* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enoz yells if Britney wins POV ..IM DONE MAN! I’m going home.


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9am – 10:40am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the “We will be right back” screen. When they come back Enzo is coming down from the HOH room and heads into the bathroom. Britney, Lane and Hayden are still trying to sleep. Enzo exchanges the battery for his mic and then puts his sunglasses on and gets into bed in the jumanji room. Big Brother tells Hayden to change his batteries. Hayden changes his battery.

All four cameras are on Lane working out in the backyard. Enzo is in the backyard as well. Lane says that there might be Pandora’s Box up there and Kevin gives him the key. Enzo says that he is embarrassed that he never won one HOH. Enzo says sorry to his wifey. Hayden comes out with a protein shake. Enzo is now running around the backyard with his shirt off. He says I gotta shave my chest now BLANK! Enoz yells if Britney wins POV IM DONE MAN! I’m going home. Enzo says he thinks the competition will be an individual one where each one of them has to come out into the backyard and do something. Enzo talks to himself and says I gained weight again …mother BLANKer!! Lane says that they played that paparazzi song (Lady GaGa) (One of the songs that Ragan wanted to hear.) Enzo says that he (Ragan) is probably at CBS now. Britney is up, she gets a bowl of cereal and heads out into the backyard. Brintey says good morning. Hayden asks her how she slept. Britney says good. Britney asks how the shared HOH bed was. Hayden says it was good …it was good. They are all on an out door lock down. Hayden asks what do you think they are doing with the lock down. Britney says that they’re probably putting in a smaller table. Enzo continues to run around the backyard. Britney and Hayden talk on the couch… Britney says that Enzo is really starting to tan. Hayden says that Enzo runs funny. Lane is still working out.

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Enzo continues to run around the backyard and then lays down to do sit ups. Britney and Hayden talk on the couch… Britney says that Enzo is really starting to tan. Hayden says that Enzo runs funny. Lane is still working out with the weights.

10:45am Lane comes over and joins Enzo on the ground. He lays a towel out beside Enzo. Enoz says what is this POV trying to be?! Lane says I don’t know. Enzo says it could be the faces. Enzo asks Lane if one of them goes to the jury house …do you think they are winning the $25,000. Enzo says again that if Britney wins the POV he is going home … and if that happens hopefully he wins the $25,000. Lane says that he thinks this POV will be a matching one. They try and remember last season. Enzo says that either one of them in last season would have won the $500,000…. ..that this season is hard, yo! Enoz thinks tomorrow will be a luxurious. Enzo asks Lane if he looked good in that coat yesterday. Lane says yeah. Enzo says okay lets see the small ass table …I don’t give a BLANK. Lane says yeah … I don’t even care read the card and throw it in the trash. Lane asks how many days have we been in this bitch?! Enzo says I think 64. Lane and Enzo start talking about bugs and killing them. Enzo says that when he is at home and sees a rat he throws a battery or something at them. Lane asks what do you carry around a lot of batteries or what?! Enzo says or a rock or something. Lane talks about a possum that his dog Tucker was trying to kill and thought that he had killed it but didnt so Lane grabbed a gun and shot it in the head behind the ears and then it was gargling blood so he had to drowned it. Lane says that he has a picture of it on his facebook. Enzo tells a story about how he had to have his dog put down and that he was crying like crazy. Enzo says that he’s had to put down two dogs. Lane talks about his horse that he had to have put down and buried in his field.

11:10am – 11:25am Big Brother announces that the lock down is now over. Enzo says EEWWW.. LETS GO SEE A TABLE WITH 4 SMALL CHAIRS!! All the house guests head inside and sit down at the table. Enzo says final four .. this is it! Enzo says do you remember that huge table that we started with …with 13 people sitting around it. Hayden asks do we still do keys, …we don’t do keys anymore do we?! The key box will fill up the top of table and that they wont need to pass it to each other. They talk about the Hawaiian party. Enzo says that those dancers only danced for like 10minutes … let them dance all day. Enzo says that even past house guests were hotter than they were. They start making fun of Brendon. Enzo says that Ragan wanted to BLANK him the first day … calling him superman. Enzo and Britney talk about how they BLANKed up not winning the HOH. Britney says that she has nothing ..at least he (Enzo) got a flat screen tv. Enzo say that if its worth 5 or 6 G’s …he just tell them he wants the money to increase his stipend. Britney says yeah after taxes …you’d have enough for an 89 ford explorer with no windows. Enzo talks about his wife and hopes that this time that he has been way hasn’t been too hard on her. Enzo says that he hopes his dad is better. Britney says that at least they acted okay and didn’t act like a BLANK bag on tv… she was the first one into the jury house too ..imagine how embarrassed her family is of her. They talk about how they are getting alone in the jury house.

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Allison Grodner’s mouth will be wrapped around the BB front door, waiting to swallow up “Enoz” whole.


The house is so much better now that Ragan is no longer there!

Cant wait for SURVIVOR!

They’re on outdoor lockdown because four new houseguests are being put in! Brit, Lane, Enzo and Hayden are going to be lined up against a wall outside and executed for being so boring. Ratings will skyrocket!


Hehehehehe…good idea, but it sadly won’t happen.


LOL this is the only possible scenario that will have me tuning in to this show this season.


Totally agree, very BORRING.


thats funny, but we are not that lucky!!!!!!!!!


I agree with the name also!!


4 chairs + smaller table…


boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring
CBS lost their touch with this season of BB
wonder if Survivor will be any good this year


Ragan interview after leaving BB House-/////The most recently evicted Big Brother house guest was Ragan Fox. To say Ragan was a controversial house guest would be a massive understatement. Ragan seem gave viewers a lot to talk about and left the Big Brother house with as much class as anyone.
We had submitted many questions, what follows are the questions that were chosen by Big Brother for Ragan Fox to answer.
Deadman – Ragan…Can you say now that all seasons are unique,  that the only common thing is that you get booted if you end up on the wrong end of a Comp?
Ragan: I think that all seasons are unique. I think that season twelve was especially unique. I don’t think that you always need to win a competition to stay in the game. In fact, you should only try to win if you know you are going to be a target. Knowing when to loose a competition in Big Brother is as important as winning it.
Indygirl – Do you think the bashing of Rachel and Brendon was over kill?
Ragan: Yes – I was not proud of myself for all of the bashing. But, we don’t have TV or magazines. We need something to rip on.
Indygirl – Was it hard being mischievous as the Saboteur? Are you normally like that?
Ragan: Yes it was difficult. I’m normally a gay straight shooter.

Indygirl – We have noticed a long tattoo going up your arm… May we ask what it says? What meaning does it have for you?
Ragan: It means “sometimes a dream is what makes you a slave” in French. It is all a metaphor for Big Brother.

honeySC – What do you see as the turning point in your game?
Ragan: Turning point for the better was becoming friends with Matt. My friendship with Matt reminded me of what I value in other people inside or outside the walls of the Big Brother house.
Turning point for the worse was when I decided to vocalize my disdain for Brendon and Rachel. That is when I went from being off the radar to a primary target in the house.
honeySC – You were a Have-Not several times. How do you think that impacted your game?
Ragan: I was a have not more than anybody in the house because the first week I was a have not was an extended week. It was 24 days total. How brutal being a have not is will never translate to TV. When anybody feels down, they eat comfort food, take a hot shower and get into a comfortable bed. You can’t do any of that as a have not.
honeySC – You have said that you will return to work the Monday after the Finale.
How will you address your experiences with your students?
Ragan: I’ll be open and honest. I’m proud of what I did this summer. I teach communications so this is such a unique communicative experience. I’m not proud of all the crying I did; that will be embarrassing.
honeySC – Do you plan to write and perform any slam poetry based on your experiences in the house?
Ragan: No – I’ll write lots of blog entries, though.
honeySC – What one thing did you learn about yourself from your stay in the house that you feel will impact your future?
Ragan: When people disappoint me, I’m too fast to cut them out of my life.


Wow, he said he’s proud of what he did on the BB house? But he’s ashamed of all the crying he did. “Hmmmm”, somethin ain’t right with his straight shooter head! Hopefully his class will give him hell about all the derogatory comments he made(stabbing African babies with HIV syringes). I hope the school takes away his tenure if he has one!


So Ragan you’ll be “open and honest”. I don’t think you have a clue what that truly means. Are you going to explain how you orchestrated the Group Psychosis and rallied the hate party against Rachel over and over and over again until I was so sick of watching it I cancelled Showtime and turned the sound off every time you came on the screen! You should be ashamed of yourself. You need to watch all of the BBAD’s and live feeds and see what we saw. You need an over haul in the manners and behavior department I don’t give a rats ##s how gay you are.
Also, how much will you lust after Matt when you realize what a shallow two faced creton he’s been to you?


well if brit doesn’t win pov then i’m done watching! haha


Oh I don’t know. I think Britney showed the viewing public just what a hate filled, bitter bitch she really is. And her argument to stay is that she hasn’t won anything, that she wants something to show for this. You got something, you got to be despised by most BB fans.


shut your pie hole. enzo is a bigger bitch than any other bb contestant.

Catherine A

OMFG. I could care less, which one of these idiots win BB this year. This has been the most boring, uninteresting season ever. Shame on Allison, and their casting team. Why doesn’t Allison get a more diverse, completely different set of people. I’m sick of the token, gay guy, black woman/man. The older person. The juiceheads. It’s getting BORING. BORING. BORING.


if everyone were the same it’ll be even more boring.


Bruce Willis/Enzo – back in the late 80’s when Bruce Willis was rocking out with hair, he would sit around lazed back just like Enzo wearing his sunglasses. I saw an interview last night on Much More Music and it was uncanny. Enzo has his mannerisms down perfectly..

dirk diggler

I just watched last nights episode (football was on last night) and god what bad actors matt, kathy , brendon and rachell are. when matt admitted that he lied about his wives illness he had the biggest shit eating grin, then bride of chucky acted like it was the most horrible thing anyone has ever lied about all the while trying not to laugh. oh and rachell not even hiding her laugh as she made the dumbest comments ( also notice how underwelmed she was to see brendumb and the barely kiss she gave him) .
glad gayans gone. he def was hard to watch this season. (thank god for dvr so i was able to fast foward him). and him buying a bmw ha he will still be an ugly troll


when is the pov so we can know brit is GONE


I have to say something about Ragan’s statement about ripping on Rachel and Brendan b/c they didnt have TV or magazines. I lived in a “Christian” commune that didnt have either. Watching this reminds me of aspects of living that and there was plenty of talking about other people and ripping them behind their backs. And we were supposed to be charitable and loving to everyone. There was a lot of criticism. Well that’s human nature obviously b/c we all do it. The only difference between us and them is that we arent being recorded everytime we do it and just so happens these people are on TV. Yes I agree it gets annoying b/c its being discussed over and over but when you have no source to the outside world things get talked about over and over. I know you can argue that if you cant say something nice then dont say anything at all. Ok I try to do that and obviously I fail. We all do. Just remember when you point your finger at someone there are 3 pointing back at you.


Exactly Anon……who knows what we could do all day with no TV, music, reading materials, different people to talk to or places to go? Your reality in the house would be the only thing to talk about. I don’t think we can hold HGs accountable for most of what they say in the BB house. Now Rachel’s ACTIONS and behavior are an entire different story- short dresses with no underwear, boobs hanging out everywhere etc. Nw I do judge her on those things.


you’re kidding right? you’re judging Rachel on what she wears? Have you been in this century lately? do you watch any tv at all? this is the norm. wake up. stop bashing you are contributing to the sheep mob mentality of haters.

forever a fan

reagan is an idiot


Britt to win pov today




Stop spreading false rumors!


idiots who are about to win, 500k LOL

DD sisters

Is there anyone out there that can tell the truth about who won the POV? i.m getting different results of who won PLEASE TELL ME THE TRUTH……

THANKS DD Sisters.


I’m on team Enzo and Hayden to the final 2, with Brenden to win America’s favorite. I cant even watch the live feeds anymore, too sick of Brit!!!


I agree with you Tammy! Lame and bitchney make me ill!! I hope Brendan wins Am Fav!!


Britney: Are you for real? I sincerely hope that you read this. Your vulgar mouth was unladylike and you should be ashamed of yourself. I am positive that your family is not and cannot approve of your behavior and that you caused them plenty of embarassment. The way your spoke of the other houseguests was unnecessary and you did it continually. You spoke badly of everyone in that house. Ever heard the term two faced? Well, that described you perfectly. You did not keep your word, cussed like a sailor and talked behind everyone’s back in the most vulgar way possible. You need your mouth washed out with soap. You will be remembered as white trash with a foul, nasty mouth who could not be trusted and was no one’s friend. Rachel is a saint compared to you. When you are talking about someone else Britney think how you would feel if someone did that to you. Grow up and learn the Golden Rule. This is a game and I can only imagine how you are in real life, What a scum bag!


Della I concur!
unfortunately she has people like Ragan and Monet and Kristin who all view her hate bashing as something wonderful. She won’t think anything she’s done or said is wrong until she has some miraculous epiphany that wakes her up. Too many people like her. And…if people actually watched BBAD or the live feeds they wouldn’t be contributing to the hate mob mentality. They’d see that Rachel is not the cause of it and Ragan and Brit are. People just don’t care to open their eyes. I’ll root on the opposite side of bullying any day.