Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says that bacon is like sex …when it’s bad, it’s good yo!

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8am – 9am The houseguests are in the kitchen making breakfast and talking about random stuff.  They are on an indoor lock down while Big Brother sets up for the POV competition that will be held later today.  Rachel’s making omelettes and bacon for those that aren’t a have not.  Enzo says that bacon is like sex …when it’s bad, it’s good yo!  Britney asks Ezno what he had for breakfast?  Enzo tells her that he had the baby food cereal called graduate cereal.  They laugh.  After breakfast the most of the houseguest start getting ready for the day.  Enzo and Ragan go back to the Have Not room to take a nap.


9:40am Matt comes into the have not room and asks Enzo if he wasn’t to come up to the HOH room where Lane is already hanging out.   Enzo says yeah I’ll come up I can’t sleep worth shit.  They talk about how they really need to win the POV.  Enzo says what if it is a mental challenge and Kathy wins.  Matt says the POV competitions are never mental.  Enzo says well what if she wins it, she has to use the POV if she wins it.  They are sure she will use it if she gets it.  Matt thinks it will be a competition will be one where you can trade down prizes.  They look up at the spy cam… and laugh… Enzo says you got kosher television.  Matt says yeah it’s the most entertaining thing on it.  Lane wonders if all Jewish people that pray rock back and forth.



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10am – 10:20am Lane asks if the back door works this week should we do another back door next week, like put up Rachel.  They agree that Rachel is going to go crazy if Brendon leaves.  Lane says that Rachel already said that she would take Brendon over $500,000.  They laugh and say that maybe they should just keep her, that she will be a mess and want to evict herself.  Matt wonders when they should expose their alliance.  Matt gets out the ducks and figures out that once they make it to final six they can expose the brigade alliance and they will have enough votes and control of the house.  Enzo says that the more you strategize the more a monkey wrench gets throwing into things.  They talk about how much of a baby Brendon is and how they can stand how much he wines and complains when he loses shit.   Matt says that if they win and Brendon comes crying and trying to make deals he is going to tell him to suck his balls.  Enzo jokes that the competition will be something to do with physics …. Or a chemistry lab exam.  They are laughing and joking around.  Enzo says that so what if they win the POV, then we send Andrew home.  Matt disagrees and says that Andrew can be swayed either way, but Kathy is a sure vote for their side so its probably better to vote out Kathy.  They laugh about Kathy’s reason for voting for Monet instead of Matt.  Kathy told him that Matts speech during the house meeting inspired her to vote what she wanted and didn’t want to be strong armed.  They laugh that she has the worst game in the house and don’t understand why she is here.   Enzo says that when ever he is down stairs he tries to throw people off he asks people if what Matt did was a good decision or not.  Enzo says that Britney said to him… you don’t understand … it gives him the option to back door Rachel or Brendon.  Enzo says OHHHhh.. I get it.  They laugh about how Enzo plays dumb to throw people off the brigade.  They agree that they really need to just keep winning competitions over and over again.  They can’t wait to find out what the POV is… Matt says that he is horrible at counting or estimating things.  Lane says that he is good at that … he’s used to counting cattle. Enzo says shit is going to get crazy yo! Lane says Rachel is going to be getting drunk every night. They that if they get Brendon out every one is going to flock to them. Enzo says that the only people he trusts in this house is the brigade and that he can’t connect with anyone else. Matt says that he does not trust anyone else either, but they have to keep trying to connect with them, even on a bullshit level.

10:25am – 10:45am Hayden joins them up in the HOH room. Matt is called to the diary room. They talk about the POV competition and start talking again about how Rachel will self destruct if they get Brendon out this week. Lane is then called to the diary room and Matt comes back. Enzo says that its bullshit that Brendon and Rachel say they want to keep the strong competitors since Kathy is Rachel’s best friend and she is the weakest player here. Lane says that he is going to snap on Brendon if he stays in the house much longer… that he just cant stand him. Enzo says that they need to make a brigade website to sell all their shit on … their shirts like “Factory, the place I used to work” etc. Enzo gets called to the diary room.. Matt asks isnt Lane in there .. Enzo says this might be it, the POV might be happening soon. Hayden says to Matt that they need to get Brendon out of here big time. Matt and Hayden go over the situation of possibly exposing the brigade at one point and Hayden points out that its not possible to safely do it. Matt sees what hes talking about and realize they can never expose it. Hayden leaves the HOH. Matt starts getting ready for the day in the HOH bathroom is around because of your donations Every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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one way ill be getting live feeds…r or b wins pov…otherwise, this will be the most predictable elims ever. B….then R….then K….then A…in some order.

then FINALLY the rest of the house will have to actually play the game against each other, but since the brigade has 4 votes and simply will vote together while they make matt out to be some sort of smart guy on CBS and mastermind…

I wont be watching BB12 if it turns into a week after week obvious elim situation due to the 4 brigade members.


that said, a win by b or R, or possibly A….could lead to a very exciting change…I dont want Brenden or Rachel to go much further, I just want something to shake it up a bit…we all know kathy/brenden/rachel stand no chance at all to win this game…so it would be nice to see something change to where someone is taken out instead


alex – didn’t you mention that the eliminated houseguests are in sequester together. I hope so. Then it will be perfect for Rachel to be in there with Annie and Monet – They both can’t stand her. they will give her a mental breakdown in the sequester house – that would be funny- and then if they do have a competition to have one of them come back – Rachel will be a bumbling mess and never win her way back in.. (Same would be the case if it were Kathy.)


I just dont understand their hate for brenden, hes kind of without a personality, but a nice guy.

BBAD shows he just doesnt seem to get it. (the game) I would keep them for that reason….why keep a couple that has basically put themselves alone, and out of the game already? I would keep them.

honestly they complain about things brenden does like the what if thing…then brit does the SAME THING 2 mins after complaining about it…lot of hypocrits in this house


Totally agree, and I have a feeling the initial ‘Superman’ comment, as well as the other guys being jealous of him, has something to do with it.

Other K

I agree he definitely has an heir of superiority.


Groannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…. CBS, this has got to get better soon, right? More interesting? Maybe create a new America’s Vote, where we can vote for one person, and the winner gets to hear everything the ‘behind the wall’ people get to hear for a couple of hours… something like that? No disrespect to you folks who are enjoying this season thus far, but the rest of us who are having to seriously reach to keep watching need some twist soon. Real soon!!!!!!!


I actually think that’s a good idea. You should work for CBS =)


Will you let us know when the feeds cut and they are playing in the pov?


And who besides me is beyond tired of Enzo at this point? He was ‘smirkable’ at best to me in the first week, but at this point, which is still early on, he’s already wearing thin on me. Farts are funny… in moderation, but it’s not even that that’s made me sick of him already. Yet another disappointing cast member I originally hoped would make me want to watch more.

Thank God for this site and the folks who keep it up… I enjoy checking it once a day far more than I do watching BBAD. I hope CBS pays you guys something, ’cause you deserve it!


OMG – POV is rigged – Its Matt – Andrew – Kathy – Rachel – Brendon – and Lane..
Lane or Matt need to win this.. They just announced it on BB Facebook


They have said they’re going to leave Rachel to self-destruct after Brendon leaves, so I hope Rachel doesn’t fall apart & tries to start a counter-alliance or something to get herself in a better position.

Brendon is just too nice a guy, he thinks the game is all about competitions & drive & strength, & gets upset when challenges favor small bodies or luck. He needs to play with a more strategic mind.

From the feeds recently I’ve come to notice that Ragan is a strong competitor. He knows about every past challenge & knows way more than anyone else. Too bad he’s aligned himself with Matt, leaving him on the outskirts of the “BRA-gade”. He should really form an alliance with B/R, Andrew, & Kristen (who could be kind of a double agent, letting Hayden think she can be trusted by the brigade). It’s too bad that a secret alliance of those 4 guys is running the house & nobody is the wiser.


Correction. They could be running things but they aren’t. Every time they have a chance to make a big move, they do something stupid. They are just lucky so far that it hasn’t bitten them in the ass, but luck tends to run out. Not that I like them. I would like to see them fall apart, but for now, I need to see Rachel and Brendon split up. I didn’t pay to watch them on all cameras making out and being gooey. Makes me want to hurl.


Except for his voice, Hayden reminds me of a young (and sober) David Hasselhoff. I think everytime he either enters a room or is in the diary room production should start playing the theme from “BayWatch”. He should be called “Haydenhoff”.


Haha, I see it! 😉 He’s very ‘Cali surfer dude’ . Still pretty cute though


does anyone know who won pov?


who won the pov competition?


12:43on still trivia on the feeds


thank you


what kind of game did they play?


Brendon won veto.


they played stay/fold

Yae Dum Dum

Chloe, agree with all your comments. YOU GET IT!!!! You should audition next year!


They don’t let Canadians on the show. Believe me, I would if they let me. I would rather get a job with production and make this game more interesting. I have some great ideas. My favorite is a twist called parallel dimensions. It would be the most serious mindf&ck you ever saw. For a few years now, I hate the predictability of the competitions. It sucks when the houseguests can anticipate what kind of challenge is coming up. It’s becoming expect the expected. I want them on the edge, waiting for the shoe to drop every waking moment. I want them sleeping with one eye open. I want them to not have a clue what’s coming next.

Mr. Me Too

why no canadians?

Mr. Me Too

i want them literally FIGHTING for that 500k, its boring the way it is , not far every year emotional backstabbing gets someone half a million on a totally rigged show, thats not reality

Yae Dum Dum

I just don’t think Grodner is that creative! She’s too busy inventing new ways to make us want to kick the TV screen in by shoving down our throats unbearable HG’s by her constant intervention in the show!