Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Mean girls Being Mean, Brendon being a Douche and Enzo Acting Crazy

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 Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:30pm – 9:20 Hot tub Mean Girls They are complaining to each other about being in the house. Monet says she would of walked out but then she wouldn’t get her money. Monet points out how how “freaking” hard this game is. Brit agrees “I totally underestimated it”.

Monet starts to complain about Rachel being fake nice to them both all day. Brit thinks it’s pathetic. Monet “who the fuck is she.. is she kidding me asking me personnel shit like how is my life why the fuck does she care” Monet tells Brit that she wants to stay and she wants to go after Rachel. Brit “we’ll cause so much damage if you stay” Monet is pumped she really thinks she can sway Hayden over to them. Enzo walks by start acting crazy really fucking crazy. yelling “I CAN DO THIS…..YA” Brit and Monet laugh call him crazy. Brit jokes about seeing Enzo’s wife.. “he’s crazy I want to see the women that puts up with him” Monet brings up their plan to steal Kathy’s cigarettes if they can’t break a deal with her. Brit thinks she should first try and get a vote Monet “Obviously” Now they start talking about Rachel and how she abbreviates words like Obvious and says Obvi… Brit tells her that if she gets sent home next week and Kathy tries to be nice to her and ask for her things like that eye shadow she will walk over to the toilet and flush it. (Thats my mean girls)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


They start in about Kathy, Monet brings up that Kathy said she smoked when on Chemo.. Brit says she smoke in the shower by the vents. Monet calls kathy a HAG Brit agrees calls her a old skank. She says there moms must of cried when they got put up. Monet but they must of been happy when you won POV and I won the 10grand. Brit “oh for sure she did a happy dance” They start talking about their family’s.. Monet describes her mom as pale and heavier, she has a Brother who is medium. Monet explains her family as very light skin.

They start slamming Kristen’s memory wall picture.. Brit: “if that was my picture i would pull a Jen”, Monet “shes suppose to be a model”.. “like do they do just shot your body and not your face” Brit: “yeah thats a really bad picture” Brit: “Brendon has the worst posture it’s like he’s all hunched over .. he’s not a athlete LANE said he wasn’t and it’s true watch him he tries to make it look like he knows his shit but he doesn’t”.. :the guys were saying that he just started to work out months before the show”… 9:21pm Brendon and the crew start entering the backyard

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:50pm -9:15pm Bathroom brendon, Rachel, Kathy and Kristen Brendon went to a Brittney spears concert and he met the choreographer and they become good friends.. He starts dropping names listing off all the people this guy has worked for. “At one time we were hanging out and Janet Jackson called his cell” Kathy “Ohh wow” (LOL Kathy I don’t hate you as much anymore) He Tells them he studied ballet in highschool and he wants to teach Rachel how to do the salsa, he wants to do it on the bed because the grass is hard and he doesn’t want to get hurt. Brendon and Rachel briefly talk about a argument they had and how its made their relationship stronger. Brendon makes the point that having “tiffs” proves to everyone that they’re real. Rachel says that the producers will likely stretch out the argument for two hours. Talk drifts to what types of reality shows they would like to be on Rachel says she wouldn’t do bachelor… they get up and leave to go outside is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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kristins picture is really bad lol


yeah and thats not so much saying anything bad….its when they say the other stuff


I have a curved back…guess that means I don’t know anything? since thats totally related?

britt and monet are disgusting people


Britney winning HOH next week would be open season on brendon and rachel lol

Uncle Cool

Yes, keep the good thoughts coming!!!


ANYBODY besides, kristen or brendon it;s open season on brendon and rachel………… and i can’t wait


brit says why h asnt haden hit on monet? PLEASE!!!! monet is NOT attractive…if its kristen or monet…CMON!!!


Can’t wait to see Monet get voted out, next week better be Britney leaving once them and their b!tching is gone this show will be more tolerable to watch.


This season is hard to swallow. I wanted to like Rachel and Brendon, but Rachel looks like a 10 dollar hooker, Brendon is too soft and estrogen full. The rest of the house is a mess, a tattoed hillbilly, a cross- eyed wannabe model, a chipmunk with huge choppers and caveman hair… If the head lacks grooming like this, can you imagine the parts… NO!


You’re killin’ me dude!!


I’m a girl.


I like the creativity of your pseudonym. And he claims to be Italian, with all that thinning hair…




These people have the personality of watching paint dry….I think production wanted to tone it down, after last year’s season…..


I argee 1000%


I think Britney and Monet should try out for “True Beauty”. They would have a field day crucifixing these two bitches.
PS: Taylor won “True Beauty – Erica – 2nd Place & Craig – 3rd (if he didn’t steal the vest he would have won!!!) Billy from last year’s show is now a Chippendale Dancer.


Will somebody please pull Britney’s effing fingers out of her shit talking mouth; they probably look like gnarled Hobbit toes by now. Serious Freudian oral stage arrested development in the classic sense.


It’s funny how these guys think they are going to be big after they get off this show. Like Brendon thinks girls are going to be after him because he was on BB. Really? The girl after you now is because you are on BB. I don’t think that will carry you to far when you get off the show.

Mr. Pickles

Hah! What a surprize! Brenden admits that he was a ballerina in high school!


I knew it! He is a sugarplum fairy!! Seriously, I can’t stand the Brachel show. They are so stuck on themselves! They think we love them like Jeff and Jordan. Excuse me while I let out a big smelly Enzo fart right in their faces. I always marvel at how the HG never really know how we feel about them until they are out of the house. Like pigpen thought we respected her game, Jordan had no idea how much people liked her (I wasn’t one of them, but most people loved her and Jeff). Brendan and Boobs need to shut up, get off of each other and stop trying to be smart or cute for the camera. They will have to face their unpopularity when the game is over.

People don’t like Brit and Monet, but they are the only ones that do anything. This isn’t a fun camping trip where everyone sings around the campfire and gives group hugs before bed, It’s BB. I’m sure their bashing of people will send them both home in the end, but I want Brit to stay and mix things up for a while longer. Really, I wouldn’t mind seeing Matt go on Thursday. I still haven’t seen his intellect at work. Of all the girls, Brittany is the only one that doesn’t drive me crazy, and maybe Kristen, but she is working with Brachel. Hopefully she is just setting them up to stab them in the back.


when he said he did ballet i was like he finally comes outta the closet, no wonder he hasn’t tried to get in rachel pants,
like a gay dude kissing a women to hide his gayness so he seem straight.. and their hardly play the game, the only thing brachel is doing is attempting to “save themselves” which is failing horribly, everyone in the house besides kathy,kristen, and maybe andrew is going to put them up 1st chance they get…


Hayden looks like Bobby Brady! Lol.


I think its amusing that you all sit her and bad mouth monet and brit just becasue there verbilizing there opinions, yet you dont find it hypocritical to call them “bitches” “cross eyes wanna-be modles” and ect…your just as bad as them.


And I find your grammar amusing. It is “their opinions” not “there opinions.” And it is “you’re just as bad as them, not “your just as bad as them.


Darling, the ” cross eyed ” adjective, on my comment, was meant for Kristen. Is there any other cross eyed????


why don t you all find an einstein blog. such egos.


” Einstein ” is a proper name so it starts with capital ” E “.


I so agree with you, I have even sent CBS feedback regarding this show being so boring & the house guests being the most boring group of people in BB history.I have never done that before but I’m seriously not happy with the show this year. They are really dull.
And Britney’s mouth is nasty, she is so hateful as well.
Monet is also nasty but not quite as bad as Britney.
I really hope that something happens soon to liven this show up. I don’t think I can stand another 2 weeks of this let alone more than 2 more months.


Not only is their personality dull, but their game play is on the conservative side…I think once Hayden or Brendon is gone, you will see some realignment, and the game will open up…..or so I hope…

BAB - formally BB

I couldn’t agree more.. this season is dull. Something has to give or they are going to see some rating drop.


I like Britney and Monet. They are saying the exact same things that many of us are saying on the Internet. They’re funny and create drama, which equals good TV, UNLIKE Brenden and Rachel. I don’t hate anyone from this season yet; As long as they are entertaining I am happy.

And to whoever spoiled THE ENTIRE OUTCOME of True Beauty, thanks a lot. You’re an idiot.


I like Brit and Monet to an extent. At least they give me something entertaining to watch. Brit’s insults about Rachel are priceless. Rachel and Brendon are disgusting. Kathy and Kristen are boring.

Lennon's Ghost

The only place that I could like Brittany and Monet is on the undercarriage of the bus they have tossed each other under.

Lennon's Ghost

The only way I could stand Brittany and Monet is to see them on the undercarriage of the bus that they will eventually throw each other under.

They are both wannabe Chimas.


What I don’t get !! Is Kathy is suppose to be a ” KIND OF Roll MODEL ” for the police officer’s, & she wear’s a shirt that says ” Rub for luck ” & she’s a stand up Mother too. Now how proud are her co-workers, & children. If anyone would reach up & touch those ” girls ” she would arrest them in a New York minute.


Ragan has got to get off of the ” Master—-you know what ,I,m talking about !! I like him , but that is sick & it makes him look bad.


Why are so many of you hating on Brit and Monet? Yes they are mean girls and yes the mouths can really get disgusting sometimes but think about it…..If it weren’t for them you would hear nothing but Rachel and Brendon lip smack or talk about how much we all must love them LOL hahahahaha – The other ones have NO personality and just sit there.


How can you like 2 people that are so b*tchy and mean. In real life (outside the house) they must be spoiled, princess snobs looking down on everyone. If something doesn’t go their way – they freak. Too used to getting everything they want. I’d like a double eliminate and kick both their butts out the door.

After saying all that…. damn that Enzo thinks he is a mafia god, and Hayden is soooo cocky. What a house full of strong self-centered egotistical personalities.

I haven’t found anyone to like/support…..maybe Lane?


I did not say I “like” Brit and Monet – I also think they are spoiled brats that need to go home – I am just saying I can not stand to listen to nothing other than Rachel and Brendon – all the lip smacking and them thinking that they are so great… Ughhhhhh It seems to me that they are all more interested in how famous they will be when they get out than they are in playing the game. I also have not found any of them to cheer for – I have seen NO great game play or strategy… I think instead of a double elimination they should have a House Clearing and get some people in there that want to play BB- bring in past “good” players and show them that NO they are NOT the best BB ever…


they have nicknames like that, their weird like that