Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit won’t Target B/R, Lane Warns Her the House but come after her

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:30pm Matt and Kathy HOh .. YOU KNOW.. they briefly talk about Andrew’s house meeting speech. Matt thinks it was a good move for him, Kathy agrees. She asks him hows it going, Matt pretty sure Andrew is gone he’s too much of a loose cannon. Matt is sympathetic about Andrew saying since day one he was hit with the stigma that he was the saboteur and that isolated him early in the game. Matt adds that it doesn’t excuse him for his behavior these last couple days. Kathy rehashes the morning freak out with Andrew. Andrew tells her he heard it all he knows what happened in was in the kitchen making slop. Kathy says the one thing Andrew shouldn’t of done was say those things to kristen becuase she really defended him. Matt agrees he brings up the time when kristen came up here and defended him. Matt isn’t sure that Andrew’s craziness has ended, he could still pull something looney Toon out tomorrow. He points out that this morning was totally unprovoked just came out of the blue. Matt thinks Andrew was taken advantage of from brendon and rachel.. “i don’t know what they did to him but they talked him into doing these things and now look at him”. Kahty brings up last week’s HOH meeting and when everyone in HOH was talking about who to put up either
Andrew or Matt. They were going to put Andrew up because they were suspicious about you volunteering to go up. Kristen wanted to talk to Andrew before they decided but Brendon wouldn’t let her. brendion insisted that everyone in the HOH would not talk to andrew. That put up a read flag for Kathy. Matt thinks that was weird and scary that someone can have a secret alliance like that under people noses..
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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:00pm Kitchen Brit and Lane Brit is telling him she is not going to put B/R up if she wins HOH. She explains that B/R isn’t coming after her but Kristen is. Britney says that Kristen controls Hayden. She asks him if you know Andrew was coming after you would you put up B/R instead. Lane says the whole house will be pissed at you. Brit lists off the brigade and adds Ragan tells him thats the house right now will you guys come after me? Lane tells her they will all be pissed off. Lane thinks b/r would put her up, Brit doesn’t. She asks him why nobody is pissed off at Matt because he never put up b/r. Lane explains Matts “plan” to Backdoor Brendon. Brit says theres 2 people coming after me Lane says if B/R don’t go up there could be 4 people coming after you. Brit asks him who he thinks B/R will put up, Lane thinks it’s him. Brit says no you won’t if you go up you’ll be the pawn… Hayden walks in the talk changes to past season Alliance names.

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:30pm Rachel and Brendon working out They talk about how cool it is if they get to go on allstar. Rachel says that will only happen if America love them. Brendon doesn’t care this is what he says “I know I love you and I know this is real and I know I want something when this is over and I don’t care what people think” Rachel Ahhh Brendon your so sweet and they kiss…. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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61 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit won’t Target B/R, Lane Warns Her the House but come after her

    1. lol grandma u made my day. that is so freakin true………..lmfao. You need to stay up , your on point 2 night miss.The best comment so far this season. you really sum it all up. rotflmaoooooooooo! bb grandma for president!lol

    1. kristen will deffinitely be put up i think. i hate rachel … shes a fake bitch. i dont like brendon for being with her, but i thinkk i would have liked him. right now, i like (in order) :
      1. kristen and hayden
      2.enzo and ragan
      3.brittany (i would like her more if she werent going after kristen)
      7.boy geogre and brenda

      ^^ people past 4 i dont care for, and i dislike.

      1. Glad to hear someone else likes Hayden and Kristen best. :)
        My list would be just a little different.
        1. kristen and hayden
        5.matt (what’s with his hands in pants all the time?)
        6. andrew (liked him until it started looking like he is going to out Hayden and Kristen tonight)
        7. Brittany
        8.Rachel and brenden

      1. Always concerned when it comes to you Grandma, your like everyones Grandma on here and I really enjoy your comments, you got moxy, just like my own grandma.

      1. Say whatever you want Grandma, go for it. We won’t love you any less. You can take off your clothes and type if you want. haha wink wink

      2. Feel better grand ma! I just wish things will get better for bb12. I’m watching now and they all think there going to be stars afterbb12. There talking about selling t shirts for the brigade. All of them is talking about allstars. i think thats why its so boring , there not talking about the now. there so busy thinking about after.I will still continue to watch bb, but i hope they rethink their cast next season.NONE OF THEM ARE ALLSTARS. JUST ALL STAR BORING!

        1. If I wanted to watch a bunch of guys workout, I would watch Jack McLain (was that the name of that old fart??) I don’t watch Clean This House either. I could go with them getting drunk. But don’t give me any of the sump pump kissing tonight! Hayden could shower with the door open……………

          1. Hahaha! Yes hayden, shower with the door open. I think he flip flops more than kathy. lets see your body because you guys aren’t giving us good show!

          2. Haha…yes, wouldn’t mind seeing Hayden’s body…damn. At least there is some eye candy when everything is dull. Hayden walking around with his shirt off…not too shabby.

  1. Bb grandma, I am normally not super religious but I will say a prayer for good test results. I look forward to your posts and you are more than entitled to vent,,, especially cause you’re right!

  2. I think a spinoff show called Little Brother could be good,,, like big brother except all little people. Then they could bring Matt back as a special houseguest!

  3. OMG why do these jerkoffs think we want to watch them working out every night? Oh well I guess it’s better than watching the ho tub rub.

    1. Moaner…working out is better than watching B/R making out and her dumb laugh. OOOHhh she just bugs me. I’m so tired of that awful hair, makeup and dress.

  4. Avenge us, BBGrandma!!!!!! I swear, if these people were any clueless, we’d have to pad all sharp edges for fear of injuries.

  5. Okay, I know a lot of you like Andrew and Brendon but after hearing Brendon talking to Ragan and Britney I have to tell you all……those two guys are touching pee pees. That is each others! Brendon has a hard one right now for the guy!

  6. Big Brother After Dark……. Ragan is CHARGING Brendan and Rachel UP RIGHT NOW!!!! Ragan for the WIN! B and R are trying to bullshit him but he’s not buying it!

  7. Lmao Ragan just went nuts on branchel. He sum it all up.He’s not falling for their dumb az campaigning for andrew. They tried but ragan went nuts. hahahahaha! I think I’m liking this guy even more. He had a enough of there explanations.

  8. Ragan, sweetie, you need to SHUT UP!!!!!! He does know the game and he is telling everyone how to play and I think he is stopping some of the drama we all are longing for! So, SHUT THE F UP, Please! We want battles with blood!

    1. Grandma ragan is about to blow up on branchel. He’s sick of them trying to convice him to keep andrew. its funny because brendon is getting mad!

      1. Yes, you are right about that. But, I do think he sometimes stops some of the drama. However, it is good tonight. He is even getting Rachel to call out Brendon on Andrew.

        1. ragan should shut his trap sometimes. He thinks he knows it all sometimes. Then he should know about matt sneaky butt! Tonight he was on point. I loved it. He went crazy on Brendon. It look like brendon wanted to cry. Why did they leave the hoh and put the camera on hayden and kristen? They left from the drama. Now im pissed , because it’s bake to snoozing.

  9. Lol and brendon trying to cover up his tracks. He’s going on and on about the same thing. And Rachel just pissed him off about him and Andrew being the long lost friends.

    Britney and Ragan are definitely not falling for the bullshit B/R are selling to them.

  10. I hope you get good news from the doc BBGrandma! I’ll keep you in my prayers! Thanks for always giving this girl a smile!

  11. They haven’t even made jury and BR are fantasizing about being on allstars. Their egos are so enormous I am amazed that there is room for the other hg in the house. They whine about fighting to stay every day, but they put the target on their backs by starting a showmance as soon as the cameras started rolling. They are so deluded and out of touch with what we like and what we don’t. I wish they would stop trying to play to the cameras. I am embarrassed for them sometimes.

  12. Oh Grandma you are just too awesome.
    I would love to see something like that happen in the house. Have it come alive a little.

  13. After hearing Brendan tonight plead for Andrew to stay I believe that they are the friends that knew each other before coming into the house. I was thinking that it was Kathy and Kristen but now I am not sure. Ragan is very smart. He knows the game and his only real alliance his to himself. the way he flipped on Brendan tonight was good. You can’t stay true to an IDIOT and B/R were certainly that tonight.
    Enzo makes me laugh. Without he and Ragan I don’t think I could even stand BBAD. Just watched some videos on you tube from BB11.WE NEED SOME OF BB11 ACTION!!! Chima and RUSSEL! Natalie and Jessie! Jeff and Jordyn!!! ANY of them!!!

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