Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Line of the Night Brendon to Rachel “Your brain is huge but your heart’s even bigger”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:50pm July15 HOH Brendon and Rachel Rachel is pretty drunk from the Tequila.. she keeps saying how its not affecting her but it’s pretty obvious from her behavior that it is. Brendon admits that he’s a bit buzzed. Rachel brings up that she doesn’t trust Enzo, Brendon will try to find out where enzo is at. Rachel starts talking about going to Vegas and they both get pretty excited about it. Rachel is happy she has her man and her tequila she screams THANKS CBS Brendon screams THANKS CBS.. She says they are Big Brother superstars a unanimous vote. They get some diggs on Annie in saying she’s full of bullshit and lies. Rachel tells him that Annie was trying to break them up “nobody messes with my man” They say the house has been split there is “our” side Kahty, Rachel, Brendon, Ragan, Hayden, Andrew and their side which is Ezno, LAne, Brit and Monet. rachel thinks that Kathy is split.Big Brother 12 Spoilers Brit is told over the PA to stop talking about her diary sessions. Rachel says “ohh there scheming” She says it would be a good idea to put Brit and rachel up and evict brit.

10:55pm Have Nots Zane and Matt Matt is worried that he’s going to get put up. Matt explains that he’s got some solid evidence that Brit is the saboteur and he’s going to unleash it. Lane tells him to not worry about it, Matts cool right now. Brendon wants Monet or Enzo gone this week and Brendon is the one controlling HOH. Matt is happy he’s going to keep his mouth shut this week. Lane says he’s worried about Enzo they have to keep near him and make sure he shuts up.

11:14pm Kitchen Monet, Britney, Hayden, Zane, Matt
Talk is about the nominations there not saying much but Monet mentions she’s going up. Hayden mentions he could be going up. They change the subject to how stupid the Salvatore is and how everything the Salvatore ended up doing was lame Matt “nobody cares about it anymore” Monet agrees “anything would of been better than what they did”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:33pm HOH Brendon and Rachel Kissing Brendon says “your a science nerd whose beautiful with a sexy body” Brendon says he’ll never ask her to move to be close to him. Brendon says he’s here for the experience not just the money so for gameplay reasons maybe he should of listened to Annie but he’s found something worth more to him than 500K. (lol this guy)… they give each other kisses and continue to tell each other how special they each other is. Brendon whispers to her: “Your brain is huge but your heart’s even bigger”. Brendon says he wants to be honest to her he’s scared of being hurt he’s been hurt before. Rachel says she will never hurt him.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:49pm Rachel is Drunk and falling all over the place (It looks like she’s faking it a bit) Enxo, monet and Brit are in the kitchen and they can see her walking to the the cabana room with Brendon. Brendon is walking around with a giant wine glass he looks a little tipsy to. After a little show to all the houseguests Rachel is called into the DR where she drags Brendon in saying “They want to film us TV was Made of This”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Midnight Bathroom Brit, Monet, Kathy. they are going over the nominations are they’re feeling sure it’ll be Monet and Brit. Monet tells them that it make sense now that Andrew has an alliance with Brendon and Rachel. Brit brings up talking to Rachel and monet thinks they should wait because right now Rachel is getting hammered by questions. Monet says Brendon /rachel might want to have the evict go as cleanly as possible and pick or pawn than either monet or brit. Monet mentions that the last bunch of seasons the person nominated the 2nd week but stayed alive.
Kathy says “thats crazy” Monet: “i’m sure is all a coincidence. Brit says she wants to go to bed but there somych noise and she can’t sleep with it. Monet says she’s going to have trouble Sleeping because she can’t get the HOH out of her head. Monet saying again they should of kept Annie. Brit tells her not to worry they find out whats going on soon enough.

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Uncle Cool

If only the housgeuests could see the crap that is going on.

This ‘showmance’ garbage REALLY has to end as soon as possible. It is intolerable.

chick from louisiana

I agree. That sh** was getiing on my nerves. Rachel and her laughing after every 2 words , and Brendon talking out his ass- BORING………. I think I tolerated it for about an hour and fell asleep on BBAD.


Its corny yes but as long as they keep playing the game right I sat Go Brenchel!! All the other house guests showed they suck at this game by voting out Annie so I don’t think they deserve to win :0)


i dont think were watching the same show.. it was the right move to get rid of annie..
1) shes the sabateur
2) shes a shit starter
3) shes a phsyco
4) a floater
5) a liar.


1) they did not know that anymore than they strongly believed it to be Brendan and BRendan is close to the other person who was on the block.

2) That is the name of the game, but I think the brigade messed up by nominating her over Britney when they mentioned putting Annie up to her and she went and told Annie even though she was told to keep quiet, made it obvious she is untrustworthy.

3) Opinions are like arse holes everyone has one. Just because she got angry at being put on the block does not make her psycho. Look at Rachel for crying out loud, she is talking to Brendan about how he was letting a girl he met 8 days ago come between him and her and the “something real” they have going on. DESPIT THE FACT THEY MET 8 DAYS AGO AS WELL.

4) Yes and as a floater I am more comfortable withher than with the person aligned with the person who has said he is coming after me like Brendan said to Hayden for not taking the deal.

5) and again who isnt, Matt is with holding his genious status. Brendan is not teling his true job, Ragan isnt telling his intelligence. If you are not lying you are not playing the game.

The Playa

1-5 all right…the dum brigade should have got rid of rachel period


Exactly! She was all the above. Ya gotta love these types of players on shows like this. It’s what it’s all about. Heck, what do some of y’all want. Just 24 hours of lovey-dovey smooch talk laying around in beds? Gag! Booorrrriiinnnnggggg!!!!

Give me some sweet lying, back-stabbin, ankle bitin’ action all day long. Fun stuff baby. THAT’S what it’s all about.

The Playa

its about winning by any means necessary


And your boobs are the biggest!!


theres a reason jeff and jordan were so cute together and people didnt hate them for it. THEY DIDN;T HOOKUP RIGHT AFTER THEY MET. these two are just gross.
it sucks cuz i think brendon could go really far especially when the houseguests find out he wasnt the saboteur but rachel is bringing him down fast.


i totally agree with you. Jordan and Jeff hooked up but not right away. Rachel last night (on the actual show) was rolling her eyes at brendan when he was upset about annie. and he wanted to talk about it, but she was getting upset. she mentioned how he could care for some friend he met 8 days ago.. but he met her 8 days ago also.. i think she is totally using brendan.


Take a gander at the look on Britney’s mug in the pic above. I bet the squirrels going ’round and ’round on the wheel in her dopey head are running on empty after that bone headed decision. I love watching her stew in her own hubris basted stupidity! “Uh, duh, we should have kept Annie.” He Britney, fire’s hot, water’s wet, bunnies hop, and U B STUPID!!!!!


I miss crazy Chima and Lydia.


Brendon and Rachel think they are going to be so popular with the viewers. UGH! They are annoying and boring.


haha, its funny how stupid rachel and brendan is.
she thinks america loves them, and that BB has never had a powercouple like them.. and brendan thinks she has a huge heart. Huge boobs maybe , heart not so much.

John D. Genovese

I just read that all the evicted houseguests will be sequestered this year and possibly come back into the game.


No! Please don’t bring that boring cast back!


I said it last year. They should do this every year, keep all evicted HG in sequester. That way you reduce the possibility of the Houseguests threatening production, like we saw last year with Chima and Nasty Nat. If anyone leaves or misbehaves, they can be taken out of the game and an evicted guest can take their place. I used to like Annie, but now that I know she was the saboteur I am really disappointed in her. I thought she would have done a better job, but she didn’t have it in her.


Brendon and Rachel are disgusting and BORING. He’s a nerd and she’s a chemical idiot. I cannot stand her laugh! But, since they were stupid enough to get rid of Annie instead of her….THAT’S WHAT THEY GET! THIS SEASON IS BORING. CBS must have been smoking crack when they chose this cast.


Watching showtime is like watching paint dry. These people are soooooo boring. As much as I hated Jessie from the last two seasons, I say bring him back to add some excitement!!


I will have to disagree I think Rachel Rocks her laugh gets to me sometimes but so far she hasnt did anything wrong to anyone and I also think Ragan is cool. I hope Ragan and Rachel are in the finals


I’m with you Jackie


So far I am finding these house guests boring as anything. I hope Rachel goes home in the near future, I know she can’t this week but maybe the next week when she is not HOH and Brenden doesn’t get the HOH. Keep my fingers crossed for this. I hope BB gets better. I know it’s still early in the show but normally there is something interesting going on already in the previous BBs.

C Note

Brendon does look like a character in Men In Black, I honestly think Brendon is using her but we will see. Annie needed to stay, point blank, Branchel will not last unless they make the right Alliance, Kristen n Hayden…. Enzo has disappeared off the face of the earth lately. hmmm