Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says that Lane wants to saboteur Annie’s body.

2:10pm In the lounge room Kathy, Britney and Annie are talking about the competition. Brittany saying we HAVE to get Rachel out. Annie saying it was all luck for Brendan to win. They are talking about how after Brendon won he said education pays off. Brittany is making fun of him.

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Brendon and Rachel are at the kitchen table talking. Brendon says that he had to tell Hayden things because Brendon was desperate. Brendon says he’s really going to play up the sympathy card about how he tries to help cancer patients. Rachel tells Brendon how proud she was of the word he spelt to win. Rachel says she cant believe how the other houseguests under estimated Brendon. Rachel says they all thought you were dumb. Rachel tells Brendon that she knows they will be they will send her home to mess up Brendan’s game. Rachel tells Brendan that he needs to tell Hayden he won’t put him up if he saves Rachel. Brendan asks Rachel if Enzo is pissed that he won the PoV. Rachel tells Brendon that Enzo is pissed that he won the PoV. Brendon says those who doubted him before should now rethink it. Brendon promises Rachel that he will make a deal to ensure her safety this week. Rachel tells him that shes really proud of him and that he did a great job. Brendon says Hayden has to put up someone that will go home. He will make him shake on it. Brandon says he doesn’t want to be in the house without Rachel. He likes her too much.
Britney, Annie and Kathy are in Cabana Room talking about the competition. Annie says she’s really afraid to see Brendon and Hayden pair up in the house because they’ll be too strong as a team. Britney thinks Monet has a lot to be worried about going up on the block. Annie agrees. Britney says even if Monet goes up she thinks Rachel will still go home. Annie leaves the room. Britney tells Kathy that they’re screwed because she believes it either going to be her, Kathy or Monet who goes on the block. Britney says she feels like crying because they don’t know what’s going to happen. Britney says she doesn’t want to bombard Hayden with a bunch of questions right now. She wants to give him time to think about things.
2:25pm Matt and Enzo are considering their next moves. They both think that Hayden and Brendon are going to join forces now. They both say they’re getting tired of Annie because she’s playing everybody in the house. Brendon comes in followed by Annie and the conversation stops. Brendon leaves and they start asking Annie about who she’s linked to in the house. Matt says both Brendon and Rachel are getting cocky now. They think they have control of things. Annie believes Brendon is going to go to Hayden and offer him a sweet deal. Matt wants to know if she’s in good with Hayden. She says she hasn’t spent that much time with him but she thinks she can talk to him. Annie wonders if Monet will be the person go up because she won the ten thousand dollars. Enzo says it doesn’t matter because Monet can go out week four or five because she isn’t a threat.


2:40pm Brendon comes back into the room. He says he’s not sure who Hayden is going to put up. Annie tells Brendon he needs to be careful spending so much time with Rachel because it’s going to fuck up his game. Brendon says he knows that. Matt says figuratively speaking Rachel is sucking his balls off because she’s so vocal about everything which isn’t good for him. Matt admits to Brendon that when he was upstairs earlier he said he hates it when good looking people (Brendon) do smart things. They all laugh.


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Enzo, Monet, and Britney are talking in the bedroom. Monet comments that Annie is playing both sides of the house and that she is in an alliance with Brendon, Andrew and Rachel and that she is also in with the girls. Enzo says he knows all about it because he’s been watching her wrap people around her finger.  Ragan comes into the room. Enzo tells Ragan that he is glad Brendon won today because it’s going to change the direction of the game.   Kathy comes back in the room and they quit talking about the game. They are making fun of the words they spelled during the competition today. Enzo says that this game is getting good. Britney says the only good thing about Andrew being the saboteur is Big Brother is going to tell him what to do or let America tell him what to do.

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3:35pm – 3:45pm Annie teasingly punches Lane’s leg and said he has the sexiest underwear she’s ever seen.  Ragan said underwear is expensive now. Annie tells Lane to stop staring at her.  Annie says that she knows he’s horny for her. Britney says that Lane wants in Annie’s pants.  And Enzo says Lane wants to saboteur Annie’s body. Enzo asks Britney if she will to wax his abs, ..then he lifts his leg and farts. Lane asks Britney if she wants him to hold her and that she probably misses a man’s touch. Enzo laughs and says yeah, a man not a bear. Enzo keeps complaining that he need a hair cut before he evicts Rachel. Britney tells him to go up to her and tell her that she need to cut his hair before he evicts her… They all laugh.

3:50pm – 4pm Enzo, Kathy and Monet are all talking about Annie and that how they need to get her out of the house. They are tired of her playing both sides. They talk about ways to get her to run in circles. Each of them are talking about all the examples of how shes played each one of them and how hard shes scheming. Enzo thinks Annie is the Saboteur and Monet thinks Ragan trying to be a floater.

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Too bad, but it looks like Annie is toast unless something turns around pretty fast. She has overplayed her hand. The only hope for her now is if Rachel comes across as more as a threat teamed up with Brendon, but Rachel is about as dumb as they come and annoying as hell. Big boobs will only take her so far.

I am beginning to think that the lights out last night could have been done by one of the people sitting on the couches with a remote, and production could have locked the door. It seems too soon for CBS to narrow it down to just a few possibilities. Personally, I like the idea that there really is no saboteur. Just the fact that they think there is one is enough to turn up the paranoia a few decibels.


First of all thank u guys for your hard work on this site I really appreciate it. Second I hate how enzo is playing the whole house against annie just becuse she didn’t isolate ppl like the gang wanted everyone to do. They are getting rid of one of the few smart girls on their side. They need to target the dumb girls like brit,rach, and monet, their the ones that will float to the finals