Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Early morning makeout session.. Rachel “I love sleeping with you”

8:40am Up in the Head of Household room Brendon and Rachel are making out. Things are getting all hot and heavy. Rachel climbs on top of Brendon. Rachel says that he gets her into trouble. Rachel then says that she loves sleeping with him. Brendon says I love sleeping with you. They’re now laying beside each other, Brendon’s leg on her and shes holding his hand up near her head. 8:50am Make out session is over … now they’re back to sleep …
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8:55am The live feeds cut to the we will be right back screen.. When the feeds come back ..all four cameras are on Kathy in the bathroom getting ready. In the bedroom, Enzo is rooting around for something while he talks to Hayden and Kristen. Enzo recaps what they were talking about last night. He says that Ragan was going off about his gay lifestyle …and Kathy is talking about high school and stuff that happened 50 years ago. They all laugh. Enzo leaves the room. Kristen says that Enzo cracks her up with his t-shirts …that they’re pre-made. Hayden is like yeah iron on letters. It was pretty smart of him to do that. Hayden says it would have been so smart to come up with your own label and come in here… its such good exposure. Kristen says yeah. Kristen says that she heard Andrew say are you serious when the music played to wake them up. She says to Hayden well he gets up so early in the morning to do his religious stuff. They both laugh that he’s mad he has to get up now. They talk about how Hayden hasn’t gotten to experience the house. Hayden says he had the most fun last night. Kristen says well obviously. Matt gets called to the diary room and Kristen whispers to Hayden that, that is something she has noticed that he gets called in early every day. Just then the feeds cut to the we will be right back screen.

Andrew is up in the HOH room talking to Rachel and Brendon. Andrew says that he got in a fight with Britney last night and he wants her gone. Britney called out Andrew for being too excited for Rachel when she won HOH.  Rachel asks Andrew if people have an idea of who they will put up. Andrew says that they think you are putting up Britney and Monet. Andrew says who he doesn’t like are Matt and Lane…. Matt is really playing a strategic game and Lane has the people behind him. Brendon says that they know the next competition will be physical so they know Britney cant win it. Brendon says all day they are going to be sweating balls. And Rachel isn’t going to tell them anything she is going to be as vague as possible. Brendon says that they are going to be coming up to him (Andrew) to find out information about who’s going up because everyone thinks your close to us. But don’t tell them anything … say that you don’t know anything. Andrew leaves. Rachel says that they just don’t want to piss anyone off this early in the game. Brendon says we are playing chess …all of them are playing checkers. We have to always be one step ahead. Rachel says we need them to think we are putting up Britney and Monet and then get rid of Monet. Rachel says that she is going down stairs. Brendon says don’t wait too long to start talking to people. Rachel says well I don’t really care. Brendon tells her to meet with Hayden 2nd or 3rd…


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Rachel meets with Matt first. Matt is worried he’s going up. Rachel reassures him that they like him and that he isn’t a target. Matt talks about how Enzo was way too excited when Rachel won HOH …that he was way more excited than Brendon was and that that was just fake. Matt says that he has something to tell Rachel and Brendon at the same time. He wants to talk to them at the same time so that he doesn’t have to waste time saying it twice. Matt says that the information he wants to tell them may change their decision. Matt leaves and Enzo is outside the door waiting to come in to talk.

9:30am – 9:40am Enzo is next into the HOH room, Rachel says what’s up gangsta as he walks in…. Rachel says that they really need to get rid of the weak players in the game and then they can really start playing this game. Enzo says yeah …he says that Britney should go because she its starting shit with everyone …Monet already has $10G’s in her pocket. Big Brother tells Enzo to put his mic on and its down stairs so he leaves to go put it on. They say that they will talk later. Rachel says she’s going to take a shower. The cameras are on Rachel getting ready to take a shower …then they switch to the downstairs bathroom where Hayden and Kathy are talking about how they miss Annie already.


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John Black

Hayden and Monet are put on the block. Too Bad


how do u know


I think he’s just speculating the nominations haven’t been called yet


how do you know? yes britt is still here


Oh god not more makeout footage, come on, who wants to see the princess dry humping his fat cow.


Thank you, I am sick of this also and it is shown so much on showtime afterdark. I don’t care about their sex life and IMO they are doing it for the cameras so when they leave the BB house, they will get a lot of attention.


I wish Enzo would just shut up. He is so annoying and his comment about stuff that happened to Kathy 50 years ago is so ignorant, she is only 40 years old. Enzo is a typical full of himself idiot/jerk who has nothing to be full of himself about. His attitude sucks.


He is a character though and even though he needs to shut up at times, it is amusing and we need amusing or I would have to shave my head or paint my nails black in protest and we certainly do not want that.

The Playa



Has anyone heard that Annie is sequestered? She may be coming back.


OMG I hope not, that girl talked a straight 16 hours the first day she went on the block! She’s out, she should not be allowed to come back. CBS should not be able to change the rules just because she was the sabatore. They evicted her fair & square 10/0 by the way CBS!

A. Stounding

Since when are they sequestered the few first weeks, i thought only the jury house was sequestered?? So they will probably let her sneak back in to sabotage, BUT THAT WOULD NOT BE FAIR!!!! They need to see the line about the Sab escaping the block was a lie, so that they could maybe figure the 2 longtime friends might be a lie also…everything from Annie/Sab is lying…

The Playa

they may bring players back like bb9 when james came back

Uncle Cool

Maybe a future episode will allow someone with a special ‘wizard power’ to bring back someone who’s been evicted.


another wizard would be cool still have the cap image from last year


~ Matt says that he has something to tell Rachel and Brendon at the same time. He wants to talk to them at the same time so that he doesn’t have to waste time saying it twice.~

Does anyone else, besides me, think he’s going to tell them about The Brigade?


thats what i thought at first too, since he is worried that hes going up and he already thinks him and hayden have a deal.
but i dont think matt would throw his alliance under the bus that fast


by him i meant brandon


All Matt wanted to tell them was that he thought that Britney was the saboteur. I said from day one that I didn’t like Matt and Lane. Matt is super sneaky and Lane is nothing but a creep. When Matt, Ragan, and Brendon were up in the HOH room talking, Matt hardly spoke. I hope Brendon picked up on that. Matt has got shifty eyes. Also, when Hayden was up in the HOH room talking with Rachel, he seemed to be very concerned that Rachel not put Kristen on the block. They resemble each other (Hayden and Kristen) but at the same time, they seem to be attracted to each other. I haven’t got this one figured out yet but I will go far as to say that I would bet that Hayden would put more value on him and Kristen’s ‘thing’ than him and the ‘brigade’…


Matt finally talked about his big news to Rachel & Brenden, he has all this news that Britney is the Sabatore! It’s so funny how strongly he feels she’s it, when that person has already been evicted! But he’s a good liar! He’s not involved with anyone! I think those guys, Enzo, Matt & Lane, made an alliance too soon in the game. Maybe they are just too insecure to go it on their own for any amount of time. And I pray CBS does not bring Annie back, that was mentioned earlier today, I can’t stand another minute listening to her!