossible Task” upon entry to the Big Bro house.  He was required to enter the House while wearing a mole suit and a sign that read, “I AM A MOLE.”  He was later given access to the “Mole Hole,” living quarters located through a door in the garden.
Mario successfully completed four secret missions, but not before Big Brother confirmed that there was, in fact, a mole in the House.  Mario even survived a vote when the majority thought someone else was the mole, despite his mole costume.  He’s still competing in the house.
The British production also had some fun with the England/Germany World Cup match.  In a brilliant stroke of programming, the British housemates competed against the cast of the German “Big Brother” house in a penalty kick shootout in order to win a chance to watch the England/Germany game.
Hopefully the American edition has as much fun and uses the Mole in an inventive and entertaining way.
The game is already on.
The housemates have already moved in and are playing the game as we speak.  The house, now dressed in a beach theme and rigged with 52 cameras, has 13 new guests fighting it out, ready to “expect the unexpected.”
On the CBS website, Host Julie Chen tours the newly designed South Beach –inspired house which includes a locked bedroom reserved for the “Have Nots,” the challenge losers.  In the video, Chen says, don’t let the look of the house fool you, “after a few days in here, things are going to get very uncomfortable.”
The mates, this season, include Andrew, a 39-year-old Orthodox Jewish podiatrist who vows not to use electricity from sundown Friday to Saturday night.  Kathy, a 40-year-old deputy sheriff.  Matt, a tattoo covered 32-year-old Mensa member. A college professor, an oil rig salesman, a cocktail waitress, a model, a web designer, and a college student.
I’m ready for twist after twist.  They can’t throw enough twists at me.  I’d like to see more hidden rooms, more clues strewn about the House, more secret challenges. And most of all, I hope the Saboteur turns out to be much more than “Manchurian Candidate” wasted on dumb challenges like squirting chocolate syrup on housemate’s laundry.

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