Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel says this is an all-star move… this is what the fans want, that’s why we’re here to make things entertaining.

10:10am Rachel is working out on the elliptical and Ragan comes over to talk to her. Ragan tells Rachel that this is how we can tell where peoples loyalties lie in the house. They talk about how this move will really shaking up the Big Brother house. Rachel says this is an all-star move. Rachel tells him that this is their chance to make a splash …let’s stir it up a bit. Rachel says this is what the fans want, that’s why we are in here to make things entertaining. Ragan says well duh! Ragan goes over the hammock.

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10:30am After working out Rachel joins Ragan by the hammock. Rachel says that she really thinks Monet will go home. Rachel says that she has to go home. Ragan says this is the problem if there is really a pair in the house… Ragan says I think you really need to guarantee 6 votes. Rachel says that she let him know that he may or may not go up. Rachel says that this will really show the cards of the other side of the house. Rachel says that they will see if Enzo campaigns to keep Monet or not. Rachel thinks Lane is on the other side right now. She thinks he would put her and Brendon up. Or she says maybe he would just put up Britney and Monet just so he won’t get any blood on his hands. Ragan says I don’t think so I think Britney and Lane are tight. Rachel says Hayden is with them, so they have herself, Brendon, you (Ragan), and Kirsten because Hayden wants to get rid of Monet. Ragan asks Rachel why Hayden didn’t just get rid of Monet last week then. Rachel says Hayden just didn’t want to get blood on his hands. Rachel says that Brendon doesn’t trust Enzo. Rachel says her decision will make the fans go crazy. Brendon joins then by the hammock. Brendon asks what happened with Matt his morning. Rachel says she just talked to him and told him as much as she could. Rachel tells Brendon that Matt really wants to go up as the pawn. Ragan says that he has a third idea of what Matt is up to, he says that Matt might be working with Enzo and they might be thinking you might put up Enzo. Rachel says that Matt has been talking to everyone in the house. Brendon and Rachel think Lane is not in an alliance with anyone so that he won’t be a target. Ragan says this will be a long week. Rachel says when Britney starts campaigning for Monet than it will show that they are working with each other because Britney has no one else to go too.

10:40am Rachel says that they’re going to put all their cards on the deck. Rachel says that if Enzo fights for Monet, that will tell where his loyalty lies. Brendon says that he thinks the vote will be 9-0. Rachel says they need to pull Andrew aside before the ceremony and tell him that they’re going to keep him so he doesn’t freak out. Brendon thinks that Monet will self-destruct. They’re saying that Wednesday night will be the height of the drama in the house. Ragan says he is going to bed early Wednesday night to avoid the drama. Rachel says to Ragan that its important that Matt thinks he is going up.
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11am Matt tells Kathy in the HOH that it’s going to be a wild 4 days and he can’t wait to stir up drama. Matt then goes outside and is talking to Andrew and Lane. Matt comments that Brendon was bitchy up there in the HOH last night. Lane replies that he is in a hard situation.

11:01am Backyard Couch Lane and Matt’s with Andrew on the elliptical. Matt is telling zane about all the stress he’s going through right now. He comments on his Stomach being sore and its starting to affect hi sleep. He tells him last night he woke up early because of this pain in his stomach. THey both wonder how much of what Annie said was real. Matt thinks there was some truth in her bullshit, Zane agrees. Matt says “waking up in the monring is wak man” He continues to explain that the cammeras all follow you around.
They both have noticed how bitchy Brendon is being. Lane tells him it’s because of the have nots.. “the guy is fucking not able to deal with the stress” Lane “He a NERD that works out” Matt comments on Monet having a shitty week being on the block.
A lot of laying around not much talk. Lane brings up working our and tells lane that he’s going to train his shoulders today.. Matt is thinking of joining him today, Lane makes a comment that there’s not competition tomorrow so they can push it hard.

11:30am Cabana Room Rachel, Hayden and Enzo. Rachel walks in and asks the guys how they are doing. Enzo says he’s aight.. they both say there just waiting around for the POV ceremony. She tries to engage them in small talk asks Enzo what he wants to have in his HOH basket. He tells her he’s just looking forward to the Alcohol.

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Sounds to me like Lane or Hayden are going to go up.


Rachel, get over yourself! An allstar move? Whatever. This girl is not only stupid and fake, she has a very acute case of exaggerated and unwarranted self importance. Her power will be over before dinner time. She will be a lame duck. And unless pussy boy wins HOH, her ass will be on the block. As much as I don’t want Andrew to go home, I hope her all star plan backfires on her.


me 2 i can’t see her being a chemist or intelligent at all every time she opens her mouth the obvious comes out thats she’s really just a plastic swimsuit model from vegas who gets by on her tits


If Rachel is a chemist supposedly, it doesn’t me sense that she is working as a cocktail waitress, oh excuse me VIP cocktail waitress in Vegas. All I can do is laugh at her because she is a joke.


Wait I thought she was lying when she said she was a waitress? That’s why when she read the letter from her mom her mom said something about going to Vegas to be a chemist. And Britney said wait a minute I thought she went to Vegas to be a waitress. (btw people don’t travel from North Carolina to Las Vegas to be a waitress. Theres many of places in between. They’re stupid for falling for it)


Chloe you said it perfectly. I hope she is out of the house the next week when her HOH is up. She has absolutely no idea of what fans what and it surely isn’t watching her make out with Brendon. Too bad there couldn’t be two going home at one time – Brendon and Rachel, that would be great. Rachel has nothing to be full of herself for, that’s what is so funny. She’s an idiot.


rachel’s delusions on overdrive i see…

she really thinks american loves them


It reminds me of Cappy and his bitches on season 6, who thought America loved them and hated Janelle and Kaysar, and they were shocked when Kaysar came back instead of Cappy.




the rest of the house already knows about matts idea i love how rachel is delusional with every decision she makes….put andrew up watch him go and monet stay and the whole house who are already against branchel dominate them


I have a sneaky suspicion that Rachel is making an awful move. Why does she believe that Britney is her friend? This is such a middle school drama, ugh!

angela melini

I love Rachel, she’s at least entertaining and silly. Unlike Monet who’s just a bag of rocks. I don’t care for Britney but she is entertaining as well. I would love to see Rachel put up Enzo, he’s so full of himself. Would love to see how ‘Jersaayy’ he gets. Annoying.


I think Enzo has been amusing. Kathy on the other hand as well as Monet need to go.


the least entertaing person in the house is kristen and then andrew, and then kathy. I mean my good ness kristen just made cameos on the show 4 days ago? does any 1 care if she goes home? he voice is just as annoying as rachel and she look awful.


I just hope she puts up Enzo or Hayden and then either of them gets evicted. As much as I dislike Monet, I hate “the brigade” A LOT more.


Wow really i’m starting to not like everyone beside Rachel, Brendon,& Regan.


If Rachel puts up Andrew then he will be walking out that door on Thursday. Rachel is my fav but how stupid is that.


What move is she talking about??

C Note

bad move that will come back to haunt Brendon next week. Her sorry ass will be safe.


Chloe – She’s trying to entertain the viewers like you. Why insult her for it?

ihatebigbrother – She never let Brendon think for her. She yells at him for it when he tries.

BB – She doesn’t think Britney is her friend

angela melini – I agree.


@ Kyle – I thought she said that she liked Britney the other night on BBAD – as in that she felt she could “trust” her. I could be wrong, I was beyond tired. I just don’t know what she is thinking.

** I need to change my name on here, I see another BB. I didn’t make that post at 3:32… for the record! :)


Sorry, but making out with a guy she barely knows, comparing herself to the greatest players in BB history, bragging and doing that ditsy laugh is not entertaining. It’s torture. She should be playing the game, not trying to entertain us. If that’s what she thinks she is doing, she is even more self important and deluded than I thought.


Kyle a few days ago brendon told her who should go up. so thats why she put up brit and monet. the dumbest move ever. rachel did what brendon wanted her to do. She said she regret putting them up and that she would have put up diffrent people . Its too late even if matt goes up he would never leave. the only way the four would get split up if she put up two of the four in the first place. I mean. btw rachel does not think 98 percent of the time. The tequila had her thinking last night,lmao!


Kyle, I don’t need to be entertained by Rachel or anyone else. I just want to see interesting people play an interesting game and so far no one has achieved this. If I want to be entertained I’ll watch a regular tv show or go the movies. Rachel is just embarrassing herself as Brendon is also, this is definitely not entertainment.


I understand what most of you are saying. I agree Rachel should be playing the game for herself. Not america. She should be trying to win 500 k the way it’s best. Not by doing it how it would make it entertaining. I do think she had decision in putting Monet and Britney up. Because she said she doesn’t like Monet and she doesn’t even try to talk to her. I think she put up Britney because she was friends with Monet. (Monay)

BAB - formally BB

Just curious.. who does everyone think Rachel will pick as a replacement? If she feels she is making a “Shocking” move to stir things up … I am guessing she will go with Enzo, Hayden or Kristen. They seem like the ones she’s not mentioning in order to SHOCK the house. Just my opinion.

Uncle Cool

Kristen or Kathy I think.

The Playa

dumb rachel is putin up andy


Put up Andrew and he goes home – I love it!
Rachel is dumb as they come for a chemist and she and Brandon best enjoy these nex few days because their time is nearly over! Add to the list of short-timers the real “bag of rocks” and floater of the year Kristen. After these 4 idiots leave the real game can commence.


Even if Andrew is up I think the votes are still there to send Monet home. Hayden will not vote with the “Brigrade” would be my bet. He is too much into Kristen and she will not betray Rachel. Look at the votes..Votes to vote Andrew out-Enzo, Matt, Lane, Brittney. Votes to vote Monet out-Kathy, Brendon, Ragan, Kristen and Hayden. And there goes Monet. I don’t really like it but I think that is the way it will go. If Rachel puts up Matt..And there goes Monet. Either way Monet is gone. Unfortunately, IMO, R/B have alot of power. Still there’s always hope. Maybe BB will do a surprise double eviction or something. It is definately more interesting now. Not quite as boring.


Ohhhhh and let me make myself clear. I like Enzo, Matt, Lane, Ragan and maybe Hayden. Can’t find a single female that makes me proud.

Jake K.

I SWEAR TO GOD IF SHE PUTS THE MEOW-MEOW UP….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Does anyone know why there will be no veto ceremony today? Is there going to be a double eviction?

Uncle Cool

Doesn’t there have to be at one point in the season?


I just read on one of the comments earlier that it’s going to be tomorrow. I haven’t heard why & there is no guarantee that this is a fact. The double eviction usually happens right before they start going into the jury house.
Did anyone see Kristen & Hayden having tender touching late last night. Definitely second showmance, but they said they don’t want anyone to know. This was way early in the morning after everyone went to bed.


Thanks for info. Yes, I saw Hayden and Kristen. Actually, they were really cute. I like Hayden but reserving judgement on Kristen (she seems really common sense smart though).


I hope she puts up Enzo, if she wants to make “an all-star move”. It’s the smartest move but we are talking about rachel here. I’d miss him, but this season is a dud anyway! We need a twist…. Someone new?… SOMETHING!!!


Does anyone have a clue what the competition was for at 2’30 this morning standing in the money head/arm lock up? Sorry I don’t know what it’s called. They had to stand there for an hour, locked up.
I never heard why the competition was held. & what the purpose of it was, how or why those particular people were selected.
Please fill me in. Thanks

Uncle Cool

If Hayden and Kris are having a showmance, cancel the show.


yeah i agree , plus there both boring! i wish kristen would go back into her hold she was held up in the majority of the show. She never even smile! She seem cold as ice,lol


yes i agree she need to crawl back in her hole she was in the entire show up into four days ago. There both