Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Hayden tells Lane “I’m not going to tell Enzo this …but if I win the final HOHs, I am taking you ..we just have to beat the dodo..”

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11:40pm Enzo, Hayden and Lane are up in the HOH room talking. Enzo says that if he doesn’t win the $25,000 he will punch somebody. Enzo says that he honestly thinks one of them will win the America’s choice. Enzo says that America wants to see us bang this out at the end and America wanted to see us tell Britney about the Brigade. Enzo says that the brigade is the best alliance there is and nobody will ever be better than them. They talk about how they only have a small window of opportunity to make money using their Big Brother fame after the show ends. They talk about hitting the bar scenes. They wonder if they should go check on Britney. They figure that they will let her chill out a bit. Enzo says that he wants to give her a hug. Lane says that he thinks she will hit him. They talk about how even though Britney is mad at them …she still has to vote for one of them. They head down stairs. They say that they don’t want Britney to think that they are shunning her and that they respect her enough that they told her about the Brigade. They realize Britney is in the diary room. They talk about what if Britney quit the game. Lane says that would be the dumbest move ever. Britney comes out of the diary room. Enzo asks her what shes doing? Britney says she is going to brush her teeth. Britney brushes her teeth and then goes to the jumanji room and takes her stuff to the Taj bedroom to sleep alone. Enzo, Lane and Hayden talk about Britney being pissed. Enzo says don’t be pissed we made an alliance on day one and you didn’t. Lane goes into the Taj bedroom to check on Britney. He asks her if she is mad at him? Britney says that it’s not a good idea to talk to me right now and that she just wants to go to be. Lane says that he never lied to her and that she will see in his diary room sessions. Britney is crying and says that she just wants to go to bed. Lane says that he never wanted this and I never played you. Lane says that he has a lot of feelings for her and tells her that she is a cool girl. Lane leaves. Britney turns out the lights and cries to herself.

12:40am Lane joins Hayden and Enzo and tells them that he told Britney that he never lied to her that he was never mean to her. Lane says that Britney will realize tomorrow how good of a game the guys played. Enzo thinks so too. Lane and Hayden go to play a game of pool while Enzo gets into the hot tub. Lane says that he can’t wait till they are done with this! Enzo says that he is just glad that she won the 10 grand. They talk about how Birtney has close to $20,000 with her stipend money and the 10 grand. They talk about being asked back for allstars. Enzo says that it’s sucks that we told her, but it’s like a weight has been lifted but that he feels bad that’s she’s crying. Hayden says that she would be crying either today or Monday. They notice Britney go up to the HOH and grab something. Enzo sees Britney inside walking towards the bedroom and called her a biotch. Hayden goes up to check to see if anything is missing. He tells the guys that he thinks she just took her shampoo back. Enzo heads inside to change. Hayden tells Lane that you know I’m not going to tell Enzo this …but if I win the final HOHs I am taking you. Lane says that since week one him and Hayden have wanted to be final 2. Hayden says that we got a good chance; we have just got to beat the dodo. Hayden laughs and tells Lane that he knew he threw the POV today. Hayden tells Lane he has a better chance of beating him than he does beating Enzo. Lane says that Enzo doesn’t need the money. Hayden agrees. Hayden says that we have got to beat Enzo at an endurance, then a skill. Lane says he knows they can beat him at an endurance, he also thinks they could beat him at a skill challenge. Hayden says that $50,000 is a lot of money.

1:20am Hayden and Lane are in the kitchen killing ants with bug spray. Lane says that this is the most ants he has seen in his entire life. Lane starts coughing, and thinks that he may have sprayed too much. Hayden says that he is amazed they made it this far in the game. He says just the odds alone of making it on Big Brother and then to actually make it to the final 3. Lane says it’s astronomical. Hayden says that Thursday will be the first HOH competition, the endurance competition. He says he would rather win the endurance and have Lane compete against Enzo in the 2nd HOH. Hayden tells Lane how the last HOHs work. Hayden says that he cant believe Enzo is in there already working on Britney’s vote, you know that’s what he is doing. (Both Enzo and Britney aren’t on camera.) Enzo then comes out and joins them on the backyard couch. They talk about keeping in contact with each other after it is all over. Then the conversation changes to talking about the POV. Hayden tells Enzo that he was never going to throw the comp unless he knew Enzo was going to win it. Enzo says that is why they did the POV like they did, so you couldn’t see what anyone else was doing. Enzo says that he thinks tomorrow and Monday are going to be tough for Britney but that after Monday he thinks she’ll be alright. Enzo says that he likes Britney but he says she was coming after them. Enzo says that if it weren’t for Lane they would have probably gone home. Hayden says that they formed an alliance 62 days ago and no one else knew about it until today. Enzo says its BLANK crazy man. Enzo says the jury will have to vote for a Brigade member now, and that he doesn’t care if Britney tells them all about Brigade… he says that he hopes she does tell them. Enzo says that he thinks if she tells them now then maybe their emotions will have settled down, they wonder if Matt has already told the Jury. Enzo says that he thinks Brendon and Rachel will be the maddest at him because they’ll realize he played them both! Enzo says that we beat every BLANK in the house to the punch, which Rachel was coaching Enzo to do, not realizing he was already in the Brigade. Enzo says that they told Britney we were bringing her to the final four and we did. Enzo says that Ragan told him that Britney would win the whole game if she moved on past last week. Hayden says that Ragan’s wrong, Rachel’s wrong, Brendon’s wrong! Enzo says if he wins the $25,000 he would be so happy with that! Lane says it is really $35,000 including the stipend. Enzo says that he is bummed he didn’t get to experience of winning HOH but he says making it to final three is way bigger than winning a HOH.

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2:30am Enzo says the way they played the game was a BLANK masterpiece. Enzo says that he thinks the Brigade will be celebrities to the other house guests in the Jury. Enzo says the one good think Matt did was to put up Andrew and Kathy instead of Brendon and Rachel because it kept two big targets in the house and the Brigade off the radar, he wonders if Matt actually planned that and knew what he was doing. Enzo says that he thinks Matt BLANK up with the Kathy thing. Enzo says that he is so glad Britney is going because if she had made final 3 they would have been so embarrassed. Hayden comes back and joins Enzo and Lane. They talk about Britney winning the 10 grand and how Big Brother told her where Lanes coin was hidden. Enzo, Hayden and Lane are talk about how they were worried Matty was going to expose the Brigade before he left. Enzo blames Ragan for stirring things up that week. Enzo says Ragan you don’t know what’s going on in the house. Lane says that Britney says it wasn’t hard to figure it out that they were together; she said Matty told her they were close. Enzo says she didn’t know about the alliance, that it had a name or else she would have put them up. Hayden says that nobody had any clue. Enzo says that he wonders if Julie will ask about them coming out as the Brigade during the live show in front of Britney. They think Britney could get a question about how she felt about finding out about the Brigade. They talk about what they will do after all of this is over. Enzo says that he just wants to spend time with his family and doesn’t want to go back to work. Enzo says that two years from now they will get a call asking us if we’d like to come back for an allstar season. They head inside. Hayden says he is going to take a shower. Lane says he is going to bed, he heads to the bathroom. Enzo says he will come up to the HOH to listen to some music. Lane gets into the HOH shower. Enzo and Hayden talk about how crazy it is that they are in the finals and how they cant wait to meet each others families.

4am – 4:30am Hayden and Enzo are talking alone in the HOH room. Enzo says that he wonders what Britney said in the diary room when she went in crying after they told her about the Brigade. Hayden says that he thinks she is probably talking about all the time she thinks she wasted being her and leaving her fiancé. Enzo says that she’s just being a baby now and that he thinks she’ll get over it in a few days. Enzo says at least she knew what was going on, nice other people didn’t know. Hayden laughs and says that her parents are going to hate us. Enzo says in his speech when he evicts Britney he is going to tell her none of this is personal. Enzo talks about what he called Britney in the diary room. Enzo says that he called her an albino, inbred, and that he may have even called her ugly once or twice. Enzo says that he may have cracked on Nick too just have fun with it; this is all part of the game. Enzo says this is his persona and he has to play that when he is in the diary room. Hayden says that he calls her spoiled in the diary room. They talk about how they want to have Brigade shirts to wear for the final challenges. Enzo says if he walks out of here he wants to be wearing his Brigade shirt. Hayden says yeah that would besick. Enzo leaves and goes down to the jumanji room where Lane is. Enzo jokes about telling Britney tomorrow that they were just kidding about the Brigade, there is no Brigade, they just made it up. Enzo says that Hayden is just worried about who will take him to the final two if he doesn’t win. Enzo and Lane laugh. Enzo says that he thinks they can’t beat Hayden in the final competitions. Lane says that he thinks they can. Enzo asks if he would take Hayden then? Lane says and give away $500,000?! They both are laugh. Enzo and Lane talk about their final 2 deal. Enzo says that he thinks Hayden will take Lane to the final 2. Lane isn’t so sure. Enzo talks about how crazy the Brigade is, and how Lane was the one person who was never on slop and how three of them are getting paid. Enzo says that he wonders if Britney is going to talk to them tomorrow. Enzo pretends he is talking to Britney and asks do you at least like the name? They laugh. They talk about how they think next weeks HOH will be endurance. Enzo thinks that whoever gets kicked out at the final three is going to win the $25,000. Enzo and Lane go to sleep..

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7:10am All the house guests are still asleep..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:36pm Brits making coffee the rest of the house is still sleeping

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Enzo = UG! How could that foul mouth loser ever believe he can be voted Americas player? I think Brit will get it and I hope she rubs his face in if. Someone should count the number of F’bombs Enzo drops in one minute on Showtime After Dark – he so sucks. He should consider transplanting some of his monkey matt on his chest to his bald head.


Just in case you didn’t know – I really dislike Enzo. I’m for Lane to win it all.


I’m right there with you! Enzo is the most annying houseguest ever! I can’t wait until he finds out that the majority of America can’t stand him. How in gods name can he think that he’d win America’s Player. I’d vote Rachel over him any day! I just hope Hayden is true to his word with Lane. Unfortunately I have this nagging feeling that Enzo is going to win the final HOH (oh god do I hope I am wrong with that!)


enzo could win the final hoh because its always guessing, but he has to win the 1st or 2nd part of the hoh, and whats the chance of that happening


I agree. He is disgusting. He always had his hands down his pants. I bet his “Wifey” is disgusted with him too. He’s going to have a rude awakening when he finds out he’s not top man with America. I don’t know how he even thought he was. He is the crudest person they have ever had on BB.


No way Brit is getting it, it’s probably going to be either Matt or Brendon. My choice being Matt.


I’m for Matt as well. Brendon didn’t really play the game until after Rachel left. Too little, too late.


matt used a diamond pov on kathy. no way he gets majority votes.

Sister J

…which was like using a sledge hammer to kill an ant. Stupidest move this season!


If you’re still harping on Ratt and his game play, wake up and smell the coffee. That ship has sailed. Talk about too little too late.
*** Roll tape on the look on Ratt’s wife’s face when she first heard about his lie. She was hurt/shocked. Oh yeah, Karma is da biatch!


Brednon needs to get it!!! With the magnitude of Matt’s lie that will make people or at least decent people not vote for him! I think anyone that has had an illness like that or close will not vote for him. It was very wrong of him to do what he did…game or not game!


My vote is for Matt. He played the best game and that is what America’s Player is about.


Totally Agree – It’s BRENDON FTW as America’s Player. I know he has his issues, but I would rather see him win the $ then the others. Since most of them have already won something and even though Matt played a good game to a point – getting rid of Kathy and his lie – NOT GOOD!


Count another vote for Matt. I’m still po’d that the BG turned their backs on him. They would not be where they are if it hadn’t been for Matt. And I still don’t get why everyone makes such a big deal about Matt lying about his wife. Get over it already! It’s not like him lying about it is going to cause it to really happen. Whatever.


I don’t mine matt winning it, but I would rather brendan win, just because I want the 3 amigos to be pissed off!!!!!!!


Evidently Enzo is fine with his hair the way it is. Half ass bald headed he might be, but he’s happy, laughing, joking, scheming, enjoying is life, so you should really let the hair thing go.
After all, it’s his hair. Let the man enjoys what it’s left of it.


he must be ok with his hair that way, he said he hesitated on shaving his head in the pov,
why would you hesitate when your hair looks worse than donald trump’s


I know how..every post I see on sites where the people don’t get the live feeds or know about this site..( I can’t imagine how they don’t know about this site if they’re really fans of the show, but..) are only getting the edited version of Enzo and they all love him. I got so sick of seeing all of the pro-Enzo comments I quit going there. He will get it if the majority of the voters are people only getting the edited version of him.


On BB8, Evil Dick maddened me so I would yell at the TV screen, I was furious when he and Danielle (whiney little girl) walked away with the cash on BB08. (BTW,ED just said that on BB12 if Rachel comes back in the house again, he is done with the show)…. However no one has disgusted me more than Enzo with his foul language, horrid eating habits, blow hard full of hot air crap. Last night on AD I wanted to pop him in the mouth because he wouldn’t shut up, which is usually the case. I hope beyond hope that he is not taken to the Final 2, and he can waltz away with a deflated hot air bag, and left wondering why he isn’t famous and beckoned to open shows and do interviews. He just called Brit a bitch because she was mad at the reveal of the Brigade and to know she is not going to Final 2. I hope we can watch Enzo when HE finds out he isn’t going. I also saw where he called Brit the C word. Wouldn’t you love to see Enzo’s reaction if someone called his wifey that disgusting over the line title.


Enzo’s EGO is so big, he’s lost sight of reality. Please people, don’t hop on the Enzo boat. It’ll drown as soon as he exits the house.


I am not a fan of brit and I know she has said some really mean things, but the girl is really upset right now, treat her with a little bit of respect


Racheal was bad but this guy Enzo makes her look like a choir girl. Filthy mouthed blow hard. Couldn’t stick his finger up his butt if his life depended on it. Can’t win a single event without someone throwing it to him. Can’t seem to do anything but run his nasty mouth. He Feels he needs a standing ovation when he leaves. He needs an enima when he leaves, starting with his mouth. I’m sure there will be some cheering when he leaves and I am equally sure he will totally misunderstand it. New Jersey must be proud


I’ll donate $50 to the Enzo high colonic fund


OMG, this is so funny.


he says he is fine with third place, lets see if thats true when he gets kicked out before final 2


Allison Grodner ate the last dodo


OMG that is so egotistical -to think you would win Americas favorite- and then to say you better win it! Who does that?? Why would Enzo assume that America loves him esp more than the other houseguests…..i think most people think his personality is too abrasive, offensive even (with all his cursing), he is ugly (this guy is 32!!!he looks 42!) and has about one brain cell (which is why he constantly repeats himself like he is having the same conversation alone over and over) …one too many people must have (erroneously) told him he was great bc he is a delusional megalomaniac


Enzo cracks me up. One minute, he’s sympathetic with Britney. He doesn’t want to see her cries. Then the next minute, he’s being comical, rubbing it in a little bit…, pretending to ask her if she at least like the Brigade’s name.
And what the hell was Lane doing, telling Hayden that Enzo doesn’t need the money. Lane’s family has beaucoup money. Even if Lane decides not to work another day, I’m sure mommy and daddy would be there with a bank roll. Enzo and his wife both work for what they want, and they have a baby.

Sister J

Anyone else think he’s bi-polar?


I think he is an asshole, and should get off his ass, support his family, and get the hell out of moms house! I wish Hayden would take Lane off the block and put Enzos skanky ass up there, and see what America wants.


Support his family. You must be kidding. He can’t even support himself. He is a real estate agent. What does that tell you. When allelse fails get a real estate license. That way you can sit on your ass all day and pray that when your turn comes to answer the phone someone will actually insist on buying something and you won’t really have to do very much. Got a nack for blowing smoke up someones ass and driving around mindlessly looking at houses. Real Estates for you. Enzo is perfect for Real Estate provided they supply him with the telephone and a car, might have to kick in a little something for gas to.

You're a jacka**

Do you even know what a real estate agent does everyday in order to support his/her family? My father works very hard on a daily basis to support his by knocking on doors, making calls, and constantly humbling himself to strangers. What do you do for a living? Something really plush? Mommy and daddy still help with the bills maybe? Just because you don’t like one person who does something for a living does not mean that everyone in that field is lazy and worthless. He is one person and hardly represents what every real estate agent is like. While some are uneducated and refuse to work hard, many put in hour after hour without any guaranteed pay. How often do you do that for your family? Criticize Enzo, not his profession.


I think he is an asshole, The lousy pig needs a wake-up call if he thinks America wants him. I wish Hayden would take Lane or Brit down and put Enzos nasty ass up there and just see what America wants. Damn I hope New Jersey is embarrassed by him. He would have a made a good match with Rac-hell.

The Baby Ate the Dingo !

Wonderfull how Britney and Ragan became such crybabies when winds turned … easy to mock when your on a high branch, but shit will hit you in the face on your way down, bitches.


Thats the story of the season “He/She doesn’t deserve the $$$”….
I found this article last night, pretty interesting. What r your thoughts????——–Regan Fox the Heterophobic
There he was!  Big Brother 12’s Ragan Fox who had just been evicted from the Big Brother house.  He was getting his post-game interview with Big Brother 12’s host Julie Chen. Julie asked Ragan why does he think the boys never included him in their alliance?  Ragan leans back and starts to speak.  “Julie . . ”  He suddenly giggles like a nervous middle schooler and then rambles on about the fact that he doesn’t talk sports a lot.
Now let’s rewind this little scene and replace Ragan with Lane and ask somewhat the same question.  “Lane, why don’t you think you were included in any of Ragan’s plans?”  We assume that  Lane, the country boy, would slap his knee and say:  “Come on Julie!  Do I look like the kind of guy that would have the same interests as Ragan?”
It is an exact same parallel, but in the second scene Lane probably would have immediately been labeled a homophobic based on his response.  Thus, why can’t the same logic be applied to Ragan with the term heterophobic?
While you do not hear the condition mentioned often, it is a word found in many on-line dictionaries.  I’ll use Babylon’s free dictionary who uses wikipedia here:
Heterophobia is a term used to describe prejudice or discrimination against heterosexuals, usually in the context of the heterophobic person being homosexual or bisexual. It does not have much currency outside the field of sexology, and has limited use even within that field. It also refers to the fear of sexual behavior or relations with a member of the opposite sex, or to a general hostility, or suspicion, towards sexual interaction between men and women.
In reading on wikipedia, it seems the term appears and disappears with regularity.  In an article on this site dated August 21, 2010 and entitled “Ragan Fox:  The Ultimate Performer or Snake” (, we learn that Ragan has a work of poetry entitled Heterophobia.  It’s a safe assumption that he knows the term!  And by knowing the term, we must wonder if he has slight case of it himself. 
Ragan readily admits he has no relationships with straight males in his life. It is well noted that if anyone challenges anything about him he immediately tags them a homophobic.  Look at his interactions with Rachel.  Is he scared of Rachel or what she represents.  She has a relationship with Brendon and this definitely can be seen in the definition found above.
Let’s look further at the Ragan Fox we have seen and learned about from the game.
* He says he has 4 brothers, yet he only talks to his sister and mother.
* Look at his relationships on the Big Brother 12 show. His relationship with Britney was superficial at best and based on trashing people who were obviously heterosexual.  It never went to a deeper level. 
* The only male Ragan got along with on any level was Matt.  Matt was a passive listener and allowed Ragan the opportunity to talk about anything.  Even Matt mentioned that he would be remembered for a gay showmance! 
* Ragan’s attitude toward Rachel was one of bitterness and according to him fear.  She was in an openly heterosexual relationship.
Ragan proved without a doubt that he is a very jealous, inmature person. Many don’t see the forest for the trees when looking at the relationship between Ragan and Rachel, but traces of reverse discrimination is there!  Ragan was initially close to Rachel but when it became clear that Ragan couldn’t control her, he turned on her with a vengeance.  He claimed superior logic, but was it more fear instead?  Rachel may not have been the smartest player in the Big Brother 12 house but she was going to be independent and strong. Those are qualities that Ragan can only pretend to have and he became very jealous of her.  His reaction to simple comments that probably any ousted returning contestant made upon her return was turned on her with a vengenance that can only be called hatred.  He felt he had won and to the victor went the spoils.
In conclusion Ragan is a condescending, jealous, immature with tendencies and poetry on hetrophobia.  He has deluded himself into thinking he has a superior intellect when communicating with everyone else.  In fact, Ragan has shown himself with the mentality of a college student that he teaches with petty jealousy and self-confident issues to boot.  CBS and Big Brother 12 should prepare him for reentry into the real world and burst some of the bubbles he has built for himself while he has been on the show.  Ragan needs to face the truth and do it soon!


the difference being one gay man vs. 12 straight people in the same house.. possibly Ragan could be considered ‘heterophobic’ if he was with 11 other gay people and there was one single straight person that ragan didnt get along with… your way too involved for a reality show website comments really show that YOU have some issue… do you realize that homophobia is a fear of ones own sexuality? maybe you should take a look in the mirror before you start calling other people names… and get a hobby already… it’s just a television show.


almost from day one I could see Regan is a very troubled, sad and depressed person. From his own mouth we learned he has no one to love or trust and is estranged from his 3 brothers. I wish him well though I do not like him. He is just too nasty and bitter. Normally I want to put my arms around people like him hug them hard and tell them things can get better. Regan DOES NOT evoke this reaction in me. I hope he has people in his life who can support him emotionally while he gets proffesional help.


Yup. I actually liked him in the beginning of the season. He seemed intelligent and pretty funny, but then his personality started to come out and I realized he is one troubled individual with either a mental and/or emotional disorder or just a rotten personality. It’s probably a bit of both.


Wow. Ragan really go to you. He is deep up your ass!


Wow. Ragan really got to you. He is deep up your ass!


I agree with you, I think most people in this world have to deal with what they present to the world. Like being a woman, or being blonde, a blonde woman. People will say to you, oh your just a woman, or your being blonde. It is something you learn to live with and deal with. Or you can use it to your advantage. If you use it then you must put up with the comments. So Ragan cannot bring up his gayness and expect others not to bring it up also. You must learn to live with it. Deal with the crap life deals out. Can’t have it both ways. So tone it down or learn to live with what you are.
Brit just learned a good life lesson, women will never be part of any boys club. She obviously was a popular ring leader of a clique and now is getting pay back. I am not against men just a realist.


Has to be the worst BB in years , I’m done , 3 duds in the finals all mouth


i couldnt agree more


I think it’s ridiculous that people constantly talk about who “needs” the money. We all need money, regardless of how much we have. Maybe some could use it more than others. But if that’s the criteria for winning, then on day one they should just go around the room and say who has what and who needs what and just vote a winner right then and there. Why even play the game at all?


I agree!! I don’t care if you come to the house as a millionaire… if you played the game… lie, steal, manipulate, win… then you deserve the money. The problem is that unfortunately there are a lot of liberal, socialist, democrats raising children to believe that we all should be equal financially! This is a game that it doesn’t matter your social standings…ANYONE can win if they are willing to play!


Boy, Enzo is full of himself. All Stars my a–…. he is a disgusting, lazy, bum. All that arrogance, for absolutely NO reason. I feel sorry for his wife yo. She’ll be working like a dog the rest of her life, because she married a sorry POS who wants to quit his job and ride a wave of “BB celebrity” for the rest of his life. He should try to get on with Jersey Shore. He could play a washed up, 1/2 bald and going balder, lazy, good for nothing, dirty old man.


he cracks me up. i would love to see him in all stars.


The only thing that keeps me watching this trainwreck of a season is the hope that Enzo walks away with nothing! I’ll laugh myself sick. What a bozo! Guess he’ll make lots of money with his appearances and movie deals!! Trying to get the guys to stroke his ego last night was hilarious. He thinks they’ve made history…of what, you idiot?


i hope enzo gets kicked out right at the last minute… he can go home with NOTHING except his balding hair…


Absolutely agree with you!! Enzo deserves NOTHING except a kick in the ass out the door!


Did anyone notice the facial expressions Hayden and Lane were making during Enzo’s rant? They just wanted him to shut up already. Enzo’s got no class. He’s all EGO and no brains. At least we can change the channel whereas there are three people trapped in a house with that ass.


It sucked watching them talk about the BRIGADE to Britney. They should have at least waited for Hayden. At least he has a heart and would have delivered the BAD NEWS a little more GENTLY. You could tell by the look on her face that she was confused until Hayden finally walked in and she said does this mean I’m going home then? Hayden said well it means that I’m not using the POV.

Enzo is the only one voting this week, RIGHT?

angela melini

Well Hayden could use the POV, take Britney down and put up Enzo and she’ll vote out Enzo? I know that won’t happen, but in my alternate world it would be perfect.


i would love to see that happen. the look on enzo’s face would make up for all the time i have spent watching this crappy season worth it. i love how he thinks he will get all these scripts and how all these agents will want to represent him. Enzo is a foul-mouthed pig who could use a smack of actual reality upside his head.


Fifty Gold Stars to anyone who can print off all of the comments on each of the feeds and mail them to Enzo. He does need the reality check.

The Bash Brothers

Britny feels that she wasted her summer? If anyone waster their summer, it’s the audience.




The fact that Enzo talks with the most bravaod about himself only proves that he is
they most insecure person. Only an insecure person needs to praise themselves
all the time and needs the praise and reassurance of others.
Make no mistake Enzo knows he is a good for nothing and all this ego is just
to cover up that fact.


This is not about who deserves a grant-this is about who lied, cheated, stepped on people on the way to the veto grab, and who is willing to sell their Mother to the devil to win the big prize. BB advertises this reality show as “a game of deceit and lies”.

If you are not willing to do that you should not be in this game, or watch BB, or be part of this blogs.
This is a reality show game!!!!!!!!Thank you guys out there for reminding us from time to time to keep real and not emotional.
Like everybody else who either forgets that, or does not understand the premise of the game, I am guilty as hell for forgetting it-but, I do understand the shitty reality of the game. Cheat, lie, kill, but get to the final 2-or else go home!!!!!!!!!
Simple as that!!!!

By the way, Simon your blog is the best and I am donating before the end of the show so that you will always be here for us-year after year.

If I don’t, you can evict me before finale. I am voting for you to take the 25 as our AF.

You have the best blog in ‘BB history;-after Enzo, of course.


Does anyone know who first got the Brigade together – who was the first guy to suggest this alliance? Thanks!




Enzo really bothers me.the Brigade sucks and if they come back for an all stars season,they would be evicted first.Enzo is being so awful.calling Britney names when she doesn’t say anything bad about him except that he cannot win at all which everyone says.he’s the worst competitions player this season,and his social game is 3rd to Hayden and Matt.he needs to shut up because he sucks.hes 32 and needs to attack everyone.I think winning that POV was the worst thing to happen to him.he now thinks hes superior to everyone.


Lane calling Enzo a dodo? Lane is a bigger dodo


I think the 3 of them are indeed dodo birds but at least Hayden has conducted himself very well with no foul language, name calling, hateful comments. Lane really hasn’t been awful either and I think he only makes me cringe when he emits a loud belch frequently. I was not offended to see those shower whack offs, I was just amazed that he was too dodo to know that camera was featuring it. (several times)… Enzo is quite another story. He offends me instantly with every inch of his presence and behavior.. Brit has worked hard to stay in the game this long and she should have faced reality that no way was she going to beat those 3 guys, assuming that she hadn’t won HOH or POV to protect her position. Hopefully she can go back and find out she still is engaged. From what she has said about she and Nick making fun of their friends, he shouldn’t be too offended at her vindictive comments throughout the show. THE ENTIRE show.


worst season ever cant watch it good bye bb


It is always nice to wake up and see homophobia is alive and thriving in the comments here. And now the attacks are labeled hetero crap . . .reminds me of the Glenn Beckian idiots saying our Pres hates white people.


I have watched since season one.. this season has been such a disappointment.. unless there is some kind of an all stars next season, this will be my last… I would prefer at this point to watch what is going on in the jury house more than watching these three bumbling jocks.. if i have to listen to enzo talk about talking to Oprah or getting ‘a movie deal’ I swear I am going to explode… B O R I N G ! !


I don’t care for Brit but I wish Hayden would use the POV on Brit and put Enzo up so Brit can vote enzo out with his big head and BS. He is sooooo annoying!!!! And if Hayden did this considering that the last challenges are usually endurance ones, Brit would most likely be the first one to go. It just shows how Hayden doesn’t really think about things IMO.


I agree I am no fan of brit, but the way enzo is talking about her, I want his ass kicked out


If ENZO truely wants to make Big Brother History then AFTER the POV is NOT used then he(Enzo) has the only vote for eviction. He needs to send Lanes BUTT packing and from there on may the best person win!!! GO HAYDEN,ENZO and BRITTNEY!!! He will be known for making the BEST move in BB12. I think production will whisper in his ear to liven this show up. After all ALL ENZO talks about is getting recgonition after the show, with that move it will be GUARENTEED. I am SURE little whispers will get back to him (íf you know what I mean)
like we just have to beat dodo comment!!!After all “Production” is only human, and sometimes they might let something slip out!!!


I guess the Brigrade think they played a good game cause they made it to the finals at least 3 of them. I think they were just floaters!!!!!!!!! Enzo was a waste. I have checked other sites and no one likes him. But he is so full of himself that he will never get it. I too would like to see Enzo go home with nothing!!!!!!!!!!! That will be the only thing left worth watching. None of the three left ever played the game what so ever. They let everyone play and just floated by. But them that is good game play.

BB peeker

Ok, Idea for next Big Brother, invite all of the houseguests from previous seasons that were the First to be evicted.


Totally agree…would like to see the same thing. Would be interesting to see what kind of gameplay they would actually have. Course it would also suck to be the first person voted out TWICE!


I have wanted this for a long time. Bring back early evicts from previous seasons. People that might have had game but never got a chance to show it. People that didn’t even make jury. People like NIck from season 8, Jen and afro guy from season 9, Brian from season 10, Laura, Braden and Casey, maybe even Ronnie from season 11, Annie, Andrew Kristen and maybe Monet from this season. I have a feeling that some of those people deserve a second chance. It could be very entertaining and they would be hungry to play and try not to make the same mistakes they did first time round.


PLEASE rethink half of those at LEAST!!!


I like your choices, but not ronnie, and only annie and andrew from this season


That could be a great concept! There would be a different kind of hunger. The only fear there is that, at least for mainstream BB watchers, those players didn’t have time to build up the rapport for any real fan base, so they may not bother and just start over. Nowadays, it’s all about ratings–taking the popular people from last year and placing them in the new season to reel in the built-in fans’ viewership. That being said, I am totally with you! Hope some concept developers for the show check these websites and read your post!


Enzo played the dudes & they are too stupid to realize it. He pushed so hard to tell her because he wants her to go to JH with it so he’ll get credit for his “game”. That’s why he wouldn’t shut up last night & kept cutting off the guys when they tried to talk. He wanted to make sure she knew it was his creation & he was acting like he was the mastermind behind all the decisions blah blah blah. He knows he will be judged in F2 for not winning comps so this is what he’s falling back on. It was him that went ahead with it last night without Hayden too!!


What do you think people?


I don’t think Enzo is that intelligent. He would have to have insight and forethought for that to have been a strategic move. He was only too happy to let Brit know ‘bros before hos’. That’s his mentality. As someone called him a blow hard..that’s what he was doing… tootin his own horn.


Actually this game was designed for a person just like Enzo. Someone with narsistic
personality disorder and hedonistic qualities. This game brought out exactly what
it was meant to in someone like him. It showed what little conscience and soul he
has and to what lengths he will go because of his greed. It’s one thing to be able
to plot and manipulate and out manouver someone , what is distasteful is the
distinct pleasure he got out of informing Britney how she had been used and played
by them all. The guy does nothing in the game , yet is the first one to stand up and
take credit when something works out and goes to plan. Too bad they didn’t award
the POV for someone who could constantly issue idle threats when they felt threatened
and who could only issue orders to others to do his bidding for him.. Instead of Meow
Meow he should have called himself The LIttle General, with the emphasis on little.


Enzo, shut up and go home! He talks way too much and too loudly and eats too much and too loudly — he is all hubris. The damn Brigade — he wants kudos for coming up with the name — thinks he’s brilliant and that he is going to be famous and win the $25,000 as America’s player. He overtalks the other players and gives me a headache. Oh man is he disgusting. I don’t envy his wife, poor girl.


I laugh every time I hear the alliance name…

A brigade is a unit smaller than a division consisting of two or more battalions.

A battalion is a unit comprising roughly 500-1500 soldiers.

A company usually consists of two or three platoons.

A platoon usually comprises two or more squads.

A squad is the smallest military unit.


Let that ho know, that she is the one that has to go!!!!

worst cast ever

we can’t let enzo win “america’s play”.
i’d rather place my vote for annie. what a statement is would be to this lot of losers and crybabies that we’d rather have the girl who was voted out week 1 win the 25 g’s.


Actually, I just voted for Regan, and, Brendon is in the lead for Americas choice. Enzo is one of the least liked players , Hayden has the most votes out of the Brigade then Lane. Forget Enzo he is out of the running.


Brendon gets my vote.


Brit Brit Brit you are very arrogant to even think these boys would pick you. They are obv boys boys, you can tell by the way they talk. She thought she was just so cool that all the boys loved her and of course they would pick her. If she listened to Kristen and Ragan in the first place she could have saved herself. What a dumb bitch. She gave them the game, she handed it to them on a sliver platter because she couldnt see past her big ass ego


Like Enzo said they had an alliance since day two. WHY in the hell would hayden use pov on her
she shouldn’t be surprized at all . naa naa naa hay a goodbye!


Brittany ruined any chances she had to make something out of her experience on this show by talking so much shit about people. I could honestly have seen her as a sideline reporter for the NFL. She is very knowledgeable about football….easy on the eyes…decent voice. Pretty much the typical female they have on there now. But she showed her true colors and nobody would give her that chance now. Other than her, there isn’t a single one of them who will get anything outside of this house….especially Enzo. And I honestly think he is so delusional that he believes he is going to get a movie deal out of this.


Anyone thinking of giving the America’s choice to Brendon will only be giving it to Rachel. He would give her the money, because he is a dumba….He would have given her the 500,000 if he would have won it, and she knew it. That’s why she was so upset to see him come thru the door at the jury house. She knew she wasn’t getting the money. I’m voting for Brit. Poor girl. I’d rather see her get it than Rachel’s greedy hands.

manners please

I hate to say this because no one this season was my “favorite” but I will not be let down if it goes to Lane and Hayden for the final 2. Hayden has played well in the final weeks and earned his stay in the game when it mattered the most so we can’t really call him a do nothing. Yes he took prizes for the one competition, but so what? He was not at risk anyway so why not get some prizes……..prizes are why they are all there. Lane has not done much other than making sure to stay in alliances with the right people and that is game play as well. Hayden and Lane have lightly made fun of other people in the house but not nearly as harsh and nasty as the other guests they are around. They laid back as long as needed. I do not think that Lane or hayden are bad guys at all. Lane seems to genuinely care for Brittney and feels badly that she is hurt and Hayden seems to really want to comfort her as well. Enzo on the other hand seems to find it quite funny to have thrown the brigade in her face. Calling her a baby…..she isnt upset so much about the alliance as she is embarrassed to have fallen for the lies the entire season and hurt by the deception from Lane. I truly hope those 3 (Brit/Lane/Hayden) are able to stay in touch after this season.
My best case scenario?? That Enzo goes home this week and Brit gets another chance….. even if she is a bitch she’s not as bad as Enzo and I would love to see his surprise when he goes out the door.




ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


didn’t that time Brendon won HOH and told brit she was going home they wouldn’t let him do it??? what about Last night?? Enzo should go just because he is such a MASTERMIND BRIGADE FINDER


Thanks for the recap and your analysis of this season Eric. Very well written, I may add. I really enjoy reading it.


Now, I don’t know about Enzo touring, but if he gets on a comedy show, I will definitely watch him.


HAHAHHAHHA enzo thinks that either lane ,himself, or hayden are winning america’s favorite and he also thinks hes getting a standing ovation if he leaves HAHA wow thats funny keep on dreaming


Was anyone else wishing Enzo would choke on that cork he was chewing on last night?
WTF was he doing that for? It was like he had some sort of oral fixation with the cork. I hope he reads all this shit when he gets out. Tour Enzo? I don’t think so.


He was chewing on that cork because he was nervous. He didn’t want to see Brittney cry. You chew on things like the way a baby sucks on a pacifier. It relaxes the body!


How could Lane say that he kept his promise to Brittney. I thought that he told her that in final fourit would be him and her against Enzo and Hayden. Sounds t me that he didn’t keep his promise!


Wow. This is going to be as exciting as the season 6 finale between Maggie and Ivette, which I didn’t even watch. That was the most anticlimactic moment in BB history. This season isn’t even anticlimactic because there never was a climactic moment. It’s almost like a repeat of last year. Pretty blond floats through to the end on the tails of her alliance and wins a few competitions at the end (hayden) and goes against the ultimate floater that bragged all game about how loyal and good she was while stabbing everyone in the back, lying and cheating, always claiming that she was going to win the next one, making excuses for losing (enzo). Or maybe he takes Lane to the finals. The guy who passed up his chance to shake things up and put himself in a place where he could actually win instead of just handing the money to the blond. Hayden only deserves it because of the three left he is the only one that did anything at all, but he is as worthy as Maggie or Jordan, which is not saying much.

I can’t be bothered to see how it all unfolds. Take care everyone and I will see you next year. Hopefully the game gets back to being interesting, unexpected and fun. I’ve been hoping since season 9, but keep being disappointed. I guess it’s hard to top seasons 7 and 8.



Just the TIP:
Hey BrITCHney, if you’re 1 of 4 people, and the other 3 tell you they are in an alliance, you can pretty well bet that you are going home. Duh!
For you Ratt / Gaygan fans. WHY??? You obviously have not watched the entire season. I understand the gay community wanting to “get behind” their boy, but Ratt is a low-life. C’mon, SON!
Zingbot FTW!


Yep, that sums it up perfectly. (:

enzo hater

Well said Anon….The way he thinks he’ll at least win 25K for fan favorite cracks me up, yo….I could be wrong,but I don’t know ANYONE who even likes this guy,or thinks he’s playing a “great” game…Floater Deluxe,and simply a disgusting P.O.S.


I do hope that Enzo takes advantage of the psychological help he can receive from the show after this is over. He isn’t well. (Understatement). I find it VERY unfortunate that he gets to vote to evict Brittany because of his illness. He has a hatred for her because of his jealousy. To call her an albino is really sick…she is physically beautiful….Enzo couldn’t have a woman like Brit and he knows it so he has to knock her down and down and down. He has no honor as a person…he is ill. I disagree with those of you who think that Brit has a crush on Lane. She was drawn to him as a brother….he is so unattractive compared to her I don’t understand why you would think Lane could ever be with someone that beautiful.


You people need to chill out. He called that to her face because she is so fair. For the most part I think these four will remain friends forever! When it gets to the final four its dog eat dog. Everyone is out for themselves! If ENZO is smart he will vote out Lane if the POV is not used and Hayden already said he was NOT using it. Then B/H/ andE fight to the finish!!!


Come on, Britney…is…..a…..MORON….i cant believe they are sitting there telling her about the brigade and you can tell she is shocked but doesnt want to say it and continues biting her nails (like nothing registers) – the girl can’t even put it together that what they are really saying is that she never had a chance all along and got played the whole time. Instead of having an aha moment and thinking oh well that does it, she is still thinking she has a chance! Hayden has to S-P-E-L-L it out…but I think she is young and small town and just doesnt get things.

the weird thing is that there was a point in the game when someone was talking about alliances (maybe andrew, cant remember) and britney is the one who said that if there was a big alliance, who cares so early in the game – but this very naive statement is biting her in the ass….if only….


FYI, people. Matt was a snake. He was planning to snake the brigade before the brigade snaked him. If Matt wanted to show his loyalty to the brigade he would have nominated Britney, not waste a DPOV on Kathy. It was a good move in a sense; but the brigade saw through it and realized that move meant he was playing both sides of the house and sitting pretty.


I don’t think so. He planned to go to the end with them because he knew he could beat them in competitions. Even after he was evicted he said so. He still doesn’t know that the other guys backdoored him and used Brit to do it. I am sure she will clue him in though. If he wanted to snake the brigade, he would have put up Hayden instead of Kathy and he wouldn’t have thrown the last competition for HOH to Brittany. Matt the super genius got played by a brigade of morons. It has been said that an intelligent person can anticipate what another intelligent person will do, but they are at a disadvantage when dealing with a moron because it’s impossible to anticipate what an idiot will do. This was Matt’s undoing. He thought things out in his head, but he forgot that these people are morons and don’t follow common logic when making a decision. It bit him in the ass and his arrogance blinded him. Too bad about the wife lie, because that is the reason why he won’t get Americas favorite prize.


Matt never said his wife’s ‘illness’ was fatal. He said it was ‘crippling’.


It doesn’t make any difference what or how Matt said about his wife’s “illness”, he was wrong in every way to do this. You don’t make up an illness about someone especially in an attempt to win a game. It was a disgusting thing to do and unforgiving. Matt is a total ass!!!!


I really hope that Brit stands up for her self and tells Lane off for all of the out and out lying he did to her. Yes lying can be part of the game but they went overboard. It shows such a lack of character of Lane and Enzo and somewhat Hayden. I hope she gets stronger today and doesn’t put up with any of their garbage for the next five days. Vote for Brit to win Americas Choice!!!


Britney out and out lied to people too. Shows her lack of character, too, huh? And I would have LOVED to see those people get in her face and tell her off. But then I would have had to watch her cry and play the victim even though her own actions got her into the spot she was in.


“Got that right”! But seriously, what it all boils down to is that it’s a game, people!!!


Britney has a lot of nerve……….crying ! She didn’t cry when she made other people go
home and making them lose their chance at 1/2 million dollars ! Sorry Bitch……karma
comes back to kick you in the butt ! Huh ? Take it like a woman ! ! !