Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Mr. PEC-Tacular Meets His Adoring, PEC-Tacular Fans at WFX Wrestling in Winnipeg, Canada


Jessie Godderz YouTube Account with lots of other videos of Mr. PEC-Tacular!!!
Jessie Godderz Website Containing tons of other Bio information, photos, videos and much more…..

Jessie of Big Brother writes on his website about up coming news and events:
“On Friday, April 16th up in Winnipeg, Canada, I will be facing former WWE Superstar U-Gene Dinsmore in a rematch of our classic bout from last week’s WFX REALITY BITES (a match I won, thank you very much)!!
This time, the event is called: WFX DAMAGE CONTROL
Last week’s bout was one for the ages and brought WFX to the next level. This coming rematch, though, will take WFX Wrestling into the stratosphere!
Plus, once again, Survivor Superstar (and uber-talented) Jonny Fairplay will manage me and be in my corner–so who knows what can happen. In fact, I’d expect the unexpected if I were you.
Plus, here’s even more exciting late-breaking WFX news that I wanted to share exclusively with my PEC-Tacular fans…
Former Big Brother Celebrity & All-Time Fan Favorite Nick Starcevic will be the Special Guest Referee for our match!!
Now, you can’t miss that!!” To read more: Mr. PEC-Tacular NEWS

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Haven’t we all had enough of this egotist!


Guess who did not go because she is still holding a grudge?