Big Brother 12 SPOILERS – Casting Director interview with Robyn Kass about BB12!

Big Brother 12 Casting Director interview with Robyn Kass from Kassting Inc. She offers up some great casting tips when applying to Big Brother Season 12 or and reality related program.
The Producers are looking for a dynamic group of individuals who are articulate, interesting and exhibit enthusiasm for the project as well as a willingness to share their most private thoughts in an open forum of strangers. This group of individuals, while meeting the technical requirements of the program, must also have sufficient physical, psychological, and mental capacity to endure approximately 100 days in a monitored house under extraordinary conditions.
There are a few eligibility requirements that must be met before applying for the show, such as being at least 21 years old at the time of the filling out your Big Brother application (nice lie Natalie from BB11), being willing to live your life on camera with no privacy for 100 days, and be willing to travel at your own expense to Los Angeles for interviews in the semi-finals, if selected by the producers.  The eligibility requirements also discuss the weekly stipend that House Guests (aside from the winner and runner-up) receive for being on the show.  House Guests will receive about $750 a week, meaning the third place winner would take home roughly $9000 for 12 weeks of taping.  Good luck to all those applying for Big Brother 12!!

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