Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon WON the Power of Veto!!

130pm The feeds come back from the POV competition, and Brendon WON the Power of VETO!! Brendon has the POV around his neck. It was a spelling competition, like last year when Jeff tried to use the word “technotronics”. Hayden, Britney, Kathy, and Kristen are talking about the order of the results from the competiton. Hayden leaves and goes up to the HoH room by himself and is upset about Brendon winning the POV, he’s pissed that now Brendon wont be going home. Annie and Brendon are in the storage room and she is so fake, she is congratulating him and kissing his ass. She keeps telling him that she’s glad he won and that he deserved it and she knew he would win it. Brendon says that now they know I am a force to be reckoned with…. Brendon leaves the storage room, Lane and Britney come in and Britney tells Annie that they are fucked!!!

Enzo says that he is mad depressed over his performance in the competition. Enzo and Matt are outside the HOH room waiting for Hayden to get out of the shower so that they can talk. They say that Annie is going to go right back to Brendon and Rachel and that she is playing both sides. Matt says that Annie has been talking shit!! Monet comes into the HOH room and joins Matt, and Enzo. They all start discussing the competition and talk about how Rachel broke the button. They were also running and slipping around in Mayo so it made it really hard. Rachel says that shes such a bad speller. Hayden says that he had all the words on the floor, and turned them all over. Rachel says that she slid and scraped her knee in POV. Matt says that he liked the wiener competition more and that it was more fun then the words POV. Monet says that the wiener was gross and dirty. Enzo says again how upset he was that he lost. And Rachel offers him a hug… He says no and she gives him one anyways… Andrew says that he missed a word or he would have won. Matt says he hates it when good looking people are smart. Rachel says she can’t wait till she can drink so she can get hammered. Brendon tells them in the HOH that he is just said glad I’m around for another week…

2:10pm Lane and Brendon are now in the kitchen. Lane asks how he felt when he won. Lane asks how awesome was that feeling? Brenden says It was awesome” Britney comes in and asks what are ya’ll scheming about? Brenden tells Lane and Britney that he is happy to not be on the block anymore. Britney tells him that its because of his looks why people think he is such a strong competiter. Annie tells Lane that she is really sexually attracted she is to him. Lane says he wishes she didn’t say that… They both laugh. Annie asks whos is upstairs? Brendon says Hayden, Matt, Monet, Rachel and Enzo. Annie leaves and Lane and Brendon are talking. Lane says he knows what a good guy Brendon is and Brendon says this is difficult because it seems like the whole house is against him. Britney enters the kitchen. She said when somebody has the big, physical presence of Brendon people are going to target him. He says he understands that. Everyone comes down from the HOH room to look for something to eat…

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I like Rachel and Brendon. I hate Annie, Rachel and Britney. Britney is saboteur. Enzo is stupid.


Annie and Andrew, send them both out!!!!


Hey simon, that comment posted pretty fast!!!

The Playa

why do these people make aliances so early.
stupidity i guess
hayden should have pick two people from the losing team out of a hat
that way he has no blood on him
now he’s a target


You need to make a fake alliance as soon as you walk in the house. This will get you through the first 3 weeks at least if you shut your mouth and no make too many waves.

The Playa

fake or not an alliance makes you seem strong to certain playas. thats not a good play. you need to harbour out the playas that need you to be weak. then towards the last six to five playas you become the strong one. when a playa gets that far and then has brought along a bandwagon player, then you can call the shots till the final two, thereby turning the tables to the stronger jurors, saying they “had to be evicted, they were too strong in challenges”, and to the weaker jurors “i knew you would win the money” sorta like Dan did.


Why are there 2 pictures of the saboteur on the right panel with the cast pictures?


just for fun, never know there might be 2 saboteurs running around 😉


Yup, there is two. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But there are two.


Or maybe everyone thinks they are the saboteur. Everyone thinks they are the ones with a connection with someone else. BB gets them all to record the sab videos and does the work for them, like locking the door, telling them in advance what is going to happen. And then whamo! BB hits them with something unexpected to make them say WTF????. That would be one severe mind f#ck!