*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan says that he said if they didnt play the right song he would do the opposite of operation red & go to Africa and start stabbing babies with an aids infected needle..

1:15pm – 1:30pm Lane comes out into the backyard with the HOH camera. Lane takes a photo of Enoz and Hayden and then he gets Enzo to take a photo of him and Hayden. Lane then goes over to Britney and tells her to make it good its going to Nick. Britney then heads over to the couch and Lane takes a photo of her, Enzo and Hayden together. Lane then shows them the photos he has taken and goes inside to take a photo of Ragan. Lane says that he wants to be quick so that he can go blog. Lane goes in the Taj and asks Ragan what are you doing?! Ragan asks what?! Lane asks again what are you doing?! Lane tells Ragan to pose for a few pictures. Lane takes a few pictures of Ragan then leaves to go blog. Lane says on the way out that he doesn’t know how to write …and says that he will just make up a rap. Lane goes out into the backyard again and shows Hayden and Lane the photos again. They laugh at the pictures of Ragan. Enzo says so Ragan locked himself in the Taj? Enzo finds a picture of himself and says oh BLANK. Lane says yeah that one’s for your wife …you just woke up missing her. Lane says that after he blogs he’s going to take a nap. Hayden tells Lane to tell his family that he misses and loves them. Lane leaves to go inside. Enzo asks Hayden if the pictures get put up on CBS.com. Hayden says yeah. Enzo says good at least the wife can see photos of me. Enzo laughs and says that one of him sleeping was BLANK up.
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Britney suntanning…

1:30pm – 1:50pm Enzo sits out on the couch by himself.  After awhile Ragan comes out and tell Enzo that he’s making a pizza.  Enzo tells Ragan that he just woke up 5 minutes ago.  Ragan talks about the wake up music and says that the song that he hates the most is the only one they played the whole one of..  Enzo laughs and says yeah.  Ragan says that he said if they didnt play the right song he told them he would do the opposite of operation red and go to Africa and start stabbing babies with an aids infected needle.  Enzo says OHHHhh.. BLANK! Britney checks on laundry and then puts in more towels. Enzo comments to Ragan that Britney is now doing laundry ..doing dishes. What is wrong with her? Ragan says Kathy is gone now. (Meaning that no one else will do it.) Enzo and Ragan sit in silence on the couch. Britney takes a dip in the pool then goes back to suntanning.

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2pm – 2:15pm Hayden comes out and joins Enzo on the couch. Hayden asks whos pizza that is inside? Enzo says that its Ragan’s. Enzo asks Hayden what he has …ham and swiss? Hayden says yeah. Enzo lays back and looks up and asks Hayden what the hairy things are. Hayden tells Enzo that they’re mics. Big Brother then asks them to lower the awnings on the southwest side adjacent to the … Enzo sits up and says Okay …again with the big words… southwest and adjacent?! Enzo gets up and asks this one? Big Brother says yes. Hayden gets up and asks why not just lower all of them? Big Brother says yes, thank you! Lane comes out and talks about what he blogged about. Lane says that he mentioned his websites in his blog. Lane says that on the website is all adult stuff shrunk down for babies. Enzo says that he will hit those sites up and get some stuff for his baby. (Lanes HOH blog will be posted here soon: CBS HOH blogs) Enzo says that Big Brother took away the dice they made out of play doh… he says that they take everything they make …its like Alcatraz up in here. Enzo and Hayden play with the dominoes. Enzo says that he might just shave his head bald. Hayden tells him he would look like a hard ass if he did …like Bruce Willis. In the kitchen Lane and Ragan are eating pizza and talking about Saturday Night Live. Lane leaves for the backyard. Ragan talks to the cameras saying that Julie Chen owns a little person. That is why he loves her!! Ragan says that she owns it, to take her coat and stuff. He says that tomorrow she will not be interviewing me, I will be interviewing her. Ragan says that all your questions will be answered tomorrow America! I will be ask Julie Chen about owning a little person….

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:30pm HOH Lane and Brit Lane talking about his dad and how he was so awesome of a guy but then the oil wells started going done and his dad started doing “STUPID” stuff. It was hard on Lane because he got in a huge fight with his dad and brother. His mom had to live with him for a long time, she was always worrying about money but he told his mom not to worry they have a modest life style so they will survive. Lane thinks that things have gotten better between his dad and mom, they were together for 30 years… They briefly talk about there being only 2 weeks left in the game, Brit says she knows she needs to win one of the next 2 comps to survive she’s ready for it. Lane brings up her him and Hayden hanging out after the show he thinks they will have a lot of fun together. Brit comments that Lane’s ex girlfriend won’t let her hang out with him. Lane: “We don’t know what’s going to happen with her”…. (really just random chit chat going on)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:29pm Cabana Room Hayden and Enzo HAyden is saying he’s going to feel like such a lazy person when he gets out of the house. Enzo mentions that on his plane ride home he’s sleeping through the entire ride. Enzo: “Ohh my heads not into it you guys will have to carry me through it” (he’s quoting Kahty) Hayden mentions they would of carried her to final 4. Enzo agrees.

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156 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan says that he said if they didnt play the right song he would do the opposite of operation red & go to Africa and start stabbing babies with an aids infected needle..

  1. So I heard someone took a gun and held an entire TV network building hostage until Allison Grodner is fired. Looks like he got the wrong channel though.

    1. I think Regan is losing it big time. He didn’t used to say so many crazy and horrible things and now he can’t seem to shut up.

      1. How soon you forget the vile and disgusting comments he made to Matt about 12-year-old boys. Ragan has shown several times during the BB season that he has a dark heart. This guy has an evil side that is very disturbing.

        1. People make Catholic priest jokes all the time. I see that comment as being on the same level of wrongness, yet one is considered more acceptable? People make inappropriate jokes. Some laugh, others don’t.

            1. I didn’t say that I personally found them funny, but people do. It’s obvious, since those jokes are still being told and aren’t causing much commotion. I have a hard time judging people for what they say in jest, even if I don’t find it humorous myself. What people say and what they do are two different things.

            2. I’m sure not many people find them funny but they are just words. I am the type of person who does not judge upon words but actions. Remember the saying “actions speak louder than words”. This is true. People are WAY to uptight these days! I don’t think Ragen is a horrible person by any means, just a little bit messed up.

      2. i agree, what he said about rachel was right and she deserved every bit of it for attacking him for no reason, but the shit he’s saying now, is uncalled for. btu he did get cheated out his POV but production been rigging comps since the 2nd week so im not surprised at all them letting enzo cheating slide, rachel cheated with the pretzels and they let that slide too. after this season im not gone watch as much, unless im flipping through channels and something is interesting.

    2. Ragan is just saying this stuff because he knows CBS can’t use it! He is obviously really pissed off because Enzo cheated and production “knowingly” is letting it slide! I am sure he doesn’t mean it, its pay back to CBS for screwing him out of his POV.

    1. Haha i think so..I wanna see how they show enzo going crazy..if they will make it light or what lol..be interesting…the other houseguest seem to think enzo went over bored..so curious to why lol

    1. There is something seriously wrong with him. I realize that there are many different types of humour,but some things just aren’t funny. I am struggling to give him the benefit of the doubt that is his attempt at humour, but he continually misses the mark. I don’t have the live feeds so can somebody please tell me how the things he says are received by the other HGs.

      1. Oh man Ragan, now why did you go and say something like that?
        I have a feeling that this one is going to cost him dearly.
        I guess being in the house makes your mind go crazy.

        1. Yes and it should cost him. I know ppl have a right to say anything that they want but why would you say something as mean as that. Joke or not there are babies in Africa that are born with aids and have aids by no fault of their own. That comment just makes me so mad and Ragan has no right to call Rachel vile anymore because he is just as bad. SHAME ON YOU, RAGAN!!!!

  2. Is it over yet?!?!?!
    Why dont they swap live feeds over to the jury house. At least that might be worth whatching over the boring crap that is passing for BB this season.
    Maybe they should put a mystery box in the house and say its Pandora’s husbands box and maybe good mayb bad may happen to those who open it. Then when they open it there will be a lockdown and they cant go outside, next have another box inside and when they open that it will be full of pissed off hornets. That would be worth whatching the houseguests running around getting stung.
    Payback for the lameness of this season and the rise of Britchny and the Borgade

    1. To BB_AL

      I agree with everything you posted. This is by far the dumbest season yet. I would rather watch the fish on live feeds over them, at least they do something. CBS this season is truly boring. Hopefully next year they will have an allstar cast. I dont even watch live feeds or bb afterdark any longer…… so boring

  3. So Regan gets upset because people call him gay or a faggot, but he can make a joke about killing babies with Aids infested needles?

    Wow the gay community must adore him.

          1. Evidently Simon/Dawg deleted Dirk’s original comment so my response stands alone with no point of reference. He may have dual screen names. I don’t know.

    1. First and foremost Ragan is supposed to be a human being. That type of attempt at “humor” isn’t going to be received well by and community. He will more than likely be fired once his University gets wind of this. Unless that is he’s a proffessor at the Adolf Hitler University for Nazis!!!

  4. I use to like ragan..but just before matt left..his true self came out…I was always hesitant with him cuz of a few things he said in the live shows to julie..you could tell he was just being good and soon his true being would show up…He needs to hurry up and get off the show before he friggin causes the show to not come back next yr..I don’t get why he is being this way..He is becomming the worst bb guest ever in my eyes for his continue comments that are so unessary for this show…BB get him out…

    1. ditto…..he is one, sick, depraved, disgusting bastard…….this isn’t the first time he’s made these kinds of very disturbing comments about babies plus reference to r**** , violence etc…..cbs should be very concerned about lawsuits and huge fines…..they should have kicked him off the show already…….also, he shouldn’t have a job when he goes home…….if he really is a professor, would imagine there have been many protests at that university, if not there should be

      1. Take it easy its just a joke. Maybe I don’t get because i have that kind of weird humor. Example me and a friend of mine were riding by a school playground and i said ooh look at the little kiddies its showtime. Does that make me weird and disgusting? I don’t think so.

        1. What you say among a few of your friends that probably have a similar sense of humor since after all you are FRIENDS, there is nothing wrong with that. When you are on a nationally televised show that also has a live feed over the internet with MILLIONS of people watching. There are going to be a great amount of people that will be offended and I don’t think CBS will want that type of publicity.

        2. No matter how close you are to your friends, there is no humor in hurting a child.
          It’s not a matter of having a different sense of humor. It all boils down to – You just don’t go there.
          Ragan did, and oh boy, I can see it now, one day, and probably really soon, someone will ask him about it. I don’t see how he’s going to explain this one.

  5. i am sooooooooooooooo disgusted by his hurtful comment. I hate how he talks about class and Rachel when he has none!!!!! Its not funny and or cute its just plaiin old disgusting..had no real opinion on him before but now just left feeling infuriated.

    1. Maybe he should just do us a favor and stick himself with an AIDS infected needle. If anybody else said that he would be the first to call them racist.

  6. Ragan really is digging himself a hole.I still like him,Britney and Lane though.enzo and hayden think their amazing cause the have a joke of alliance thats starting to crumble.

  7. I stopped watching the feed because Rag was too annoying. I never saw someone so bitter. I will appluad when he gets booted Thursday. He makes my skin crawl, if he was a teacher of my children, I would move them to another school.

  8. I can not believe Ragan said that! That comment was really disgusting!! This season can not end soon enough!! I am so sick of these houseguests.

    1. And when you think you’ve heard every vile thing from some of them, Ragan says something that’s so much more vile than before. Please end this season CBS before anymore damage is done!

  9. I can’t believe he said that! Who would even think of such a horrible thought? WOW he has stepped too a low that he can’t return from!

      1. Please vote the 25 grand to Matt. He won only a dollar, and made it the best season. Since he’s gone, the other Borgade guys are too ignorant for me. Matt was hip funny. Enzo is is laughable, mesp. that he thinks he’s going on Leno.!!!!

        1. I’ll be voting for the one HG that had a target on their back since day one and fought hard in each and every competition.
          Britney… No No No just joking, I ‘ll be voting for Brendon.
          I really don’t like Britney but I hope she can win the POV, out of all the remaining HG she has played the best and desrves the big money.

      1. I have a hard time believing Matt will be chosen because of the lie he told about his wife. There are so many ways to lie in this game to further yourself but this one was not necessary. And besides, he was an arrogant jerk who thought he had the game in the bag from week 1. Was super happy to see him go.

        1. Iam having such a hard time this year to vote for the 25k. I have gone to cbs.com to no avail. I have re-registered and still cannot get in. What am I doing wrong.
          HELP, THANK YOU

        1. I would have voted for Matt but I can’t get past that big lie he told about his wife and continued to lie about it throughout the game.

      1. why do you say that? do you personally know him? i doubt it, so you are judging someone based off of a game they are playing. sad.

  10. I want to see Britney go all the way. not only is she hot to look at but she has played the best game of any BB season. Go britney…………… all the way.

    1. Well at least she won something and has taken care of herself the whole game. That’s more than the douchegade can say. I would rather see a house full of Brittanys, Matts and even Brendon and Rachels than the lamegade. It’s a game. Thousands of people would die to get a chance to play. It’s an insult to those people when floaters take over the game and bore us with their delusions of fame. I want to see game!

  11. That comment won’t even make it on the show. Especially if nobody reacted to it negatively. I’m not a fan of some things he says, but he has a right to say them as long as production edits them or gives a disclaimer that his speech in no way reflects the views of the company.

  12. at this point britney is the only one who deserves to win. she is way hot and very smart and has played the best BB game ever.

    1. You must be a BB newbie. Britney couldn’t tie the shoes of past winners “Dr. Will” Kirby, “Mike Boogie” Malin, or “Evil Dick” Donato. There are many non-winners that would have mopped the floor with Britney as well. She is probably the “best” THIS SEASON, but that’s not saying a heck of a lot.

      1. Bitchney is the worst player in the house! The boring brigade may make this season dull but they will probably take the win..Bitchney claims she KNOWS she’s next to go and yet still makes no power moves, she’s getting played by lane, she leaks every secret she should keep to herself and has never come up with an original game plan, just does what lane says (probably cuz she’s to busy talking shit about ppl). Plus she’s ANNOYING!!

        1. She is a bit preoccupied with trashing Rachel and/or Brendon, isn’t she. Rachel was evicted what seems like a year-and-a-half ago yet Britney and Ragan continue to bash her on a daily basis. You are correct when you say she has no time to develop a strategy since she is busy flapping her gums about others behind their backs all day.

          Will, Boogie, and Dick could put the BB house in absolute turmoil and still stay focused on the prize. They made a plan, made necessary minor adjustments on the fly, NEVER did ANYTHING in the house that didn’t further their game, and never lost sight of why they were in the house in the first place. That’s why they are the best three players in BB history.

  13. OMG….that is worse than Matt’s lie about his wife being sick. This guy has some serious mental issues. And anybody that wants to compare this so called “humor” to a cartoon caracter on TV is comparing apples and oranges. He’s going to be sorry that he ever went on this show………I can guarantee it.

  14. I will be so happy to see Regan gooooooooooooooooooo, he is disgusting I can’t believe he is in the Teaching Profession. REALLY

        1. You obviously aren’t privy to earlier posts that I am referring to. Try reading every once in awhile before you make outlandish statements like that. If this wasn’t an anonymous setting I’d sue your slanderous ass. Slander…as in making FALSE statements that attack the good name of someone.

  15. Finally Ragan says something funny. His other shock humor jokes where kinda lame but this one hit pretty good. hahaha. Though still not half as funny as some of the shit Enzo says.

    1. “BBGrandma and my dog ‘ol blue (AIDS AIDS AIDS)
      Jimik60 has got it and so do you (AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS)
      C’mon Rockstar we got quilting to do (AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS)
      We gotta break down these GRENADES, everyone has
      AIDS! x 20”

      LOL. Just to be clear, BBGrandma, it’s a joke ;) Funny movie, funny lyrics, and funny commenters. Hope all is well.

      1. umm, me and Grandma, yes, love her, but jimi? ahh no.. yuk.. -hides in the corner cringing.. safe warm place, safe warm place, forgive me father for I have sinned.. safe warm place.. Pappa can you hear me?

        Jarod from Subway has aides. I need aides too.. Can I borrow your aides QAZ?

      2. BB Grandma and her dog named Muc. I only took it as a joke and appreciate that you even thought of me. I have aided and I have been aided. All is well, QAZ.

  16. Team America? That is the movie you are quoting from? You had me in your corner with the jokes about AG being fat, but Team America? That poor excuse for a satirical cartoon movie, really? I think even Parker & Stone are embarrassed they wrote that one. You must also be a huge fan of all the Anna Faris idiotic satire movies. I’m sorry, but with that I am officially climbing off the QAZ bandwagon. :0(

    1. In American movie culture there’s a big difference between satire and parody. Parody usually equals Anna Faris + Wayans Brothers = garbage. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are superb, and Team America is one of their best works to date. The point of the movie was to not only be a satire, but also prove they know exactly how to set up each and every key scene in a huge box office film . . . but then instead not take it seriously at all. There’s a big difference between weed and fart jokes like in the Scary Movies series, and Team America’s prowess at satire and hilarious musicals.

  17. My brother works at CBS on another set. I guess Ragen’s comment is the talk of the studio right now. CBS has been bombarded with e-mail and phone calls and twitters about his comments. This is going to get good before it’s all said and done.

    1. The thing is…..CBS did not air this ignorant comment. It only went out over the live feeds so there more than likely will be no repurcussions over it. I have no idea how many people subscribe to the live feeds and how many were actually listening at the time of the comment. The only way anybody knows is from these boards. I went to 3 other boards and there has not been any mention of the comment.

  18. Like I said a long time ago, Gaygan is a piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally uncalled for, and whoever thinks it’s funny is in the same category. Hurry and get him OUT.

    1. Thank goodness he and those horrid green and yellow shorts will be out the door tomorrow. I can’t wait to witness that.

  19. As I said early into this season, Ragan needs to be fired and someone need to stick him with his own foul needle!

    I never heard so much bullshit as from this seaon. They should just stop shooting and call it quits on this cast of idiots!!


    Burger King Holdings Inc is in advanced talks to sell itself to investment firm 3G Capital, The New York Times reported on Wednesday, boosting shares 15 percent. Alex Behring of 3G was not immediately available and a Burger King spokesman declined to comment. The second-biggest U.S. hamburger chain has underperformed McDonald’s Corp and other fast-food chains. As of Tuesday’s market close, shares in Burger King had posted a year-to-date loss of nearly 13 percent, while McDonald’s shares gained 17 percent in the same period.
    “This explains her rampage two weeks ago at McDonald’s over Chicken McNuggets!”

  21. If CBS had any balls they would air the comment with a disclaimer at the beginning of the telecast. Then everybody would see this asshole for what he really is and not what the editing portrays him as. But that won’t happen, just wishful thinking.

    1. I agree. CBS should air it and then anyone who might have been voting for Ragan to get the 25K will think twice about giving that twit a dime. Get his skinny ass out now!!!

  22. I really wish CBS would show Ragain bad side. There are alot of people out there who don’t read the boards or watch After Dark and love Ragan.

    I am SO sick of him making fun of Brendon and Rachel. YOu don’t like them, we get it. Now get over it. Now saying he would give Rachel an abortion himself if Brendon got her pregnant and now the Aids comment? I can not stand that man. Wait he’s not a man. He’s a wimpy, mean, nasty, insecure coward.

    I wan’t Enzo to win the money just for entertaining me. No one else deserves it based on game. Britney is another mean, nasty, person that doesn’t deserve the money.

  23. And to think people were so sooooo upset when Andrew made the pap smear comment. From what I hear on the live feeds from Ragen and Enzo, they are far more disgusting. Andrew just made the one comment, but these two just keep adding to their daily list of insulting and disgusting commentary. Ragen had been my choice for America’s player, now I think I have to vote Brendon…….ugh, ick, barf.

  24. Everybody needs to calm down and either go back and watch it on live feed, or re-read the segment. The point of his statement was about song choice. He was attempting to emphasize how much he wanted to hear a particular song. We have all done it “I’d kill to see that. I sell my dog to have that.” Blah blah blah. It is NOT meant to be taken literally, nor is it an indictment of his character. If anyone has been listening to him you would have already picked up on the fact that he has a pretty dark sense of humour (not to my taste, but to each his own). His jokes are often very sexual, often involving body fluids. When he is ranting about Brenchal it comes out as blatantly mean and rude comments about them, their families, their appearance, their intellect. THIS IS WHAT HE DOES!! Was this latest one funny? No. Was it politically correct? No. Did he really mean it? NO!!! It is his humour, and if you don’t like it just skip past it. Just take this most recent statement in the same spirit in which he said it – offhand, thoughtlessly and quickly forgotten.

    1. This could easily be voted most ignorant post of the year…….CONGRATS!!! Saying I’d give my left nut to hear that song is not even close to the same as what dickhead said. Get a clue newbie.

    2. Hey newbie… maybe everything Rachel said to Ragen to get him so upset was just her dark humor? She must have been trying to be funny like Ragen.

      Rachel never said anything as disgusting and mean as Ragen and Brittney have said about her and Brandon to their face or behind their backs.

    3. I’m sorry Newbie. Neither you or Ragan can justify this one. I wanted to see Ragan with $500,000, but now I don’t know. I have reservation about his character.

      1. You know how it is…when you don’t like someone, another nail in the coffin so to speak will toss you over the edge. I don’t like Ragan…he repulses me. His stupid grating voice, when he uses those alter-ego voice that drive me to the mute button and watching him shove food in his mouth and chew with his mouth open sends me over the edge. This comment he made is flat ignorant …he knows he is on camera. Anyone…. a professor….ANYONE should never be so stupid to say such a thing. And he’s said quite a few horrific things that maybe HE thought were jokes, and maybe NEWBIE thinks were a joke…but I don’t. He’s gone over the line.

    4. Agreed. Are all these ppl so out of touch with comedy/ youth of today to realize that main stream comedy is just this. Saying something so vulgar and offensive it’s funny. Offensive is funny!

    5. newbie….don’t bother, what do you really expect from the person who offers his ‘left nut’…(charming)….to understand?????? please

  25. They’ve all run out of things to talk about. They can’t talk about DR, they can’t talk about Production, they can’t talk about friends who have signed off on releases. They are so bored and ragging on someone that they all know just gives them something to talk about. I think the lack of drama in the house is making them all crazy.

  26. And yet, dispite all the pissing and moaning here about how dull this season is, ratings are up. AG and company have another “winner” and we think this season sucks. Perception trumps reality every time.

  27. Its one thing to say you would kill for something…but who says something like that…I dont care what kind of dark sense of humour he has..hes a slime!

  28. While some may say lighten up, it’s just a joke or it’s just words, or give him a break, he’s been locked up for 60 days – it takes a truly sick and depraved person to continue along that thought process and “joke” about the disgusting things that Ragan jokes about. His “humor” is not funny in the least and shows you just how dark and disgusting his mind truly is. It’s extremely disturbing

  29. Team Ragan!!! haha.. He is wicked. I just love him. Everyone screaming disgust, come on, you know you’ve said worse. You know it, admit it… Go Ragan…

    1. I tend to usually agree with what you have to say Rockstar…Not this time…I’ve said some bad things…but not like this…

      1. I think everyone had said disgusting BLANK. I don’t think you should throw stones when you’ve said stuff yourself.. doesn’t matter if you don’t think it is bad or not, you still hurt someone with your words and it was probably a real person and not some mystical people living over in another country

  30. Wow Ragan , should really watch what he say’s , because he not only lives in a town where aids is on the uprise, but he is a professor at a major university in Los Angeles .

    I’m sure when he does get back on the streets , that he will have to answer to his sarcastic comments.

  31. Pigpen is officially retiring from the comment section beside the fact that I am having brain surgury in 10 days to remove a cavernous malformation from my front left brain…I wanted Matt to take it and since he is gone I can’t stay intrested in the season..this is not a joke I am having surgury on my brain…pigpen OUT

    1. I wish you much luck and a speedy recovery from your surgury. Please, if you have time and care to, let us know how you are. Enjoy the drugs because they are legal and will help you with the pain. Life will be pink and easy for that time. Rest and relax. My wishes for your life to be improved from this curve it has thrown you and the road to continue smoothly from here on out.

  32. o yes………poor fictional babies in Africa……….if you only cared about them, the way you do about Regan’s comment, they would not have to face the 75% odds of contracting HIV in their life time, even withouth Regans help………..but know, those babies will die, without yours or Regans help………so please spare me your righteous BS!!

  33. I have a feeling that when these last five houseguests get out of the house, they will sadly realize how their behavior has been interpreted by America. No, Hayden, we don’t think you are the greatest players ever. And no, there will NOT be a movie made about the “Brigade.” And Ragan, you have been crying everyday this week, whining how you are all alone in the house. But when Brendon was all alone, you made fun and laughed at him. Atleast he tried to make the best of it and continued to fight. You are acting worse than he did yet you continue to make fun of him. Each and every one of these boneheads will watch themselves with complete horror and humiliation. Hindsight is 20/20 and they are blind as bats in that house.

  34. wow….! and yet the son- of- a -bit…h cant even stop talking about how evil Rachel is, shame on you Regan. u are the most disgusting gay person i have ever met!

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