Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon says he went to Vegas and hooked up with a 39 year old… she was a freak… an untapped resource.

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9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Kathy, Enzo and Lane are in the backyard talking about why Rachel, Brendon were looking through the Big Brother manual yesterday. Kathy says that Rachel and Brendon kept her up last night with their constant talking and laughing. Enzo says that after Thursday, it is over. Kathy will win HOH and puts Brendon up. They all laugh. Brendon comes outside, says good morning to Kathy and asks her how she slept. Kathy says that was fine until you and Rachel woke me up. Brendon says, why.. what were we doing? Kathy says that she doesn’t know but they were being loud. Brendon asks if it was when they were rapping. Kathy says that she heard a lot of laughing. Brendon says that he is sorry for waking her. Kathy leaves to go back to sleep in the have not room. Rachel is still sleeping in bed.

9:30am In the backyard Lane and Brendon are talking. Hayden is on the couch trying to sleep. Brendon says that he keep waiting for the saboteur to do something. Brendon says that its just more bad casting. Lane says that this saboteur is worst than the last one. Brendon talks about the tape on the photos and other things the previous saboteur did and how some of those pranks were clever. Lane laughs and says that this Saboteur hasn’t done anything noticeable. Brendon jokes that he needs the magnifying glass to go search the house for clues that the saboteur has been in the house.

Enzo and Matt are talking in the backyard. Enzo tell Matt that Brendon and Rachel were going through the Big Brother manual last night and going into the diary room. Matt asks why? Enzo says that they were fighting because Rachel didn’t want to tell Brendon what she knew and he wanted to know. Enzo says that they were trying to find out if you (Matt) were lying about the dollar in Pandora’s box. Enzo says that it was ridiculous … they were fighting about it and BLANK. BLANK dummy. Matt laughs and says whatever, I don’t even care. Enzo says Rachel and Brendon were being loud and Kathy called them on it. Enzo says he’s annoyed with Kathy because she has suddenly jumped on the we are against Brendon and Rachel bandwagon. Enzo tells Matt that Brendon said he wants to put up Britney/Ragan and maybe even Matt if he wins HOH. Matt says he thinks Ragan would be more loyal but Britney is more devious. Enzo says whoever annoys me the most is who I want out of here. Matt and Enzo laugh about how Rachel thinks she is staying and that they love the fact that Brendon thinks he is the one being evicted on Thursday.

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9:45am Brendon and Lane are talking on the couches about older women. Brendon and Lane think that Kathy is a good looking woman and they respect that she’s kept up with herself. Brendon says that he went to Vegas a couple of years ago and hooked up with a 39 year old. Brendon says that she was a freak… an untapped resource. Lane says that it’s like digging and finding oil. Lane says that he prefers older, more mature women. Lane asks Brendon if Rachel is going to quit her job. Brendon says she makes a lot of money and thinks that no matter what she says she is getting to the age where she’s about to be over it. Brendon says that Rachel has connections with people who own hotels in other cities and could get a job in LA and get into UCLA. Brendon says that he may even have some pull in his department.

9:50am Enzo and Matt talk about Britney and Ragan. They talk about how Ragan is more loyal and less devious than Britney. Enzo says that Brendon knows they are breaking his balls all the time. He thinks he is leaving and that’s what we want. Rachel is talking like she is staying. Matt laughs and says that he love that. Neither of them think Brendon will win HOH. Enzo says that it is only Tuesday, man. Enzo says that all four of the Brigade have to go into the diary room. Enzo explains that he has done diary room sessions with the other Brigade members. Enzo says he and Lane went in last night and joked about Brendon being a Brigade member and not even knowing it. Enzo and Matt talk about the saboteur. Enzo says that he still thinks its Kathy. Matt says he doesn’t think so, he thinks that America is the one who voted for who the saboteur should be and that they would never pick Kathy. Enzo says that he really wants Julie to tell them if America voted or not. Matt says yeah. Enzo say that he is upset that America didn’t choose him to be the sab, what’s wrong with him …why didn’t they like him … The Enzo says that he wouldn’t have done it anyway but that it would have been nice for them to offer it him. Matt says he is going to sleep all day. Matt says that he hate getting dressed up for the live show. Enzo says that the Monday to the Thursday part of the week sucks the most. They wish we could have movie day out in the backyard. Enzo and Lane are laughing about Rachel and Brendon getting the rule book out. Enzo says that it sucks because all you guys were upstairs and I was stuck down here with those dodo’s. Matt starts talking about Britney and them always being up there in his HOH. Matt says that she is always around, she is always hanging around Lane. Enzo says that she is a BLANK BLANK. Enzo says, that’s one person I don’t want to win, she’s too young to need the money. Enzo says the there are other people that deserve the money like Matt because he needs it for his wife.

Up in the HOH room Lane and Matt are talking. Lane says that he doesn’t think there is a saboteur that it might be America. Matt says that he thought about that too. Matt says that with the rule book last night was hysterical he wishes he had been in there last night to watch it. Matt says he doesn’t know how it started a fight some kind of argument. Lane says dude that bowl thing was fun last night, and tells Matt Rachel wants her name on it. Matt says unless we give that out for a gang bang trophy she is not going to get it anyway. Matt says Enzo wants to keep Brendon around one more week. Lane says we only can keep him one more week because he only has one set of nominations that we trust. They talk about how Britney and Ragan are Brendon’s main target. Lane says he has Britney to go up with on the block. Matt says that’s fine he doesn’t want to keep him, but if he wins HOH that’s fine whatever. Lane says we have to win POV’s too. Matt says we have to win every competition. Matt says after this week we are have the house, there is no reason we can’t do it. Lane says he needs Enzo to put up either him and Ragan or Lane and Britney. Matt says that it would work in their favour if Brendon won the HOH and then would be the bad guy and nominate Britney and Ragan. Matt says that then they could get him out following week. Lane says that he doesn’t know there is something scary about him getting HOH.

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10:25am – 10:40am In the backyard Britney, Ragan, Hayden are talking about Rachel and Brendon looking in the big brother manual last night. Hayden tells Britney what he heard from the conversation between Brendon and Rachel. Britney talks how with powers there is only so much a person can say. Britney brings up how Jeff couldn’t tell Jordan about the coup d‘etat. Britney is to figure out what Rachel could be trying to tell about her diary room session. Britney asks what is so important they go to the rule book. Britney says why would she want him to know cause she was drinking and being stupid. Hayden says she hopes it is because she is the saboteur. Hayden says only way she is staying is if she has some freaky power. Ragan says I don’t think she has a power if she had a power she wouldn’t be jumping through hoops and the whole POV ceremony explosion wouldn’t have happened. Brit says well if she has it she thinks she just recently got it. Hayden says that he doesn’t think she has any powers because she wouldn’t be trying to be nice right now. Ragan agrees and says that yeah, every time she gets power she acts like a monster. Britney says she doesn’t know how Kristen did it. That she got attacked a lot worse and managed to pull it together. Britney says she feels like she is walking on egg shells cause she has to always be on the look out where Brendon is and that you have to worry every second something is going to happen, because any second one of them could come out there screaming. Britney wonders if next week will be hell for her since Brendon will still be there. Hayden says what do we do if Brendon is on the block next week and wins POV, what do we do? Britney says we’ll kill ourselves and says that she is afraid it will be like a gamble POV.

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122 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon says he went to Vegas and hooked up with a 39 year old… she was a freak… an untapped resource.

    1. I agree-I’m not really sure who I want to win, but not Enzo. I thought it was funny that the other day he was mentioning that whoever of the brigade does win the $500,000.00 that it should be split 4 ways. To me, that said so much as to the kind of person Enzo is.

    2. Agreed. I like Enzo a lot, and I hope he stays for awhile, but he can’t really say that Britney doesn’t deserve to win. All Enzo’s done is get himself into an alliance, in which ONE member is doing all the work. Britney’s won 3 POVs, one to save herself, and one that stopped Brendon or Rachel from getting off the block. Britney might not seem like a powerful player, and she may not be part of the biggest alliance, but she’s playing the game. She’s even taken baths with Rachel to get info!

      Also, Enzo’s gonna feel like a tool for saying that, after he finds out Matt lied about his wife.

    3. Enzo has the reasoning power of a gnat. If Brendon wins HOH, Enzo thinks he will but up Ragan and Britney. What he forgets is that in order to be HOH Brendon will have watched Enzo lie to him and send home Rachel. I would love to see Enzo nominated and actually have to win something in order to stay in the house.


  1. Well I did like Enzo until he called Britney such a horrible name. She has had his back & Lane’s, & he has done NOTHING but lay around & cut up! Matt said the other day that Enzo was selfish, and I agree, he wants to win the game but does nothing to further the game but suck up to Rachel & Brendon.

    1. I guess we now know what Enzo feels about Britney. I seriously don’t know how any of these people can handle or stand being in the house. I know the game is to do what you have to in order to win, but I seriously think they are all going nuts.

    2. As soon as people start to feel insecure about another house member they start to bad mouth them. They feel that person is becoming too powerful and that is their way of taking away some of the power that is making them feel insecure. It is all part of the game! And Brit with all her wit is Enzo’s competition in a sense because he is witty in his own way yo too!

  2. Hayden says what do we do if Brendon is on the block next week and wins POV, what do we do? Britney says we’ll kill ourselves …..

    Get ready to kill yourself Britney..your days are numbered!

  3. Ugh i wish they didn’t make the hoh-nomination-pov events so close together, it makes these next couple of days soooo boring. Love this season though, don’t get me wrong. Brigade, yo.

  4. Do you think that Rachel really stole the diamond POV from Matt’s luggage? I sure hope so!! That would be hysterical! I think Brittney would have an aneurism and Matt would crap his pants!!


    1. I would love big brother 3290482348 times more if rachel stole the pov.
      If i was her i will keep it and take it home to the jury house.
      I would not tell anyone and when matt want to use it he cant find it.
      ROFL that would be amazing!

  5. It’s a debate between laying low and manipulating versus winning things and proving yourself. Personally, I’m hoping Brittney goes final 2 because she’s certainly looked like she’s deserved it, even if she keeps running back and forth telling everyone what B/R say.

  6. I agree that Brit has a big mouth. Can not keep a secret. The typcial “mean girl” that we all knew when we were in high school. God I would hate to be her boyfriend or friend. She would make me want to punch her at all times.

    On the other hand though, I do not want Matt to win either. I know that it is a game but to use someone like his wife to get sympathy, I do not want him to win. I hope he gets voted out when he uses the DPOV because the other houseguests figure out that he lied about Pandora’s box.

    1. I don’t want Matt to win even though he is playing the game relatively well. The lie about his wife just makes me not like him!

    2. Yeah she’s kind of getting on my nerves!! I’m a little sick of hearing her say that she has class too!! NOT!!! I really hope Lane gets away from her….she’s just gonna bring him down with her!

    3. I don’t believe that the brigade would care when they found out he had the DPOV. He had to keep it a secret, or else he lost it. He would say he needed to keep it a secret to make sure the brigade stayed in power. The other 3 would be high-fiving him for keeping it from them.

      1. In fact, I think the whole house will understand why he lied. Some may target him because he won 2 HOH’s and the DPOV, but nobody but B/R will make a case against him for it.

      2. you are correct the Brigade wonn’t give 2 shits about Matt not telling them about the DPOV. if matt tells them he loses the power so why on earth would they be mad.

    1. Under no circumstance should the term “zilla” ever be attached to her name. She’s not worthy and it is insulting to us zilla’s LOL

  7. I know I’m missing something here.. I know Kathy is a HAVE NOT, and sleeps in the HN room, but why are Rachael and Bren there too??

    I thought she was the only HN this week, when she stepped off the bucket first.

    What did I miss…please!!?


  8. OK, since nobody has said “I hope Lane wins BB”, I’ll say it. I don’t think he has the smarts to win competitions, but GO LANE!

    1. I like Lane too, totally misread him in the first week. His rapport with Brit is cool….if I didnt think otherwise, I would say they were the 2 who know each other (if that even exists).

    2. Definitely love Lane! he’s very likeable, but i have to agree he probably won’t win it all, hopefully the 50k or America’s Choice.

    3. I love Lane. He’s smart when it comes to the game play and strategies though. He may fly under the radar competition wise, but he’s a smart strategist.

  9. My prediction is that once Rachel is gone, someone will defect from the Brigade. There will be a power move that causes someone to break off, or maybe someone will just have a realization that they all can’t win the money.

    1. it’s driving me bonkers trying to predict what will happen after boy george leaves. I have no idea how the house will split I can’t wait to see what happens.

      1. Yeah, it’s all up in the air, but I’d love it if they all started singing “Karma Chameleon” as she’s leaving :)

      1. I have faith that at least ONE of them has the brains to know they won’t all benefit from making it to final 4. They would each have better luck against someone else.

    2. The ONLY one is see that would possibly defect is Matt…he has already shown on 3 occasions where he goes against the brigade…not putting Brenchal up the first time, lying about the dollar and then not telling them about the dpov….

      1. Yup! I agree that if there was going to be a defector it would be Matt, but part of me doesn’t believe there will be. I think these four are in it for the final 4. From there it will be interesting how they decide to break up the 4 down to 2 etc. I think when that time does come Enzo will try to run things and make those decisions for the group and we will see Matt sitting with them quietly with that long far away look stratagizing on who he will pull his way…..Lane or Hayden…..

      2. He CAN’T tell them about the DPOV, or he’ll lose it. But I do see him as being the first to pull away. He’d be smart to use his power to get out one of the Brigade, mainly Hayden because he’s the only other one who’s done anything.

  10. Thank you!!!!!!!
    I would rather have anyone win before Brittney even that annoying weasel ragan.
    By the way how would you like to be sending your kids to college, paying big money and have a moral less teacher like ragan. I don’t believe he should be educating students.

    1. By the time they reach college age, its a little late to start teaching morals. Besides, as their parent, shouldn’t YOU be the one doing YOUR job in teaching morals to YOUR kids instead of relying on someone else to do it?

      Just sayin’..

  11. If Brit makes it to final 4 I wouldnt mind seeing her win. Guess i’m in the minority here, but I think it would be cool to see the Brigade make it far.

    1. I would love to see Brit win, I think she has played a good game (actually playing to win stuff unlike Enzo who is LAZY!). I wasn’t to crazy about her and Monet (too whiny & crybaby) but now I really like her better than anyone. She is very smart & witty.

  12. I love the fact that they have convinced Rachel she is staying and Bren is leaving. If they keep it hush hush, the reaction from Brendon will be priceless on Thursday.

      1. I’m sure Brendon is brilliant when it comes to his field of study and I’m sure he’s a very good endurance athlete but he’s a just a big toe when it comes to Big Brother. Rachel is probably a lot of fun to party with and she probably gives great lap dances but she’s hideous at the BB game.

    1. I don’t think Rachel believes she isn’t going home. She had made a comment to that effect after a convo where they said they would vote Brendon out. I think I remember that convo right. I only read it in a previous update, but that was my impression. I could be totally off base.

    1. I think Ragan should tell her that Brendon and he were the friends, AND lovers, and thanks for getting them this far Blanche ;)

  13. I personally think Enzo is falling for the ‘walking wounded’ routine B/R are laying on him. The rest of the house isn’t making it hard to buy into it with their non stop bashing of that dopey duo. I’m thinking Enzo will align with Brendon if he stays and wins the HOH. Also, if Matt has to break out and use the DPOV, thats gonna cause some fissure in the Brigade. Enzo is content to let others do the work and he then attaches himself to the winner so we’ll see. Meanwhile Sleeper Cell Kathy is gonna continue doing what she does best–SLEEP!

  14. I think Rachel did go up and find the DPOV. I remember the other night she told Kathy that she was going up to use the bathroom in the HOH room and I thought that was odd because no one but her and Kathy were in the house. I think she rifled through Matt’s suitcase and found it. Maybe she went in to DR and was looking through manual to find out if she could steal it and use it. But I don’t think she took it yet or Matt would be freaking out. He probably hid it in another place or has it on him once he realized someone went through his suitcase.

    1. The recap indicated that Rachel wanted to check the rule book to see if Matt was lying about his story that production took the dollar coupon from his luggage and re-gifted it to him when he opened Pandora’s Box. If the Rule Book does not allow invasions of privacy by going through someone’s luggage, then Matt’s story that production went through his luggage to get the dollar coupon must be a lie. If Matt lied, then the whole house might turn against him and cause all kinds of trouble.

        1. Natalie said she was 18. It’s clearly written in the rule book you must be 21. The houseguests believed her so they don’t really believe the rules can be changed or altered thus Rachel telling everyone Matt lied, with this crew I’m sure they won’t believe her

    2. There might be something to this because Matt had a conversation with Ragan regarding someone going through his stuff. He said he suspected someone was, so he placed his sweatshirt in a very specific position so he could tell if it had been moved, and when he came back, it had. This is very interesting because perhaps production saw Rachel find the DPOV in Matt’s bag, and they are forcing her to not tell the other houseguests, so she’s trying to drop clues and hints that Matt’s Pandora’s box story was fabricated. People HAVE gone through other peoples stuff in past seasons, but it is against the rules to steal anything. You can hide their stuff though, which if she found it and knew the rules like she claims, she could have hidden it from Matt.

  15. matt is disgusting with his hands constantly down his pants…i mean don’t little boys do that when they first find out they have a weiner???? also,making up that his wife is sick IS sick.screw him.brittis way too catty but she’s the only one who’s got a personality…other then rachel being a pig with a nasty personality. haydon’s soo good looking but boooooring.enzo’s on my sh*tlist since he called britt a c*nt and is hanging with R n B sooo much.poor group of ppl this yr…..very boring.

  16. I dont quite understand why everyone is bashing Kathy. What has Enzo won? Kathy’s strategy is to act weak and not win Enzo just doesn’t he’s lucky he has the brigade alliance.

    1. Kathy is playing the “weakling” strategy and it’s working for her Enzo is playing the “frriend” of the house strategy and it’s working for him

      1. Enzo is a version of kathy and everyone is to scared of his mouth to call him out! I know u like the brigade simon, but their the worst alliance in bb history and their season is worst in history. Google it!. Thats why cbs came up with the pandoras box chit, hoping ragan won hoh. Turn out matt did. They wanted a power shirt. Cbs is working on something else because we all know how the season ends if they don’t. O.m. geee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Exactly-that is what the brigade said at the very beginning of BB12, lets lay low and not draw attention to ourselves so no one will know we are in an alliance together, and look, no one knows. EVEN THOUGH KRISTIN SPELLED IT OUT FOR THEM…..

          2. The worst alliance ever. Lets see, Old man name= the brigade , only person who one anything really was matt. There all floaters. Plus a great alliance will be out and the open and still dont get voted out, Evil will and Boogie!lmao so the brigade walking around talking about theirthe greatest alliance ever is def a #fail.

            1. Totally disagree. A floater is someone with no true alliances who “floats” to whichever side of the house has the power week-to-week. The four members of the Brigade made an alliance on DAY ONE and have stuck to it. Just bc it’s secret doesn’t make it any less valuable than any other alliance in BB history (in my opinion it makes 100x better, they have nothing to do in that house but watch and talk about each other and they have still kept it a secret, that is impressive).

              And if your first complaint is the name of their alliance, you obviously just don’t like Matt, Enzo, Lane and Hayden and therfore their alliance must be “the worst in bb history”. Its your opinion I just think its based on personal dislike for the people, not for any game play on the Brigade’s part.

              1. Newby Like i said I call him evil will,lol. You dont have to write a book to get toget to your point. Like I said their on the worst season yet of bigbrother , The only person who won anything was matt and ragan let him,lol. If your great then dominate the game in both ways. there pretending like their thowing comps when there just losing and not on purpose And it’s your opinion of them being so great. lmfao.hahaha. Everyday walking around , saying their the greatest alliance ever,lol. Really? If so big brother has really went down hill Justsayin’

                1. Sorry my “book” was one line shorter than your “novel”. And its your opinion that this is the worst season of BB. We dont really know if Ragan gave matt his HOH’s since both times Matt said he was fine with just playing them out and Ragan volunteered to jump off. Maybe bc Matt is a good social player and had Ragan’s trust? Nah then you would have to give credit to the Brigade. True in Season 2 Chilltown was out in the open but Boogie didnt win squat he was out 4th or 5th. On AS, Chilltown coulndt hide there allinace bc it was already known but Chilltown’s greatest strategy was making secret fake alliances with pretty much every other contestant. Hmmmm who reminds you of that gameplay this year?

                1. OK just dont let Evel Dick find out he might track you down and demand a retraction. JK we all have our nicknames for the houseguests so if thats what you call him fine by me, just confusing to the rest of us when another former player already uses that name.

                  I would like to hear your opinion on my take of a floater vs yours?

            2. This is what the brigade has done this season

              they have WON 3/5ths of the HOH’s
              they have stayed a secret since day one
              there is no way any of them will go home this week or next week regardless of who wins HOH
              they have controlled who goes home every week

              I’ve only watched 3 seaseon of BB but would say they are one of the strongest allainces every. It will take either production stepping in or a Mutiny within their ranks for them not to make final 2


              1. The only thing they control are the votes. Brit , Rachel, and Brendon one more , then 4 of them put together and their not even in an alliance. Lame! The best alliance of the worst season, maybe yeah,lmao. All together still lame.

          3. The brigade is a horrible alliance. There is what 4 members and only one can win a competition. And its not even the one with the most muscles winning. Matt is the brains and he has to take one for the team every time and win the endurance comps. They suck. Hayden is super boring. Enzo is lazy as hell. Lane is lame as hell and boring. This cast is so stupid. They cant even put together that the boys are obviously in an alliance. Im surprised no one has thought about it and thought about how possible it could be because they constantly work out together. And what the hell is kathy doing there! period. i get that she is trying the weak player thing. but its not gona work cuz the cast does not believe she deserves to be there. i mean she could at least act like she is trying to win. the BLANK just jumps off in the comps. she is too obvious. and if she goes to the end i will be disgusted. i dont even want her to make it to final 2 cuz doesnt the person in 2nd place get like 50,000. she doesnt deserve any money. i dont respect her gameplay!

          4. Agreed! As a reality game show junkie, this is hands down the best and smartest alliance so far, I don’t care for them much but have to give them credit were credit is due! I couldn’t stand Enzo but he is growing on me and it was his idea to start the brigade.

  17. is it just me but are people tired of the constant mean things everyone (the house-guests) has to say about Brendan or Rachel. Its like that’s what they wake up doing and go to bed doing. GIVE IT A REST!!. when their gone who’s going to b the next person they bash on

    p.s i don’t even like Brendan and Rachel

  18. stop bashing brittney
    rachel and brendon are just as guilty of doing what brittney has done
    and sucking up to the hoh is all part of the game
    if rachel and brendon had the power this week they would be acting the exact same way everyone else is
    they are both stupid to think that they even have a chance of either of them winning the money and saying they don’t understand why people hate them, come on seriously, they act like idiots, but have no idea why people don’t like them

  19. Enzo is an ass. I have lost absolutely all respect for this idiot. To call Britney the “C” word is inexcusable, I don’t care where he is from. You do not call any woman that name. He is nothing but a lazy, filthy mouthed jackass, can’t win anything, he is probably throwing every comp, just sitting back letting everyone do all of the dirty work for him. I am disgusted by his behavior, I am sure his wife is proud, although I am sure she is used to it. This Jersey boy or whereever he is from needs to go. Disgusting.

    1. That “c” word is probably his pet name for his wife…
      I do agree that he’s riding coattails though… Do your own dirty work. That’s the only positive thing I can say about Rachel – she’s not waiting for anyone to do it for her

      1. ageed their scared for no reason when their the ones with the votes. The much rather ride coattails of matt and anyone else

  20. I like Kathy as a person but I don’t buy the ‘playing weak’ strategy. She’s just weak period and that’s no strategy. She’s trying to do as little as possible to fly under the radar and ride into the final two. I cannot respect that type of non play even if I like her as a person. It’s the same as last year where that airhead Jordan won for doing absolutely nothing. Enzo is likable too but he’s a power leech.

    1. Jordan won the very last challenge to pick who she took to final 2 with her. She won when she absolutely had to.

  21. OMG!! I know…I was on here reading and had on BBAD and heard that chomping and was like WTF is that??? I muted it……….WOW!! I guess that is to be expected with the mic so close to the mouth but I have never heard anything like that before in any season!

  22. Enzo is the male version of kathy who is all talk and no action. I want to scream enzo shut the fuk up u fake gangster,lol. I liked him at first because he was funny. But he had the nerve to talk about brit. His piggy back riding on the brigade back, when in reality only one member wins anyway,lol. they suck.

  23. Imagine the children of Hayden & Britney… How attractive would their kids be?!? Crooked eyes and a weird, small mouth! Ha!

  24. A dodo bird (Brenden) and a blowfish (Rachel) can fall in love, but where will they build their nest? Just 2 more days of Douche-throb and his seahag! Will the torture ever stop?

  25. I like Lane most out of all of them too, he’s hot and funny and very likeable. I love his offbeat sense of humor. The only problem is that he doesn’t win anything…and he doesn’t look like he’s even trying to be honest :SS I have a love-hate thing with Britney, she is very entertaining and funny, and I respect the fact that she’s won 3 vetos and proven herself as a competitor… but she does go overboard with the mean comments sometimes. I’d like her better if she was a bit less arrogant. Same goes with Enzo. I don’t know how Matt does it to take advantage of a lie like that, with his friends telling him he deserves the money more than anyone cos of his wife. I think this lie will get exposed at some point though, if he makes it to final 2 – I don’t think BB would allow Matt to get away with it.

  26. Matt won’t win, since I know everyone will know that Matt lied. Kathy and Ragan already said that would be the worst think you can do, is lie about death, or sickness in your family. Heck, Matt was right there with them agreeing LOL!

    Nasty Nat, I mean Britney deserves to win. I hope not, but at least she has game.

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