Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo calls Brendon the chameleon, he knows everyone … how do we beat this man! Lane says you take the lamp and beat him.

9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Lane, Britney, Ragan and Matt are in the bedroom talking about the dreams they had last night. All the other house guests are getting up making breakfast and getting ready for the day.


9:35am Hayden, Enzo and Lane are in the bedroom talking. Enzo says that he gave Kristen a good diary room message goodbye. Enzo says that he thinks they might have to wear warm clothes if there is an endurance challenge tonight. He says that he doesn’t think it will be swimming or water. It will be something else. Lane says that he wishes they would have real challenges like wrestling and stuff. Hayden says yeah, real challenges. Enzo says even something like golf, there is some skill to that shit. Lane says At least it wouldn’t be pinball. Let me close my eyes …ping! They laugh about the competition having Big Brother releasing a wild animal into the backyard and they having to capture and kill it. Brendon comes in and they ask him what he is going to wear tonight for the competition and live show. Lane says that it is always something where you have to wear something you can get changed out of quickly. They talk about the music that was played this morning to wake them up. Big Brother played Coolio. Brendon leaves the room. And Enzo starts calling him the chameleon, saying that he knows everyone … how do we beat this man! Lane says you take the lamp and beat him. Lane says that Brendon said that he cant take a hit … Enzo says how does he even know what kind of competition it would be. Enzo says its going to be something totally different… its going to be something you have to finish. Enzo says that an endurance one would be too easy, he wants something physical.

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Britney and Hayden are in the storage room changing their batteries. Britney and Hayden are laughing about Brendon. Britney is laughing about how Brendon said he changed his diet today to oatmeal because it has slow burning carbs which will ensure his HOH victory. Britney says what a douche. Britney says to Hayden …don’t worry, you were cast as the world’s nicest guy. They leave the storage room and hear to the kitchen.

945am Ragan and Matt are in the lounge room talking. Matt and Ragan joke about how today will be the last breakfast that Rachel cooks for everyone because she will be too annoyed when the house comes after her. Ragan says if he wins HOH, his entire speech against Brendon and Rachel will be about sportsmanship. Ragan laughs about how Brendon said he is going to have pasta at lunch to better his chances at HOH. They talk about whether tonight will be double eviction. Matt says that he hopes it’s a double eviction and that he gets evicted twice. Matt and Ragan make fun of Brendon for being a knob. They laugh about how Brendon thinks he has the HOH in the bag because of his carbs diet today.


10am – 10:15am Big Brother has the house guests on an HOH room lock down.  They are talking about when Big Brother has had double evictions.  Matt says that something fucked up is going to happen during the live show, he says there’s a reason why they are gonna keep us up here for so long.  Rachel says what if they bring Annie back?  Lane says let’s not talk about that any more.  Britney says yeah what if they let Annie play again. Rachel says that would never happen because they would evict her immediately. They continue to talking about random stuff.  Brendon is making really annoying voices, the robot, the priest….

12:04pm HOH LockDown

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129 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo calls Brendon the chameleon, he knows everyone … how do we beat this man! Lane says you take the lamp and beat him.

  1. what a bunch of losers….make of brenden ALL DAY….because hes just not a complete tool like the rest of the guys?

    this is high school all over again…and someone needs to tell these HG’s that when B and R go to jury, they do have 2 votes, and the house WILL HAVE TO PLAY AGAINST EACH OTHER….

    its pathetic to see brit play a good game, then go tell EVERYTHING to lane and company…because WE all know its a TERRIBLE move with the brigade in place

    Im bummed out at this season, and humanity…brenden is the type of guy you s hould aspire to be as a PERSON…

    they are all SUPER jealous to sit there all day dissing him….seriously, who is he, palin/obama to democrats/repubs? so lame

      1. Right, and if the worst thing anyone else did was talk crap, so be it. EVERYONE talks crap. And you’re also right that lots of people have sex, but people with self respect don’t do it on a television show with a person you’ve known less than a month. No one is jelous of Brendon. Sure he’s a good looking guy, but he has the douchiest personality EVER. Oh, and I actually DID hear Brendon make a personal attack on Kathy to some of the brigade. And he makes fun of the whole iced tea thing with Rachel all the time.

    1. Brendan has NO ORIGINAL ideas….e is a lemming……….doncha get it????? He probably voted just like his las girlfriend….he stands for nothing and this is why I hate him… – if he had just stayed home and out of the public eye…i have no issue with him, but he is now in my house and he must stand up to my scrutiny………………….byotch….

    2. Brenden would be a great player if he wasn’t so head over heels for fake boobs! If Brenden was my friend in the real world I would be waiting with a baseball bat outside the house to beat the shit out of him.

  2. how this site supports bashing a nice guy like that, and backs a person like Enzo, or Lane or Matt or brit who are ALL disgusting people…

    If they were my kids, I would be ashamed…yes its a game, but sitting there all day making fun of brenden, leaving people with him as a joke…thats all REAAAAAAAALLY fing mean…it just is…and its not right…

    you can dislike someone without doing what they do…Im tempted to write to CBS to tell em to stick to the game…tell the HG’s that there is money on the line, not just brenden’s future in the house

    1. Everyone in that house is guilty of making fun of someone else in the house at some point in time. Calm down, chill out. It’s not like they were drowning puppies. Brendon makes fun of Kathy ALL the time.

      1. Every time you call Rachel Boy George a puppy is drowned and every time you laugh at Brit making fun of _________ (insert any bb houseguest here) a baby sea otter is harpooned.

    2. You dont know any of them personally so how would you know brenden is a “good guy”? Dude could be a major league creepo for all you know.

    3. AGREED! Brenden is a nice guy. The rest of the cast holds resentment and jealously towards him and they show it through their teasing etc.

    4. You are right, you can dislike someone without bashing them, however, CBS didn’t pick people that are emotionally secure and immature. They want drama.

  3. you have russ on survivor, smart game strategist, he has said “dumb girls alliance”….OK….he got KILLED for saying that….what about the things said about brenden? totally unnecessary…then to do it in front of his face

    its SO disgusting to see…

    1. You must remember tho, Brendon came in with a statement of: My strategy is to manipulate the hot chicks…..blah blah blah or something to that effect which tells me that his strategy is in use and working and that anything that looks like he is a nice guy is just an act……..And yes, they are all catty and full of hot air, but what else is there for them to do… that is what insecure people do…… some point the game will change and we will see less of that as they really all have to start playin’ for themselves! Hang in there!

  4. I hope whoever wins HOH (anyone besides B/R – PLEASE!!!!) does not cower out of putting them both (B/R) up next week.

    Best case scenario would be Brendon ousted because it would be funny watching Rachel cry and sob all week in misery that she brought upon herself.

    FYI, their relationship will not last 2 months in the real world before she boots him out for being too much of a girlie-man wimp.

    1. But wouldn’t it also be fun to watch them all play the “trap a HG with Brendon” game as he desperately tries to align with someone?!?

  5. Can’t wait for tonight. I wonder if they have let the new “Saboteur” know that they were chosen .. also, if they will start tonight. SN: I think Britney should have taken the $5000 and put Rachel in Solitary Confinement. :)

  6. It’s all how they play the game! While it may not be your way, Brendon and Rachael don’t play nice either!! It all comes down to who ya like and dislike! JMO!

    1. LOL, I bet Ragan is picking his clothes out now. Remember Matt said hi wife put together outfits and marked them so he didn’t look like a dork, but production took a bunch of it. Well, he still looks like a dork.

  7. matt and ragan are oviously very catty and jealous of brendon. Makes me hate them more and cheer on brendon more. you never hear brendon make any personal attacks towards any of the HG’s. now THATS a man. real men are’nt catty and bitchy. of course you’d expect that behaviour from ragan but from matt? matt might be gay too. who knows he lies so much. he is the real douche, wanna be with his blotted up arms that he thinks are tattoos. :)

    1. A man doesn’t walk around saying “I wuv U” in the most subservient manner possible to some nasty looking pile of garbage that doesn’t really ever reciprocate his disgusting feelings.

    2. are you ignorant? Brendon called everyone out last night. The guy is the most delusional, arrogant, conceited, self-centered prick in the house. He thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.
      he’s such a douche. there’s a reason why nobody likes him.

      1. To “The Excitement” : Your jealously is showing. EVERYONE is talking about/making fun of Brenden every single day and that is acceptable to you… but the minute he says something and fans stick up for him you get all crazy??? Thats your jealously.

    3. “a real man”??? no, you didn’t just say that………….so a real man has his “love” bob her head under the blanket for all of their families to see (not to mention the rest of the millions of viewers)………..a real man lets his “love” continue to win HOHs and hide behind her very very short skirt cuz he’s too lame to win any on his own…..a real man, really?

      1. Yeah, Im kinda thinkin’ real men dont apply or get picked for this show No offense, but if you really think about it……Im betting one of the questions on the application is: Has anyone ever called you a douch bag at any point in your life either to your face or behind your back? If you answer “Yes” please continue the application. If “No” thank you for your interest but we wont be needing you this season.

        1. Yet, all the J/J fans (many of which STILL claim their undying affection for him) consider him a real man. Go figure.

          1. Ah Yes, my fav’s J/J…..for a second there I was almost going to defend his manlyhood and then I remembered him talking about traveling to different countries and all the different girls he had sex with and how one of the Asian countries…which I forget which one…how all the girls are horny and just want to screw………in which he did, if I remember right……anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong……..but even so, he has been the manliest at least to me…he was very patient with Jordan and as much as I wanted them to stay together I did not think they would…..YAY for them! PS peeps, dont hate on me I know men like to have lots of sex with lots of woman and they can still be real men,,,,blah blah……Im just sayin’ when I was younger and wanted to have lots of sex with lots of men it wasn’t “real woman” that they called me! HAH……God I hope my husband doesn’t read my posts!

  8. It looks like in all the polls that Enzo is the fav with Ragen and Brit close behind. I would bet that Enzo has already been offered the Sab role and accepted it. So if someone opens a Pandoras box then he has to go into action without them knowing. Last night after the voting would have been completed he was all over trying to figure what everyones mind set was, more then he ever has, as well as hinting to Matt that he might not put up R/B until the following week.

    1. I think they will wait until after HOH is played to talk with the new El Sabador. Because if the guest is evicted it goes to the next top vote getter.

  9. Ugg, I’m surprised there are actually people out there that like Branchel, but I suppose I shouldn’t be given that there are also people out there that like Twilight. Brendon is an immature guy acting like a complete fool. He’s completely obsessed to the point of being a little creepy. If Rachel were gone he probably wouldn’t be so disliked but he chose to hang out with a nasty looking woman that cannot control her emotions who’s true nature is to bully and step on other people (revealed by her attitude when she won HOH). They bring all of it on themselves with their pushy attitude. So quit with the whining and complaining about dislike for the nauseating showmance, there’s a very good reason for it.

    1. come on you’ve never argued who was cuter Edward or Jacob. It’s the same darn thing as who should win BB Rachel or Matt.

  10. just because we saw right through brenchel’s bullshit form week 1 and talk about the obvious does not make us bad…. the only GAME they play is in comps in the house it;s either whining and ass kissing or powertipping, not 1 bit of strategic moves, all personal moves

    1. 100% personal!! I like how Rachael always says it’s not personal….COME ON!! She must think everyone’s as stupid as she is!!

  11. hey everyone, just popping in to say hi and catch up on things on my fav site. the comments on here though are getting too personal towards each other. member we are all here for 1 common thing. WE LOVE BIG BROTHER.

        1. was I? is that how you interpreted it? well everyone has a way of reading into things diifferently. just depends on their level of education I guess. :)
          peace n carrots
          don’t hate the players hate the game :)

  12. hey everyone, just popping in to say hi and catch up on things on my fav site. the comments on here though are getting too personal towards each other. member we are all here for 1 common thing. WE LOVE BIG BROTHER. so all this hatin needs to be generated towards the show not each other :)
    peace n carrots

    1. same ridiculousness happened last year too with Jeff and Jordyn….the haters, the lovers and then the personal attacks on each for not like or for disliking the other………lighten up people…..!!!

      1. it’s fun though until someone you actually like messes with you then it’s not fun here so much but that is life, just like BB, we are not all going to like each other here and neither are all the BB crew. If we all walked away the board would be boring and BB would not be on the air.

  13. The main reason they want B and R out is that they win competitions they have won half of the comps. If they were just annoying I dont think they would care as much. But the fact that they win comps and are annoying makes the target huge. I think these 2 are the most hated people in the house by the other houseguests. I do think some of them are acting childish. They keep winning everything boo hoo. If Brendon wins this week and they keep whining I will lose a lot of respect for them. And if Brenchel lose and gets put up and whines I will lose respect for them. I know one thing this next week will be entertaining. Who do you guys think will get the saboteur offer? I want it to be Ragan and think he’ll get it.

    1. One of the biggest reasons that Brendan and Rachel are winning so many comps is because they are actually TRYING to win the comps. So many of the HGs keep throwing them to others. They are all on board with putting B/R up together, but nobody wants to be the one to win HOH. Someone is going to have to suck it up and stop being a pussy.

    1. who is a brenchel fan? I think brenden is a good guy, rachel is pretty horrible…

      as for spencer pratt…he and heidi faked the entire thing…so I guess its not impossible to believe that so have B and R….

      I just think the HG’s need to stop going so personal, and just play the game with themselves…if you sit all day talking about brenden, you are just avoiding what WILL happen…a house split…its like they think its not there since everyone hates B and R…even telling ragen a 3 man alliance exists didnt do it.

      its sad for the future of the game

      1. only a Brenchel fan would say that. the rest of us are all happy that Brenchel will be kicked out of the house soon enough! hopefully.
        I’m all about the Brigade yo.

                1. well Rachel is going to win BB so I doubt we’ll be cheering for her together unless you have a secret crush you are not telling us about which is okay too.. haha

          1. the sadder fact is that you know that they’re getting a divorce. i didn’t know that. and i really don’t care. all i know is that i hate them as much as i hate rachel and brendon. they should battle it out for America’s Most Annoying Couple.

      1. Rockstar…out of plain ol ass curiousity are a Palin fan? She hunts and kills too and can see Russia from her back door. Is the hunting/killing issue the reason you dont like Lame (cant resist callin him Lame) ? I like him cuz he’s a bruiser of a dude.
        Was Natalie fan last year only I went by A-nono-moose but cudnt remember it so came up with Darkhairyhole. I like it.
        Rachels got much game and I like the things she says cuz it really pisses people off and its entertaining.
        My pick is Brite shes mean but funny & loveable then maybe Matt, altho Enzo is starting to win me over.

        1. dark – so cool. I had no idea you were nono from last year. Geez, give a girl a heads up.

          I am not a Palin fan. I won’t get political because I’ll rant and rant on and on about how dumb a certain state is for even electing her hick dumb ass but I won’t haha.

          I’m an animal fan. I have a houseful of animals and I also do work for our local shelter. I understand people need to eat and meat needs to be caught however, the sport of it is my issue.

          1. mine too, i like eating meat but the idea that we as a society has made something we needed in order to “eat”(hunting” into a game, and we don;t even hunt animals who can kill us, we hunt defenseless animals… one wild thing i found out about meat is that it’s one of the main reasons meat-eaters are aggressive, the adrenaline is extremely high when animals are killed and we eat that…

            1. wow Grenades, I’m starting to like you now.. I’ll probably still yell via comment but I like the bit of personal info about someone too. It makes it interesting and easier to relate too.

  14. Thanks for the nipple slip dawg love the pics you use. I can’t wait for the HOH comp tonight I hope whoever wins has to fight to the death lets see a battle CBS. I’m a brigade fan (yo) but I still like Brendon I think he just needs to dump that Rachel off at a dumpster somewhere. I don’t see why people hate on ragan he’s a strong player.

    All Brigade boys out in the wild can I get a 4 DEEP YO!!!!

  15. i hate people saying that bren and rach are the victims….rach 1 st hoh was luck …2nd i give her that one… bren pov i will give him that…..but they suck at playing the game….it is no way you can say that she is one of the best players becuz she is doing nothing …..monet and kris come on

    how are they the victims when rach talks about people all the time with brit ….. bren is fake (i love u after being in the house for 2 wks come on

    1. They are all talking shit, some more than others. I really think the house mangifies people’s bad sides because they are constantly being watched, talking game, wondering about who is trying to bring them down. It’s got to be an odd situation to find yourself in a stay true to who you are. However, I don’t think the people that go out for a show like this have strong morals/values for the most part, some do, but they usually don’t get too far.

  16. I have to say I hope Brendon wins for the same reasons others have said, it will drive the house bat shit! I am not a fan of theirs or anyone’s in the house really. Some amuse me more than others. I just want something interesting to happens, shake things up and make it worth watching.

    1. it will be better of anybody but brendon wins, that will cause more DRAMA, brendon does not want DRAMA or confrontation as proven in what he did when rachel went in RED Mode…. brendon will be trying to be nice and calm

    2. I agree. I want to see how R will try to get B to do her bidding when he is HOH. I would love to see everyone else pissed off and scrambling for a week.

  17. Bring back Kristen in an immediate turnaround.
    That would freak Big Red and Brendon out big time. It would also shake up Brittany and make her rethink her entire game. The Brigade would love it (especially Hayden) and Ragan and Kathy would have their buddy back to scheme with.
    They did it during Season 9 with James and it freaked most of the HG’s out. He stayed for several weeks as well, winning comp after comp.
    I like Kristen and want to see her compete now that she has finally awakened to the game.
    It could make for some interesting TV.
    Any thoughts?

      1. Exactly! Big Red would drop in a dead faint on the spot if Kristen were to walk in or they were to open a gift box and she stepped out.
        Kristen could go all Evel Dick on Big Red and then watch the fireworks.
        Come on CBS! That would be better than the lame Saboteur twist or at least an addition to.

  18. I know it’s a game and I think Britney is playing the best but the mean, spiteful, hateful things they have said about Kathy are just over the line. Kathy may not be playing the “game” but she, nor anybody deserves the malicious things they have said about her.
    Britney is by far the worst as far as this goes. She’s funny and makes a otherwise pretty boring season lighter but her meaness to Kathy is vile.

  19. I would l like brenden to win just like someone else said just to make things interesting. If anyone else wins we know b/r will go up. I think the brigade is being naive because no matter what they all can’t win. Which one of them is willing to forfeit the cash?

  20. I think djngmj was made fun of in high school which is why she hates to see it now. I would never aspire to be the type of person Brendon is nor would i ever encourage my kids the same. He is a nice person at times and that is it. He is too influenced by his peers (boy george) and he never really speaks his mind because his pussy gets in the way (both his own and boy george). Let the bashing continue please.

  21. I don’t like that Rachel said, what if they bring Annie back. Does she know something about the sabatouer twist and doesn’t that mean she is it?

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