Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kaptain Kosher Bowls, and Brendon Tries to Lick the Gummy Bears

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:10pm Backyard Andrew bowling with the backyard metal balls Kristen and matt join him.. he gives them some pointers… Production tells them to stop eventually.

8:32pm Rachel and Brendon kissing Afterdark must be coming on soon

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

I guess Brendon is trying to lick her gummy bears is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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25 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kaptain Kosher Bowls, and Brendon Tries to Lick the Gummy Bears

      1. All the guys I know who are BB fans call Kristen a Bag Head or Butter Face. Everything looks hot except her face or if you put a bag over her head while you do her, you won’t feel like you’re gay because she looka like a man. I think Rachel looks more feminine then Kristen

        1. Kristens a hotty, your friends are gay blind men. Rachel aint bad either, its her laugh that makes me wanna lay a pillow on her face while she sleeps, ‘dont fight it honey, its for the greater good.’ Kathy sleeps with that spackled on eye makeup…cannot be too hygenic…those eyelashes are glued on or trying to leave her face from fright. AAAAA PLEASE NOT MORE MAKEUP!!!!!!!!

  1. I’m new to Big Brother, so I’m still trying to figure out the rules. Can someone tell me: If Brendon uses the POV to save Andrew, can Matt then nominate Brendon as Andrew’s replacement?

    Thanks everybody!

    1. No, sharin. If you have the POV and you use it to take someone off, the HOH can not put you up. But if you are on the block yourself and you don’t use it to take yourself off but the other person, you are stuck on the block. Simon, maybe you should put the common asked about rules somewhere.


    1. Did I hear Rachel right, that she asked for a one piece bathing suit because her bikini tops are to small for her boobs? That was the suit Ragan was wearing. Production gave it to Rachel to wear but she didn’t like it. Now, she picked the size of her boobs and she got her bikinis. Did they put the wrong size in the shopping bag again?

      1. Gotta admit that mofo has got a sense of humor…. him wearing that broads 1 piece is some funny shit…

  3. Andrew, Brenden, Rachel….must win HOH

    otherwise the only drama will be

    when matt has to backstab regan (would be around 6-7 left)
    when hayden must choose between kristen and the brigade.(would be around 5 left)

    if andrew brenden rachel win…then they can get out brit or possibly a brigade member
    then Rachel or Brenden go because luck runs out
    then the other one goes

    then the rest of the house will have be shaken up by the loss of a brigade member of brit, and R/B will be gone so they can focus on each other.

    I prefer the 2nd option, the first is far too obvious…this is why R and B must last one more week, andrew B or R must win the HOH to do so.

  4. problem is everyone will want it considering taking out R and B is the easiest way to not have blood on your hands at the jury, and you would only lose one vote.(rachel or brenden)

    I just hope that doesnt happen, we need them on the jury as annoying as they are, and we need them to shake up the house another week. Trust me, it would be worse than it is now had it been brenden backdoored.

    the rest of the house needs to play the game…if one of those 3 can win HOH….all bets are off as to who wins…(other than rachel and brenden who just wont make it that far, not possible)

    1. Cmon BB, we need a win for andrew at HOH. or Brenden.

      its time for brit to slop it up some more.

      as much as lane and brit complain, about b a nd R…its WORSE than b and r …they don’t even complain…lane and brit won’t freaking stop…I cant even watch the feeds when its lane and someone else…its the most boring big brother conversations ever…lane is a freaking dolt…without enzo’s one liner’s people would be kathy all day

  5. See what I see happening it that brenden will use the p.o.v. to save Andrew or Kathy and then Matt silk back door brenden and the house will vote him off then next week some one else from the bergade will do the same thing with rach therefore killing off the strongest couple in the game and killing off the most annoying showmance I have seen since I’ve been watching big brother

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