Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Andrew tells Brendon that he or Rachel have to win the POV tomorrow and that he’s putting his trust in them. **Updated**

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11:55pm Brendon and Andrew are talking in the Have Not room.  Andrew says that he thinks he can get the votes.  Andrew says that he wants to put on a show to make them think that he hates them (Rachel and Brendon).  Brendon says that he has Enzo for him. Andrew asks Brendon if he thinks Ragan will vote for Kathy.  Brendon thinks Ragan will vote for Andrew because he is the stronger competitor. Brendon tells Andrew that Rachel and he had that conversation with Ragan about getting rid of the people that throw competitions and aren’t strong competitors. Brendon says that he and Rachel want people that are competitors here in the game and that’s why they will vote to keep him here.  Andrew says that he is not worried them.  Andrew tells Brendon not to go and talk to Hayden and Kristen for votes.  Brendon tells Andrew that Kristen likes him.  Brendon tells Andrew that he trusts him (Andrew), Rachel, Kathy and Ragan. Andrew tells Brendon to not talk to anyone about him because he doesn’t want the others to think that they are together.  Andrew tells Brendon that he or Rachel have to win the POV tomorrow and that he is putting his trust in them.  Both Brendon and Andrew then go to bed.


12am Matt and Ragan are talking. Ragan asks Matt why he feels weird and asks if it’s because he should have put them (Brendon & Rachel) up outright. Ragan says if they win POV and then HOH ….you will not go up. Matt says he knows. Ragan says that he thinks it will be the fold challenge. Matt says it will be an easy one to toss and then says that he will probably suck at it anyway. Ragan says Brendon would go after Kristen and Hayden too. Ragan tells Matt he’s livid that they dropped so soon. Ragan says Kristen didn’t want Monet in the house and that’s why Brendon switched his vote. Ragan says that Brendon and Rachel told him that they have been thrown under the bus by the people in Rachel’s HOH meeting, whether its legitimate but that’s what Brendon has in his head. Matt is confused and says they don’t get it why people think they’re a threat when they are always together and says they make no sense. Ragan says that they are digging their own graves but at the same time they are going after people under the radar which could be a good thing. Ragan asks if people have approached him about his nominations. Matt says Kathy is pissed. Ragan says Britney says that it makes sense and talks about the odds of both of them getting picked. Ragan says that its not a bad thing for both of them to stay in the house. Matt says what a great season we have to have one of the best.


12:20am Kristin and Kathy are talking in the bedroom. Kristen tells Kathy to fight like hell. They talk about Kathy’s vote. Kristin assures her that she will be okay either way. Kristin thinks it will be great for her to stay but Andrew doesn’t deserve to go either. Kristin says that she will be fine. They are trying to figure out how Matt knew her vote was the one against him besides Britney. They say that next time it is better to be safe than sorry. Kristen leaves and Lane asks if Kathy is alright and says she was taking her makeup off. Kathy tells Lane that she don’t want to go home. Lane says that he is going to bed. Kathy says he’s right behind him. Lane and Kathy get ready for bed.

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Lane, Enzo, Matt, Ragan and Britney are sitting around the hot tub talking about random stuff. They talk about how they are surprised Andrew stayed up as long as he did during the HOH competition. Ragan asks them if they have seen the YouTube version of To Catch a Predator. They all talk about the TV show. Everyone says how much they like the show. Britney starts talking about a show on E. They talk about different tv shows and about Sarah Silverman. Ragan says he finds he has to defend her and her jokes in her book. Ragan says that when she made a joke about Paris Hilton she had no idea that Paris Hilton was in the audience. Britney says I wish they would wake us one morning with Britney Spears. Ragan and Britney are talk about different Britney songs and albums. They all start talking about all the morning wake up songs that they have heard so far in the house. Kathy comes out to have a smoke and starts telling everyone about the jokes they play on the new cops. She says that they put fresh road kill in the back of someone’s car. Kathy tells a story about some of the cops finding a dead hog, and that they had posed the hog with a beer can on a sign post. Kathy then heads to bed. Kristen and Hayden are now sitting on the couch talking. Hayden tells her that he really doesn’t want Kathy or Andrew to go home. Kristen says that she doesn’t either. Hayden says that he thinks one of them is going though.

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1:25am Hayden is taking shower and Matt tells him to come up to HOH to talk when he is done. When Hayden comes up Matt tells him about Ragan told him that Brendon is targeting Kristen and Hayden. Matt says that Ragan is his side alliance, and that he is useful to have around because he just talks and talks about everything. Matt says that Ragan said they didn’t specifically say Hayden and Kristin’s names but that Brendon was saying that there were two people that have an obvious close friendship that dropped too early in the HOH competition. Matt tells Hayden that Brendon and Rachel said they are going after the people that throw competitions. Both Hayden and Matt agree that Brendon has to go this week. Hayden asks Matt if it is between Kathy and Andrew, which does he want to go home? Matt says it’s a tough one, Andrew is obviously stronger in competitions, but Kathy is a definite vote for Rachel/Brendon so it is probably better to get her out. They talk about scenarios for next week. Hayden says that Kristin is good to have around, but she is completely expendable. They say the brigade is the number one alliance, they say that the brigade is running the house. Matt says that he is worried about the POV competition tomorrow and about the brigade’s safety next week. Matt tells Hayden that Ragan is a great resource because he is such a talker. Matt says again that Brendon didn’t name names, but he thinks that he was talking about getting rid of Kristin and Hayden. Hayden repeats that they have to get Brendon out this week. Matt asks Hayden not to tell Kristen. Matt says that he doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but they have to keep an open line of communication about these things. Hayden leaves.

2am Kristen and Hayden are making out in the bed. All the other houseguests are asleep.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Houseguests waking up for the day getting food etc..


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56 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Andrew tells Brendon that he or Rachel have to win the POV tomorrow and that he’s putting his trust in them. **Updated**

  1. is brendon that dumb he wants to get rid of people who throw completions umm dumb dumb thats also your ho

    1. “Ragan says if they win POV and then HOH ….you will not go up”

      the snitch is blowing smoke up matt’s ass, if they (branchel) wins POV and then HOH matt is going home

  2. Sorry, just looking for a little clarification – is the POV happening on Saturday or Sunday? Thanks in advance :)

  3. unfortunately i dont have the live feeds, but only 1 line about hayden/kristen making out?!?! r/b get more attention than that and no one wants to see or hear about that. was their more? any game talk? im just asking for more info to see where the relationship is going.

    1. Yeah, i agree with quadfather, i already know all about rachel and brendon.. i want more hayden/kristen to see where they are going

  4. I am so disappointed with Hayden! How could he say Kristen is expendable then he goes & gets in bed with her & makes out with her? I thought he really liked Kristen now I wonder if he’s using her?? My other thought is he wants Matt to think his bond with Kristen isn’t strong and that the Brigade is his priority when maybe it isn’t? What does everything think??

    1. I defiantly agree with you. Hayden sold out Kristen to Matt. Last night I went back & watched the first episode this year,, Hayden said that he would hook up with a girl or guy to help him along in this game!!! You know Matt also told Hayden that Brenden was going after him & Kristen, I think that is part of the reason that he didn’t hook up with Kristen before going to bed. I think he would like to separate himself from her. Then he did end up in her bed but by her going into her own bed she let him know that she wasn’t happy with him. He’s just using Kristen during this game, he’s a real creep! Also he didn’t win the HOH Brenden gave it to him! They were both on the podium & Heyden said he wasn’t crossing unless he was taking HOH, so in order for the team to win Brenden gave the HOH to Hayden by crossing before him!

      Hayden is a snake, most of the guys not winning, are using the women to play the game out for them & do their dirty work! The only thing that they are doing is running their mouth about how THEY ARE RUNNING THE HOUSE! How can that be when they are doing nothing to run the house?
      Matt also thru Regan under the bus last night too. Saying that he’s good at going to all the people getting information for him! In the past he didn’t tell the bull crap Brigade that he was keeping information from Regan or even mentioning what was talked between them, but now he has! Those guys are just using Matt because he’s winning games too!

      1. Nancy.. Do you mean Matt gave Hayden the HOH? They were on the same team. Brenden was on the other side trying to get the shirt around the “hot dog” when they reeled him to the other side. I personally don’t think that Hayden is using Kristen but I do know he is not telling her a lot that is going on. He always tells his Brigade that they can trust her and is always looking out for her. (listen to some of his DR’s)

  5. i hope that Brendon does win POV and takes Andrew off and Matt put up Rachel. she needs to go home. pissed me off when Julie asked her if your could choose 100,000 or Brendon, she picked Brendon…she’s in it for love not the money. Red head should go home!!!

    1. You do realize that Brenden in no way would put up Rachel at this point in the game? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
      To get what you want you need to hope that Andrew wins POV & takes himself off then Matt can put Rachel up.
      If Brenden wins POV he will not use it.
      I think Rachel also realizes that they odds in winning now due to the relationship are slim to none, so she should say Brenden, she didn’t want to seem that now, money is more important than Brenden, She should have said Julie why can’t I have both? There is not enough time to debate the issue.

  6. Its Pov Competition Saturday and Pov Ceremony Sunday and 3 days to talk about how they voting
    I think Andrew will stay over Kathy

  7. Andrew got Brendon, Lane, Hayden, Enzo votes to stay so far
    Kathy got Britney vote to stay
    I’m assuming Matt can tell Ragan to keep Andrew
    Brendon can tell Rachel to keep Andrew
    Hayden can tell Kristen to keep Andrew
    Evict Kathy 7-1

  8. wow ragan has done a complete 360 turn from rachels side to matts. I bet he will be all over next week if or brendon wins hoh

    1. I think your right, but just wait, when Regan finds out that Matt is now using all his information against him I don’t think he will be too happy with Matt.

  9. List from who playing the game the most to the least
    1. Andrew
    2. Britney
    3. Matt
    4. Ragan
    5. Enzo
    6. Hayden
    7. Brendon
    8. Rachel
    9. Lane
    10. Kristen
    11. Kathy

    1. I could not better agree with you!!!
      Kristen and Kathy are like just furniture in the house!!
      They are useless!! Besides they suck in every competition and don´t play the game
      I hope they kick them out soon
      Britney is my favorite girl too!!
      I love her bitchiness!! :D

      1. Amen to that Tony. I don’t have the feeds but am on here a lot (as my co-workers know). And after the last episode people were coming up to me at work asking if something had happened to Kathy and Kristen as neither of them had appeared in the episode, lol. I said no they’re both still alive and well, probably just not contributing anything tv worthy!

      2. at this point Britney is esssential to the game. She’s the only entertaining person in the house. Once she goes, so will I.

    2. Andrew is playing most of all? Not a chance. He spends huge time doing his religious stuff and that alone means he isn’t playing the game during that time. The rest of your list is good but Andy probably goes underneath Kathy in all honesty.

      1. Is he really doing ” religious stuff”? or is that somehow his strategy of flying uner the radar. And to not be percieved as a threat.?.?

        1. I agree Robin…I think everything Andrew does has an element of gameplay too it. At first he hung back to check out the lay of the land as it were and lately he has become more engaged. He seems to be the only one who realizes that early alliances don’t usually last. I think he is playing smart and could go far in the game!! Plus he’s very cute!!!

    3. I dont think Enzo is playing at all!! The guy is all talk and no action he made an alliance and he has done nothing but mooch from it. He’s here purely for entertainment and he will go home first or second week of jury house!! I guarantee it!! Other than that I think that Ragan seems to be playing the game but he isnt cold or calculating enough to go all the way. I also think Hayden and kristen are using eachother. I dont think either genuinely likes eachother. He’s using her for entertainment and a back up plan and she’s using him for the game! That moves her up for me. I wonder why you think Brit is playing the game though. i think she is useless. Not competitive in Comps and hasnt made any real moves. I think the only reason she isnt on the block is cuz matt feels sorry for her and now that mopnet is gone the girl isnt a threat at all. I agree Kathy isn’t playing and I honestly think Andrew wants to be playing but isnt thinking ahead. We shall see though.

  10. I knew this would backfire. Damn you Matt! This is a stupid move. I don’t understand why he did this. The only thing that makes sense is that he considers himself so smart that he thinks he’s the cat and Brendon is the mouse. He wanted to show off and play with the mouse before killing it. Well now it’s very likely he will end up getting neither one out. The only ones that would use the POV are Lane, Matt or Cathy. If he had just put them both up, one would have gone home no matter what. And Matt’s reasoning? He doesn’t want them to hate him and vote against him in the jury house. Bad logic, there Mr. Mensa. First, anyone that plays week 3 like they are already final 2 will be gone soon. You play week to week, idiot. You have to get rid of a lot of people before final two. This was Jeff’s mistake last year – worrying about final two when they were playing for final 5. And the next week, he was gone. Didn’t even make final 4. Secondly, the next two HG to leave will not be on the jury, so it’s a great time to get rid of people you think would vote against you. If they go this week and next week, it doesn’t matter what they think or how much they hate you. Jeez. I don’t think Matt is Mensa in the way he claims. I think he isn’t referring to the Mensa for extremely high IQs. He is referring to the word mensa as it’s used in the Spanish language, where mensa means dumb. My new name for him is Menso Matt.

    1. Hi Chloe, Do you not think Andrew would use the POV? I think anyone up for eviction who won it would have to be ridiculously stupid to not save themself with it. I do agree that Matt should’ve at least put up either Brendon or Rachel.

      1. Yeah he would. I forgot to mention him. Anyone but B or R will use it. Fingers crossed. I want to see Rachel all alone and melting down. Keep her until first jury spot. That will drive her crazy knowing she has to stay there until Sept without her pussyboi.

    2. so think about it

      b and r…you know they will vote against you, but you also know they will get ZERO extra votes not named kathy/andrew(next two targets not named b and R).

      now is the time to get a threat out of the house….not B and R who just want to make it to jury.

    3. Matt has no chance of winning the jury. As soon as they find out that his wife isnt sick no ne will vote for him. there’s playing the game and then there’s just plain bullshit. There are people in the house that actually teared up over his wifes letter. Thats real emotion. Its personal and people will see through that in the end. I think matt has the ability to make final 2 but that lie will keep him from winning the big prize. some things you lie about and some things you just dont. One of the main reasons Jordan won last year over Nasty Nat was her age lie!

  11. Why would BB choose Andrew to be in the house to play with his religion, he can’t lie he can’t play on certain days because of his religion so he can’t play as the others play it will be good to see how he play if he won HOH

    1. he can lie, he told everyone he was a shoe salesman and he’s really a podiatrist. I think having an orthodox Jew is great, shows people culture they’re not exposed to and actually adds a little to his game. I think everyone is afraid of not respecting his religion so much that it’s somewhat affecting how they react to it and to him. I think the not being able to play gives people a little more pity towards him.

      1. Andrew is good. He is older than they all think. I agree that people are wary of saying or doing anything that can be interpreted as being discriminatory, so that works in his favor. He plays the doofus really well, but he is soaking it all in and saving it for later. He knows it’s too early to show his cards. With some of the medical and chemistry talk from Rachel and Matt I bet it’s all he can do to restrain from commenting when they out themselves with ignorant statements. He is a doctor, not a graduate of some online chemistry degree. I don’t even believe Rachel is a chemist. I read her blog, and she can’t even spell or compose a blog let alone a thesis. She probably once had a Barbie perfume making kit and considers herself a chemist. The white coat is probably part of her Vegas exotic dancer persona. If she does have a degree, it just goes to show what a sorry state education is in.

    2. If he were truly Kosher Jew….he would never , never be on Big Brother. The last place you would want to be was on a reality show to parade your “stuff”. Some think it is his “gameplay”. Maybe so???
      Can’t wait to see how this week plays out. LOL

    3. thats why brenden wants andrew to win hoh, even if not in the game….how the heck will andrew use his HOH, he sure as heck needs it, and wont be in the game THAT much longer if you just stare at the numbers

    4. The same could be said for having a 75 year old player. Jerry on BB10 had his own set of limitations. That is what makes the game fun. If everyone was the same, it would be boring. I think Andrew is doing just fine despite the fact that he is probably so hungry.

    5. I think that they brought someone in with Jewish religion because they have mostly had Christian house guests in the past. Maybe after all these years that they feel they would bring someone who practices other faiths. In the past they brought in Kasar, who was Muslim, i believe, he brought his rug in and practiced his religion. This also shows the house guests that they have to expand their horizons and realize that everyone is not the same. It shows people what differences they have, & what they have to go through in their daily life to adjust and follow their religion. I actually think it’s good for these young people to understand these differences. If you are young I hope you find something new or interesting watching Andrew. Mind you I am of Christian faith, but I believe that we are all equal and free to practice what ever religion we choose. That was the reason this country was founded. The freedom to practice one’s own beliefs and religion. People escaped persecution in order to practice ones own faith by coming to the New Country.

  12. i have an idea if b/r win the pov that one of them will still go home. now that matt has heard that b/r want to get hayden/kristen (and b/r say they’re honorable!) out, if either b/r win pov, stage a fight with matt and hayden. then matt can go to brachel and convince them he wants hayden out. so then whoever is taken off the block, b/r will go up. especially after seeing how emotional rachel gets when a player is confides in her. for example, matt could tell brachel that the reason he was so mad with hayden was that he said something about his wife. rachel especially will feel terrible. i know its kind of elaborate, and probably wont be thought of by the brigade. any thoughts…

  13. I would hate for brenden/rachel to go THIS week…it would make the rest of the game obvious…I want kathy gone

    then next week…andrew HOH, chaos

  14. Andrew is naive (I’m being nice) if he thinks Brendon or Roachface will take him, OR Kathy, off the block if either of them win POV.

  15. Matt is just playing a visible game…its obvious hes playing both sides and everyone…imo if the brigade could slice one person, its matt

  16. matt is a idiot.first he offers himself up now he puts up kathy.your not gonna back door brendon or rachel it never works as planned.put them both on the block and one is going home for sure

  17. I agree!!! I want to see how the brigade pans out after Brenchel starts eliminating them!!! if they both go then everyone will be trying to play the game with no real passions!! In order to have 2 true sides there has to be 2 solid Alliances and right now thats Brigade vs. Brenchel!!! Everyone else is flipping with the HOH so it’ll hella suck if they go!!

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