Big Brother 12 Spoilers: The Saboteur has access to the follow household items!

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The Big Brother 12 Saboteur has access to the following household items. CBS wants you to use these items to inspire your sabotage suggestions!
1) Duct tape
2) Super Glue
3) Rope
4) Padlock
5) Food Coloring
6) Condiments
7) Rubber bands
8) Wire
9) Glow in the dark ink
10) Beeping electronic Device

CBS Twist
The new cast of houseguests for Big Brother 12 will be moving into the house on Saturday. A source from within the Big Brother compound confirmed that the houseguests will be entering the Big Brother house on Saturday afternoon. After spending a full week in individual sequester the Big Brother 12 houseguests will finally start playing the game tomorrow.

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Will we get live updates before Thursday?


Super Glue Matt’s luggage zippers so he can’t use the Super Veto.. HA-HA


He should remove one billiard ball each day, lol.