* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Hayden goes to the backyard and tells Enzo ..THIS IS IT MAN ..LAST DAY!! Enzo says yeah, this is it ..last day!


11:10am – 11:35am Lane is in the Taj bedroom folding and packing his clothes. Hayden is in the kitchen cooking eggs and Enzo is out sitting on the lounge chair by the pool. More or less a uneventful time in the BB House. Hayden comes in to the Taj and tells Lane his eggs are ready. Hayden and Lane sit down to eat. Lane asks where Enzo is… Hayden says hes out in the backyard. Lane goes over and doesn’t see him at first and then does and asks him what he’s doing? Enzo asks them what they are doing ….eating eggs? …and then what? Lane says yup and that after he’s gonna finish laying out his clothes. Enzo asks if he can borrow a shirt or something. Lane says yeah. Lane heads back inside. Hayden comes out into the backyard and tells Enzo ….THIS IS IT MAN …LAST DAY!!! Enzo says yeah this is it …last day! Hayden grabs a blanket and curls up on the backyard couch.




11:45am – 12pm Lane is ironing his shirt. Enzo is working out doing sit-ups and lifting weights. Hayden is laying on the couch in silence…


Enzo then heads inside to the Taj bedroom and starts looking through Lanes dress shirts to borrow. Enzo picks out a shirt and goes to the bathroom and opens up the washroom door where Lane is going to the bathroom and says YO! this looks like the shirt I wore when I applied to BB10 I’m gonna see if I can rock this shirt. Lane says yeah yeah yeah! Enzo heads back to the Taj bedroom and start trying on clothes. Lane gets out of the washroom and goes to the jumanji room to lay down. Hayden comes inside and lays down in the jumanji room.


12:20pm Lane show Hayden one of his dress shirts and Hayden says thats hard man!! Thats a hard shirt! Lane lays it out on the bed and rolls up the sleave and says see its purple inside… Enzo comes back into the bedroom and asks Lane if he is going back to sleep. Lane says yeah because I don’t like being awake. Enzo starts picking at his toe …saying that he needs to cut his toe nail off …cuz somethings growing on it. Hayden looks at it and says EWWww…what is that!! Lane says that its gang greens brother. Lane says that he should name it .. Hayden says to name it something hard… like George.. Enzo says that he doesn’t know what it is but that he just needs to chisel it off! Enzo says that it’s never been like that …its always just gone blue and then the nail falls off. Lane asks him if he wants a knife or a nine millimeter. Lane says that tonight is their last night in here. Hayden says that they have to pack tonight. Enzo is having problems figuring out how to iron…. Lane says so what around 2 – 2:15pm we’ll go into the backyard till like 3 something… Lane asks why do we have to get locked out for two hours …what are they doing in here.. Enzo says that they need to set up and clean up for tomorrow…

12:25pm They are all back in bed ready to take a nap after a long day….

12:50pm – 1:15pmHayden, Enzo and Lane are all trying to nap still…Big Brother cuts the feeds and when they come back they are all up out of bed. They are all now busy cleaning up the house. Hayden goes to take a shower. Enzo is out in the backyard grilling up a bunch of hotdogs.


1:35pm Enzo, Hayden and Lane are out in the backyard … They are wondering what their families are up to right now. Hayden says that their families might be in the house right now getting a tour while they are on an outdoor lock down. Enzo doesn’t think so… Lane thinks big brother is cleaning up the jumanji room right now for tomorrow. Hayden asks if they want to play a game of pool while its in the shadows. Lane says that he is good …and Enzo doesn’t want to either because he is relaxing …he says that nap was just a tease…

2pm The guys are sitting on the backyard couch in silence…
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2:41pm Feeds cut This might be the end folks.. :(
3:00pm Feeds back!!
6:00pm They’re playing cards…

7:05pm Hayden, Lane and Enzo are sitting on the backyard couch in silence…

8:20pm Lane packing his stuff Enzo eating with his mouth open


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258 thoughts on “* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Hayden goes to the backyard and tells Enzo ..THIS IS IT MAN ..LAST DAY!! Enzo says yeah, this is it ..last day!

    1. You do know that Big Brother is trying to save $500,000 to pay Enzo on Wednesday, don’t you?
      That’s why they’re eating eggs.

        1. i know i think i wanna cry, whats next dude does everybody come and talk shit about survivor like this or the amazing race, how bout undercover boss,lol

          1. hugs don’t hate.. there there, it will be okay.. I have cookies and Grandma has something that will make you not remember anything until next summer when it’s time to play all over again.. hush little birdie.. it’s going to be fine.. hahaha

                  1. Been down to Oregon State seeing my Granddaughter. I walked so much around compass that I haven’t been able to walk for 2 days! Do old people really go back to college?

                    1. You didn’t miss anything while you were gone though.. I painted my nails both finger and toe nails with pink and blue polka dots free hand. I also cleaned the bathroom… hahahaha

                    1. oh hell ya, the walls are closing in and my hair keeps growing longer then shorter and if you listen closely ,you can here the walls saying meow meow,

    1. Me too Rockstar – gonna miss dropping by and reading all of the comments -good and bad. But as far as this actual season goes, wake me when it’s over. Have a great winter everyone. Hopefully next season will be better. Hats off to you Simon and Dawg. You guys should be producers for CBS and spice up our summer!

          1. But, Simon,you aren’t part of Production. I enjoy your board and the comments (well, most of them) and just have been pondering why some of the folks are cast for this show — we wind up barly being able to stand them and last night, for example, I had my tv on mute all night — Don’t those responsible for casting catch the grossness of some of these people? It must be deliberate to cast those like Natalie and Enzo — most gross, disgusting HGs ever. I feel sorry for Enzo because he is clueless.

          2. But, Simon,you aren’t part of Production. I enjoy your board and the comments (well, most of them) and just have been pondering why some of the folks are cast for this show — we wind up barely being able to stand them and last night, for example, I had my tv on mute all night — Don’t those responsible for casting catch the grossness of some of these people? It must be deliberate to cast those like Natalie and Enzo — most gross, disgusting HGs ever. I feel sorry for Enzo because he is just clueless.

          1. no problem electra. a previous client had issues with google before.. they had almost 100 dollars made which would generate a check only to lose it all… I’ve had clients find it beneficial and quite enterprising, however just that one time makes me nervous of it..

      1. I dunno about survivor. Why in the hell would they put old ppl up against the youmg ones?? They will be merging in 3 weeks LOL and then we will have as always a battle between the young ones. Old ppl don’t stand a chance.
        Just like big brother gets boring when it gets down to the end ( I seriously wish they would come up with something towards the end to make it worth hanging in there for) It will get boring in survivor also. Young vs Old Sheesh!

    2. Thanks for another great year of onlinebigbrother.com….. if only the contestants were half as good as this site we might have something to watch along with reading the funny comments posted on this site! Great job boys… see you next year for sure! Brendon for the 25K and who cares who wins the big prize from this group of dodo’s!

  1. I bet they get up at 10 a.m. tomorrow and get ready and just sit there and wait…LOL! I am glad it is almost over. I think even Simon/Dawg are ready for it to be over, especially when we see one of the dialogs “chit chat” LOL Now that must be boring!

      1. You would think the producers have to know how boring it is for the viewers at this time and there is nothing to make me watch the show until the last night, At least show more of the jury house where there are actually standing upright and of course the personality conflicts would be a hell of a lot more interesting than watching these three idiots sleep. None of them belong in the final 3 even if they win the 500k they are losers.

        Producers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE BORING LAST FEW WEEKS. We love the show Hate the last weeks.

      2. I can’t imagine what the last few weeks have been like with this group providing “entertainment”… you deserve the big bucks for taking this on, AND this year in particular. I agree with the person who mentioned jury house coverage… we could be missing some great Ultimate Fighting matches! Ha, ha, ha…

    1. Well duh it’s getting slow there are only 3 ppl left. Lane, I hope you got this baby and Enzo, I didn’t like you at first, hell I didn’t like you most of the season, but I have to admit, if there was an award for longest lasting floater, you would win it hands down. Hayden, you would be cute if you had an upper lip. ;) Brit, no matter what, you are this americans favorite! Good season, not the best but good no doubt.

      1. Cool, zombies! That would spice up the finale. Give each a pistol and an axe and release the zombies into the house. Bet Enzo is the first one eaten, but there will be slim brain pickens.

    1. Brendon was arrogant….thinking he was the smartest guy in the room. Turns out he was just a spoiled little boy with trust issues and an ability to verbalize excuses only surpassed by Enzo.
      (Enzo’s only award should be the gold life-vest. It should be made of lead and spray painted gold.)

  2. Hmmm…Enzo’s toe nail…Are these the same people who were so grossed out by Brendon’s feet? At least Brendon seemed to have good hygiene habits. By this time next season they’re still going to be finding nasty Q-tips Enzo was too lazy to discard properly after use. By the by, Q-tips in the ears are a health hazard.

    Oh, and I don’t think it is so much that people are crazy about Hayden and Lane as that they hate to see Enzo get the free ride to the finish line. Why would anybody even want to risk taking him to the final two and giving him anything more than his stipend?

    As for America’s choice, if Brendon could take that prize, it would be just the wake-up call Brit, Ragan, and the Brigade need.

    1. I agree. Brendon lasted a long time when the whole house wanted him gone. Rachel was not there to help him either. The others need their faces rubbed in it by giving Brendon 25,000.

      1. no way! Brendon won his true love on the show and they are so both derserving of each other. LOL PUHLEEZE to think you have fallen in love in a few weeks like they did is so stupid. GIve Brit the 25k she at least was entertaining . She may have been a smart ass but she was funny as hell.

        1. Few weeks?? Try 3 days! Those two were ridiculous. I dont know what it is about them that makes me so insane. I have a great relationship, very in love so it isnt jealousy if thats what people are thinking. I think its the fact that they could decide its forever a week after meeting each other. its immature, classless when on camera, disgusting that they are strangers doing it live on tv. the whole relationship is just so gross. lets see where they are in 6 weeks. unless he has money already that bitch is goooone

          1. I agree manners. You expect the way the acted from preteens but not college graduates. (After reading Rachel’s hoh. Blogs I question if she really graduated from a reputable college)

          2. Real life will intervean….jobs, school, family, etc. They wouldn’t last, even if Rachel wasn’t just playing for the cameras. She is one high-maintenance floozy. Brendon’s IQ drops 40 points whenever he’s close to her.

    1. ragan gave up the game for matt, britney gave up the game for lane, and everyone is accusing brendon of giving up the game for rachel, brendon never gave up he fought hard to stay in the house, while ragan and britney kissed matt and lane’s ass

        1. If that’s the criteria, Ragan is 300K in debt for education loans. Doctorates don’t come cheap unless you get them on the internet.

          1. ragan doesn’t deserve the money, because he was never a target and did not have to fight until the last week he was there, he laughed at rachel and brendon for crying and walking around sulking, and then what did he do, he cried and sulked

  3. Hayden is the favorite but if he wins the final hoh does lane and him have a plan are they definetely the final 2? I know enzo tried talking to hayden but did he sway his vote? Did enzo talk to lane? I just dont want enzo to get 50g’s for doing nothing-he is a true floater!

    1. Lane told Enzo that he’ll take him to final 2 if he wins, which I believe. Hayden will take Lane because they’re bff and Hayden will beat Lane or Enzo.

      1. LMAO!!! I mute as soon as they sit down or reach for food. I cant stand the sound of people chewing and with a mic its even worse. some people seem to think its just the mic that makes it sound so bad with enzo but i think he just has the most disgusting table manners ever. i could never marry someone so disgusting

          1. dont hate, you are so right! Did you see in his wife’s interview she said she could take him anywhere?????????? OMG doesn’t she see it or is she kicking him under the table! I guess if we’re feeling generous it probably isn’t so bad without a microphone 3″ from his food, but he’s picked up animal manners and will need eating rehab!

        1. I have a list. Enzo’s chewing (mouth open, smack smack) Lane crunching on ice with the mic 2 inches away, Lane slapping those shoes on the floor when he walks. Those 2 are the sole reason for the mute button.

    1. He also leans in and surrounds his plate like he’s a wild dog feeding at a kill. Enzo better get his manners under control, he is vile!

      1. I posted about this several times early on this season. I did the same about Natalie last season hoping someone, anyone in Production would see it and tell them to eat with their mouths closed. It is one of the main reasons that I began to see Enzo in a negative light. I can’t believe that these are adults with such poor table manners.

  4. I voted for Brendon as much as I could! He got dunked in that green stuff, shaved his head and was a have not for the rest of his time there. That is someone that deserves the money! All Brit did was stay close to Lane and talk about people. I still think her boyfriend is related to Lane, we will see Wed night!

    1. actually, brit chose none of the prizes in that comp to try to reach her goal, she won competitions and had great game play as well. her mistake is that she gossips and she trusted the wrong guys. and thats only because she trusted lane and he led her to them. so sad for her choices but i did vote brit for america’s choice because i believe she earned it. right down to acting pretty damn classy her last week instead of moping around like everyone else did. she took a night to be upset with them and then accepted her fate and played out her time. more than enzo, ragan, matt or anyone else did when they knew they were going.

    2. Joanee sorry to burst your bubble but CBS never said Anthony about life long friends. It was Annie trying to freak people out. If it was a twist CBS would have used it.

    3. Joanne: “I still think her boyfriend is related to Lane, we will see Wed night!”
      If Nick is, he got the short gene in the Hillbilly pool. He doesn’t look much taller than Brit, and is not where bear size like Lane and Gunther.

      1. Simon: how do you explain A.G. and the producers just letting this show DIE for the last few weeks, when they could have done something to liven it up. Is AG spending all this time eating bonbons? Do they just not care?

        1. AG is not eating Bonbons… haven’t you noticed that there are aisles of CANDY out for Halloween and she’s eaten her way all the way to Mars, M&M’s, Musketeers,and Mounds… she is busy and this pesky show is getting in the way of her schedule.

      1. Brendan may just pull off the win because his loser fans have nothing better to do on their weekend than vote for him 500 times.

    1. I hope you and Paula did your voting online because I would hate to get those text message bills this month! I voted as many times as I could for Brendan too! All the smart people voted for Brendon… : P

    1. ITA, you guys are AWESOME! This season was tough on me, but unlike you, I didn’t have to sit through all the live feeds and document it. For that you both deserve to win BB13, not the bozos left!

  5. They are probably answering questions from the Jury.
    Remember Rachel is in the jury and they may have to edit the questions. ha!


      1. Really, what real man would use that word, especially when not totally pissed. That it can so easily roll off of Zero’s lips is the top reason his wife should kick him to the curb. It’s endemic of a greater collection of character and intelligence failing.

    1. How do you know he can use the money? You part of his family with a scoop we don’t know about? lol Everyone can use the money not just Enzo!!! You don’t get to win by a sympathy vote. You are supposed to win cause your the best game player or at least played the game.

  7. I bet you half a million dollars that Lane will get into a bar fight on his bar tour, and will have to do some jail time.

    1. PETA protesters are going to be giving him the ass kicking of his life… wait until he sees how many gorgeous women love kittens and animals and HATE him!


    1. Hey Tammy calm down and stop yelling. Enzo IS a floater, He was lazy, obnoxious and ill mannered, Are you his wife or something? She is about the only one other thanhis mother that would defend that ape

    2. Come on Tammy, didn’t you hear that wifey makes a lot of money. Enzo, is a joke in this game, they all fed to each other, Enzo did not run the whole show, they all did this together. Even though I believe it is one of the most boring Big Brother’s that I have watched, it is amazing that they were able to stay and keep the alliance together. Enzo does not deserve anything.


    4. I love Enzo. I don’t view him as a floater. The guy tried really hard to win some comps. He came close a bunch of times.
      And the fact that he had the best social games is proof in itself that he didn’t float. He worked hard to manipulate people. If he is able to persuade Hayden to take him into the Final 2 over Lane, then give Enzo the half a mill. Manipulating Hayden to take him instead of Lane… that’s the ultimate power-move by Enzo.

      1. If it wasn’t for the bragade carrying him along 9and Matt securing the bragade’s place in the first half of the show), Enzo, and the others, wouldn’t be here now.
        The major Floater alliance should have been made up of these three losers with Kathy as their leader. They all share a single brain and yet still fail to hit a triple digit IQ score.

  9. Brit was a trash mouth, trashing everyone that came by her….. some of the stuff she said was really funny but that’s only because it wasn’t personal to me. I hated when Brendon was in the house being Slave to Rachel. Getting upset with her and then apologizing because he did.
    BAH…. she totally de-balled him many times over. I sort of forgot all those incidents and when I was just about to relent and vote for Brendon for AC’s choice, the Sunday program brought back the Puppy dog Brendon and the Arrogant Rachel and I was back to voting for Brit, meany or not.

  10. I think that when it comes to editing, Enzo got it hands down because John Q Public has not a clue about his eating habits, rampant foul language, his 4 line vocab, and repeating everything twice just incase they didn’t hear him. Maybe CBS showed that, but not the other stuff.

  11. Enzo maybe had a plan and perhaps that was to be carried along by the other 2 because of the Brigade (Bragade). He only won one thing and he body slammed that jerk Ragan to win it. He maybe isn’t a true floater, but he sure as hell is out of his league on everything in the house but eating with his mouth open, smacking his lips and taking the All Time Foul Mouth of BB History Award. I don’t want him to win a thing. He can’t say a full sentence without foul language, he is uncouth so totally he probably has no clue that he has annoyed 98% of the AD viewers with his habits. He has done some pretty nasty name calling, including calling the worst name.

      1. Enzo using profanity is a bad habit. The nasty things that came out of Britney’s mouth were not just from having a bad habit. I’d probably say it’s from being a nasty soul.

        1. I agree with you on the bad habits and bad soul idea. I don’t think Enzo knows he is doing something annoying…otherwise he would not do it. As for Brit, I really think she thinks she is funny in her trash talking of others (gotta admit, some of her comments were funny) and let us not forget that she has a mother who does it as well, and she and Nick make fun of their friends. Great training, Boy are Nick’s friends and Brit’s mother gonna love her comment, especially about the trash talking in church about the other people.

        2. Bad soul??? Adding a little too much depth to it. Brit is fast of mind, witty, and sarcastic. What she say’s is humorous. You have to be pretty thin skinned to take offense at here words.

  12. Poor Enzo..I wished he would of won the HOH..or something..but hes has a family..and he feels like he has let them down…He has made sure to make Lane and Hayden miserable, because he knows that neither one of them willl take him to the finals. lol. Good Luck Enzo.

    1. Enzo should be used to letting his family down. His wife works at a management job while he’s unemployed. He further exacerbates the problem by doing nothing in taking care of the house and kid. He even dumps off the care of his father onto his wife.
      I think his missus was hoping Enzo would win so she could divorce him without losing half of her income. Enzo will probably try to collect alimony.

  13. Did anyone catch that Janelle on Ragan thing they had on the live feeds site the other day? I wonder what she thought about his game play….

  14. I will certainly NOT miss all you foul-mouthed, disgusting people who feel they have to be so kras with their comments. You all have no class, nothing. Get a life and quit feeling so bitter and unhappy with your lives.

    1. UTAH… we were just about to announce the “Bitterest Poster” award and then you went and talked all sweet to us and all… better luck next year with trying to insult our intelligence! You are in some stiff company for the prize of being the most confrontational…. better check dlisted for some shrewder comebacks than that weak stuff you brought to the table. : /

    2. thank you utah. When they get tired of Steamboat (drink) they will visit you in Park City. Surprise!!! I visit this site for fun, but some people fill their empty days with the fun of saying ugly words in the safety of anonymity. Those words from loose using have lost their edge. When they add “LOL” I can see they are trying to be funny. Simon and Dawg thanks for the ugly job of word police along with great recaps all summer.

  15. Has anyone else noticed that they haven’t started advertising for BB13 yet? Normally, they would have started by now if there is going to be a BB13. Could it be an All-Star’s season? To be honest, I think CBS doesn’t have a choice but to do an All-Star season to redeem themselves for this horrible season. I am not quite sure why ratings were high but this season sucked royally. From the lame saboteur twist to the cast. What do you guys think?

    1. There aren’t enough people to be on an all stars version yet. Most of the HGs of the last few seasons have been awful nothing like the first seasons to the first all stars.

      1. Yes…very true but they could do Hero’s vs. Villain’s version like Survivor did. They probably will do that, being that it was one of the best seasons in Survivor history. BB has sucked pretty bad these past few seasons. I really miss the show that I once loved soooo much.

      2. they could do an all-stars but yea you right wouldn’t be enough people to bring in ratings , i mean nobody from this season so we would be left with people from seasons 9,10,11

    2. AG keeps eating all the people who come in for show interviews… she goes into hibernation soon and then they can cast the new season.

    3. The production company should follow what they did in the UK. There will no longer be anymore BB’s in the UK. IT got so boring and commonplace with all the reality shows, that they canceled making anymore.

    1. Did you do the same thing in the last election. No wonder all we got of value out of it was a couple of ambiguous bumper stickers pissing on about hope and change.

  16. Okay, Hayden gets the win, Lane gets second, Enzo gets a job with The Hair Club for Men…Brendon should win the 25K but Britney may pull it out of her ass. Bye for now… it’s been a slice!

  17. Ya,all have a great winter . We have great & better thing’s coming up, that’s a hell of a lot more fun then this years BB. ” Thanksgiving, Christmas, & ton’s & ton’s of snow. Getting snowed in & the power going out & staying warm & roasting hot dog’s in the fire place, can’t get any better then that. I stayed up all night & voted for Brittney, sure hope it was worth it. LOL. My hope is Lane & Hayden. Enzo has made himself a Hollywood Man, he don’t need anything. He’s gonna be as big as Opera. By golly, they’ll have to have body guards there to hold people off of him & the police for traffic like they did for ” Ozzy O. Maybe they’ll have to bring a chopper & air-lift him out of there. Just Saying !!!

  18. Just because Enzo needs the money the most which is hard to tell because he has spread so much bullshit the last couple weeks about his and his wife’s occupation… doesn’t mean he deserves it. If there was an award for being obnoxious, rude, and insensitive, then yes he deserves it.

    1. Lisa…is it “filed” with hate or perhaps ‘ filled”…. yes, Enzo is FILLED with hate towards women! He is a text book case of a misogynist. If that is how you like your men, you are welcome to him. I cannot listen to his ignorance or yours defending him! If that is HATEFUL sign me up! I am full of funny more than hate by the way…

  19. Yes, it is bitter-sweet for sure. I think we should all email CBS and demand a fall series of BB! What do you think? They owe us!

  20. I wonder what the HG’s reactions will be when they find out they were the most hated group in BB history. What’s funny is the 3 stooges think they’ll be famous when in reality they’ll be made fun of and treated like the jokes they are. I wish I had pictures of their faces.

    1. I am watching BBAD right now and Enzo is talking about “coming back for a second run”…so he really thinks he and others will be asked back for All Stars. And typically Enzo, in one sentence alone spat out 4 separate F bombs. Alternately picking his nose.

      1. The sad part is that CBS is so out of touch with what the fans like, they probably would ask him to come back. Just look at Jessie. Nobody liked him the first time. The second time the competition was rigged so that the athletes would win and Jessie would come back. There was no way the brains or the offbeats were going to win that competition. They wanted Jessie back and again, the fans sent him home. And then after he was evicted he came back as the gorilla, and again this season he was in Pandora’s box (poor Brit!). There are some HG that you love to hate, but Jessie is just so unlikeable, its not even fun to hate him. So yeah, seeing how production thinks, I wouldn’t be surprised if Enzo and the douchegade were brought back.

        1. Chloe, Jessie was a typical steroid monster… their two moods are angry or depressed! I think Enzo’s hair has two moods too… resigned or fighting the hopeless fight! Perfect pair those two would be. Jessie was too lazy to do what Lane takes care of in the shower and had Lydia do his dirty work. SHOUT OUT TO LISA FOR MORE HATEFUL ENZO REMARKS!! YOUR WELCOME…

  21. RE: Enzo’s atrocious manners- It occurs to me that sometimes when people feel insecure about their social status, or out-classed by other people in their company, they go out of their way to be as loud and wrong as possible. In Enzo’s case, it may be that he was never taught better manners and rather than try to learn, or admit what he doesn’t know, he chooses to be unimaginably foul, as a cover for his ignorance. It’s a defense mechanism; the language, the eating, the filthy habits- All of it. He sets the bar so low that even managing to get the food from the plate to his mouth is an achievement.

    1. Makes ya wonder…. The family interview showed how proud they are of Enzo. Do you suppose the whole family talks like he does, they all have the same eating habits?

      1. Enzo’s family seems to be old school/ old country Italians, in which case, his mother would perhaps be so indulgent that whatever he did or didn’t do would carry her seal of approval because he is her boy child. She would want him to “marry up,” but to a woman who would take care of him as a mother as well as a lover. He seems to have done just that. He is the star in his family.
        Having said that, however, I do believe that he has exaggerated some mannerisms, just to make sure he is not held to what most would consider normal standards. He is manipulative and they admire that about him. Little is expected of him. That is how he gets what he wants. When his humot wears thin, he plays victim.

    2. It’s not a psychological thing, it’s a cultural thing. He is a little worse than the normal Jersey white-trasher. (Though it looks like they took the plastic off the couch when they showed his house.) That’s why I’m trying to get Governor Patterson to put National Guardsmen on the border between Jersey and NY.

    3. Hellos: in the business world Enzo would be required to have business lunches or dinners and can you imagine sitting in a nice restaurant with this ape? I feel for his wife, if she knows any better.

  22. I haven’t watched the feeds in over a week. Every time I turn them on everyone is either sleeping or ENZO IS EATING!!! Seriously, the guy even makes soggy cereal loud and crunchy. Maybe BB should offer a gift card for a Manners class for him. That is the only thing he deserves.

  23. Hey, you Lane fans out there–If you were in the jury, why in hell would you vote for this scum bag????Forget the 8 sec. violent, passive-aggressive , sex-maniac , rapist, animal abuser, stupid moron, women manipulator that he is and just tell us based on merit-what did he do to win anything???

    If it weren’t for Enzo’s idea of the brigade, and who to evict and when-Lane would have been long gone-Adios muchacho!!!!-lane is a lame duck already!!!!!Lame lane!!!

  24. I’m just so glad it is nearly over…I think BB deliberately casts for the most annoying houseguests ever. they think it makes for good TV. I’m just glad it is over.

  25. if i was them and couldn’t sleep anymore i would just get drunk all day…i would start going crazy if i had to sit around with absolutely nothing to do for a week

  26. Crappy and over-busy looking site. Did you copy this from one of the million already out there, or just bleeding off their links?

    1. You apparently enjoyed it enough to stop and read it, think about it, and post a comment to it. Where is your sit so we can go take a look at it? I’m sure it’s a great one.

    2. Why spend your precious time posting on it then? Move on to one of the others. We on here like this site and Simon and Dawg. No need for them to copy any other because they have this one just right and we like it!

    3. Keep moving DeadHunter…. we don’t really need you here at this ” overbusy” site! Ha, ha, ha… is that really a complaint?

  27. Ragen was still the most vile person ever to appear on BB. He talked about 12 year old boys…..killing kids in Africa with the Aids virus….talked about rape….talked about molestation. I hope he has to deal with all of this when he gets out in the real world.

  28. For all the males who are paying attention: that is why divorce happens, for all those annoying, ambiguous and gross things men do….ugh!

    1. Someone else mentioned this idea and it is a good one! Some people never even got to get out of the gate… I wonder what they would do differently? Great idea!

  29. how many times can the haters say enzo? about as many times as the boss says yoooo.
    for ever hater theres a fan so i yell bra-gade, tonight on cbs 2 of them get paid,
    so hate ooon!!!!!!

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