Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Hayden says that Monet, Enzo and Britney are going to self implode this week.

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4:45pm Matt, Hayden, Britney, Monet, Lane and Ragan are all sitting in the living room talking about how Annie was the saboteur. Britney says that she didn’t think that they would let the saboteur blatantly lie. They don’t understand why Annie had tried to make so many alliances and was sabotaging herself. They wonder if America knew Annie was the saboteur when she walked out of the house. They all think America knew she was the saboteur. Britney wonders if Annie was lying about all the problems around her being lesbian… she says that she doesn’t think Annie was lying about being a lesbian just all the problems. Monet wonders why they picked her. Matt says because she could fit in with any group.


Up in the HoH room are Rachel, Hayden and Brendon. Brendon is talking about how he really wants to know where everyone stands in the house. Hayden says that it would be really smart to get Lane on their side. Hayden says that Monet and Britney are tight. Brendon says its perfect because the will go against each other and will play one another for their benefit. Hayden says so Monet this week and Britney next week. Hayden says that they just need to make sure they don’t get POV. Brendon says that he was surprised at how out of shape Monet was in the competition. Brendon says that he was trying to help her and she didn’t want it. Brendon thinks she didn’t want help because she didn’t want to look weak. Brendon says that he has already forgotten about how Hayden put both Rachel and Brendon on the block. Its old news, if we live with personal vendettas they we wont last long in the house. Brendon says you need to trust that we wont throw you under the bus …that the wild cards like Andrew and Enzo they cant trust. Brendon says it’s the real people that they can trust, not the people that flip flop. Brendon says that he is going to get to know Enzo this week. Hayden says no matter what Monet …then Britney need to go. Hayden says that he is going to start getting to know Lane. Hayden thinks Lane plays the dumb card but he really likes him. Brendon says that Monet is going to turn into an animal. Hayden says that Monet, Enzo and Britney are going to self implode this week. They think Matt acted really weird this morning and was paranoid when he had no need to be. They keep talking about how they have each others backs until at least final 7. Hayden says yeah… then says it’s crazy that they don’t even have an alliance yet. Brendon says have faith in us and they really want Kristen and Hayden in the house. Brendon is worried that he is on slop now and won’t do well in competitions.

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5:20pm Britney comes up to the HOH and says that she really wants to say sorry to Brendon about the Have Not Competition. Britney feels that she messed up it for their team and is really sorry. Brendon tells her not to worry about it that its okay. Britney and Brendon head down to eat dinner.

5:30pm – 5:45pm In the have not room is Enzo saying that he was really glad he had a hot shower this morning because he wont be able to have one for awhile. Matt says that you (Hayden) have a deal with them now don’t you? Hayden says Umm.. no well they just agreed to not put me up because he saved Rachel. Hayden leaves. Enzo, Matt and Lane talk. Matt says that they need to fight their ass off for the POV so that they don’t get back doored. Matt then heads up to the HOH AGAIN to talk to Rachel to see where her head is at.  Matt says he was so wrong about the saboteur.  Matt then leaves and Rachel says that she wants to talk to Lane. Lane comes up to the HOH.  Rachel tells Lane that she is really scared that he might put her up if he won HOH.  Rachel says that she just doesnt want a target on her or Brendon.  Rachel says that she would want to make a deal with Lane where they protect each other till final seven. Lane says that he would love to make a deal with them.  Lane says that he really wants out Monet, and Britney,  …maybe even Ragan just because he doesnt know that much about him.  Lane says the only reason he talks to Monet and Britney is to get information from them.  Ragan rings the HOH door bell, Rachel opens the door and Ragan runs in.  Then Ragan asks ohhh …were you talking… Rachel is like yeah..  Ragan says oh …ok ..I’ll leave.  Ragan leaves and Rachel says I hate how everyone wants to be your friend when you get HOH.  Lane says yeah.  Lane says that he would love to shake on it, hug on it …whatever .. but that he wants to make a deal with them to keep each other safe and not put each other up.  They shake and hug on it …then head down stairs.
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5:50pm – 6:05pm Ragan, Kristen, and Hayden are talking about the saboteur twist in the lounge room.  In the Have not room, Britney, Monet, and Enzo are talking about the Have Not Competition they just had.  Britney is still complaining about how it turned out.  They start talking about how the worst part of being a have not is the cold showers… they all agree that they will wait until its hot out and take showers in the backyard.  Ezno says when it gets ghetto like this you have to get ghetto as shit.  I don’t care… Enzo leaves the room and Britney and Monet both say that they have a bad feeling about this… (Being nominated) Britney says whatever I am prepared.  Monet says yeah me too. Britney and Monet continue to talk about the Have Not competition.  Britney says I cant believe people thought I was the saboteur.  Monet says Oh I know..  The feeds cut to the TRIVIA screen…

6:10pm The feeds are showing the TRIVIA screen… looks like nomination time! What do you want to bet the nominations are Monet and Britney?

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I sure hope Britney is one of them.


I hope it’s swift and painful. Those two need to be cut off at the knees. They have no humility. I can’t help but flash back to that conversation with Annie and these two loons in the bathroom: “WHEN we when, then you’ll be our bitch!!” Nothing more satisfying than instant Karma beatchessss!
Guess what you slithering cretins, your shit DOES stink!!

By the way, great job on the site!




typing too fast; should read “when we win.”




Brit’s a selfish snake in the grass. She has to go. She should have been the one first anyway.


I ment snake ,,,sorry, I should turn a light on.


fixed it for u