Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel thinks she can trap Matt in a lie; Enzo farts and then says that he thinks he just sabotaged his underwear!

12:30am Up in the HOH room Matt, Ragen and Britney talk about Brendon and Rachel about being evil. Britney says that it is a fact, there is nothing evil about fact. The talk about previous house guests from Big Brother 6, they say that they were old, like a bunch of Andrews and then you had Janelle, totally hot bombshell and they hated her for no reason. They laugh and say that Janie was not stripping on the dining room table like Rachel. Matt says that if you ever turn on me it would be a shit storm of material. Ragan says that they have all of this coming I think. Britney says yes, they are despicable people, they deserve it. I keep my thoughts internal like when I’m at the mall. I’m thinking it but I would never say it unless they confronted me. Matt says to Britney that she has a whole blockade of stuff just ready to come out. Britney says that she has to be prompted. If somebody was walking by I would never turn to my friend I would, well I wouldn’t say never verbally attack someone. Britney says that she wouldn’t attack your person. I will refrain from judgment until I am attacked and then let the judgment flow. Ragan says that he was prepared to have a day without talking about Rachel and Brendon and then the meeting happened. Britney says her too, now its balls to the wall. I’m going to go toe to toe with him. They laugh. Ragan says oh god Britney marry me, there’s a reason I have been unlucky in love.

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In the have not room Kathy is talking to Hayden about how worried she is about being taken out after Brendon and Rachel are gone. Hayden says him and Kathy can sit back and let them fight it out and then he says that at least we will be safe the next couple of weeks. Kathy says Thursday we’re voting out Rachel. Kathy wonders who would be up against Brendon. Hayden says maybe Britney, Ragan or Enzo as a pawn. Kathy says that even if Brendon wins Matt and Ragan are going up. Hayden says or Britney. Hayden says goodnight and leaves.

Hayden joins Brendon, Rachel, and Enzo. Enzo tell Rachel that he wants to Jedi train. Hayden asks what Rachel thinks it will be for the next HOH. He asks her what kind of true and false questions there might be. They talk about possible questions for the HOH competition. Enzo says that he wonders what they’re talking about upstairs. Rachel says they’re talking about how much they hate our guts. Enzo says that he wants either one (Brendon or Rachel) who stays too win HOH to see what these cock roaches will do. Enzo says that if in the HOH competition he is the last one standing next to either Brendon or Rachel, he will step down and give them. Enzo heads inside. Rachel tells Hayden that everyone in the house except him and Enzo have treated her and Brendon like shit. Rachel says her biggest mistake in the game was getting rid of Kristen. Brendon says that keeping Matt in the house was a big mistake too. Enzo comes back into the backyard with food. Brendon tells Enzo and Hayden that they have to watch out for Lane because he is with Britney and whatever you say to Lane, he’ll go and tell Britney. Brendon says the same goes for Matt and Ragan. Brendon says that Matt and Ragan are going to go after the athletic people. Rachel says they are going to come after you two (Hayden and Enzo). Rachel says that Matt is going to want to play the game with people he knows he can beat. Brendon says a mistake him and Rachel made in this game was keeping their word to people like Matt. Rachel tells Hayden and Enzo they need to trust each other and they need to trust Brendon and Rachel. Enzo tells them that it isn’t written in stone who’s going home yet. Enzo says that Lane and Britney are so close that sometimes he wonders if Britney is even engaged? They all agree that Lane is much smarter than he lets on. Rachel tells Hayden and Enzo that if either Brendon or Rachel wins HOH this week, they’ll be safe.

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Brendon Enzo and Hayden if Matt is pushing the other house guests to vote a certain way this week. Hayden tells him that if they voted today it would probably be a 3-3 vote, but he knows by the time Thursday comes it will be a 6-1. Rachel says that she thinks she is Matt’s target because she has proven herself in this game. Rachel tells Hayden and Enzo they have to watch out for the pairs because the will make it to the final four. They says that they think that if Ragan makes it to the final 2, he will win. Rachel says that she thinks if Matt has the choice he would take Britney and not Ragan to final 2. Enzo tells them there is no doubt in his mind that he can win this game! Rachel tells Hayden that she thinks she will stay this week but she won’t make it to the final two or win this game. Enzo agrees and says that too many people are after her. Rachel says that her and Brendon already know they are not making final two. Rachel says that her goal is to get out the people who are playing this game shitty. Rachel says that Matt thinks he is making a power play to put up Brendon and Rachel, she says that is the easy choice, she calls him a pansy. Rachel says he is making bitch moves. Rachel says that has been his entire game has been bitch moves. Rachel says she guarantees that Ragan has been letting Matt win. Brendon mentions how fishy the whole Pandora’s Box story was that Matt told them all. They talk about how weird and fishy the recycled dollar prize was. Rachel says that she wants to ask the diary room about the dollar prize Matt claimed he won as a result of opening Pandora’s Box. Rachel says that Matt has definitely won more than a dollar. Rachel says that she read through the Big Brother manual and they can’t go through the house guests things so they couldn’t have recycled the one dollar prize. They could not have gone into Matt’s bag and removed the dollar and reused it for the Pandora’s Box prize. Rachel wants to ask the diary room specifically if they would go through our bags. Rachel says that they have to answer that truthfully and that would expose Matt. Rachel says she is also going to ask if there an incentive to be the saboteur and was the saboteur chosen by America? Rachel says that they can’t lie. Rachel gets up and heads to the diary room.

1:30am In the backyard Brenden, Enzo and Hayden are talking about the saboteur. Brendon says it has to be someone that has been flying under the radar. Enzo farts and then says that he thinks he just sabotaged his underwear! Enzo says that Kathy is acting totally different lately; he thinks that points to her being the saboteur. Brendon says he thinks Lane is the saboteur. Hayden asks if that is also who Rachel thinks is the saboteur? Brendon doesn’t tell them, he says that’s her thing. Brendon says that he really thinks Lane as the saboteur; he says who would ever suspect Lane is the saboteur? They all agree they would have opened the Pandora’s Box. Brendon asks Hayden and Enzo to give him a heads up on Wednesday as to which way the house is going to vote. Enzo tells him that the house is leaning towards voting out him out. Hayden tells him regardless, they should both be ready to fight and play HOH! Hayden asks who Brendon or Rachel would put up if they won HOH…he says probably Matt and Ragan, with Britney as a replacement nomination. Brendon says again that the foursome needs to be split up (Matt, Ragan, Britney, and Lane) Brendon says that a group four strong will be impossible to beat! Rachel comes back outside from being in the diary room and tells the guys that they should go into diary room and ask the questions for themselves. Rachel says that she isn’t revealing the answers she got. Hayden and Enzo both head inside to try and get into the diary room. Brendon and Rachel go inside as well and head to the bathroom. Rachel tells Brendon that she is really excited because now she feels like they are playing a game. Brendon and Rachel talk about how they know the others are all up in the HOH room talking. Rachel says that she is worried that she is going to be going home. Enzo and Hayden come out and tell them that they were both in the diary room together. They say that they didn’t get any useful information. Brendon goes back to Rachel and tells her that she needs to enlighten them about what information she got from the diary room. Rachel says that she isn’t giving up anything to Brendon, she keeps telling him he needs to go into the diary room and ask whatever questions he has. Rachel tells Brendon that he needs to trust her.
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1:50am Enzo heads up to the HOH room and tells Britney, Matt, Lane, and Ragan that Rachel thinks she is staying and Brendon is going home this week. They all laugh. Enzo says that he almost feels bad that she thinks she is staying this week. Hayden comes up to the HOH and asks Enzo were you trying to trap me? They all laugh about Hayden getting trapped with Brendon and Rachel.

Enzo goes back down stairs and tells Brendon that the people up in the HOH room are watching him on the spy screen. Brendon is eating and says that they’re probably making fun of how I eat. Brendon says that he thought he was asking really good questions in the diary room and he didn’t get any information. Brendon says that Rachel wouldn’t tell him anything, and that he started to get mad at her. Rachel comes back into the kitchen but still wont tell Brendon any of the information she got out of the diary room. Rachel tells Brendon that he really needs to read the Big Brother manual. Brendon says he is leaving in 3 days and doesnt have time to deal with this. Brendon is getting mad and tell Rachel that she lead them to believe she got information from that could help us and then Enzo and Hayden went in and got nothing. Rachel says that she wont just tell him and take the scolding from Big Brother. Brendon says he doesnt understand what she is doing. Rachel says that she doesnt understand why Brendon is acting like this, and wonders if its because he has been drinking. Brendon says just tell me if the diary room told you something. Rachel says that she cant talk about the diary room. Brendon says he is going to go brush his teeth and go to bed. Rachel asks with out her? Brendon says no, if she is going to bed then they will go to bed together. Brendon and Rachel go to the bathroom and then get into bed. Enzo is in the bedroom too. Rachel tells Brendon that the manual says that Big Brother can’t go through the house guests things. Rachel tells him to look in the manual. Brendon gets up to go get the manual.

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2:45am Rachel and Brendon are looking through the Big Brother manual. They look up the Invasion of Privacy Section. Brendon and Rachel continue flipping through the manual. Brendon gives up searching the Big Brother manual and says that it is all the stuff they read before they entered the game. Brendon and Rachel talk about whether or not Big Brother can go through their belongings. Rachel thinks that they can catch Matt in a lie if they can get the diary room to admit they won’t go through their personal belongings.
3:30am All the house guests are now asleep…
7:35am Everyone is still sound asleep…

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102 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel thinks she can trap Matt in a lie; Enzo farts and then says that he thinks he just sabotaged his underwear!

    1. I don’t think they make traps large enough to trap Allison Grodner. Although she’s been known for sabotaging mouse traps of their cheese on many occasions.

    2. did i miss something i don’t see where he got mad i read where he commented that they were in th hoh room talking about him and rach and that they were probably making fun of how he eats, but he didn’t mad.

  1. Earlier today I was surfing around YouTube to see some past shows from previous seasons and I came across a really cool website.. (not to diss you Simon or Dawg, this is still the best blog site EVER) it is bigbrotherarchives and you can watch all the episodes of every season. I never saw the first season, and WOW what a difference.. America voted the houseguests out.. I did not know that.. BB has come a LONG way

  2. I don’t think Rachel got any real useful information, but she is onto Matt’s lie about Pandora’s box. Sometimes she gets things right. The problem with Rachel is that no one likes her and there for won’t give any validation to anything she says. They will think she is trying to stir up trouble and/or is definitely the saboteur.

    1. I agree with you. She is the most annoying person ever but she does have a clue what’s going on in the game from time to time. The problem is that she’s so manic and crazy that her moods have destroyed any credibility she may have. Don’t even get me started on Brendon…..

      1. OMG, Brendon hasn’t a clue about the people he is puttin his trust into. I have no idea what his deal is. It will be interesting to see their family on eviction night.

        1. Brendon is not really in a position to be picky. He has zero friends so he has to go with anything at this point. I am sure he realizes the situation is not ideal but what is he going to do?

          1. You are right, he has no choice, but even before this, he hasn’t been very good at reading people. Look at his alliance with Rachelm granted it did keep him in the game this far, but it is also getting him voted out next week or the week after if he wins HOH.

            1. Brendon has no social skills and has very low self esteem. He should have known that he was not cut out for this show. The only reason by he and Roach got together is because nobody else liked them. It was a relationship of default.

          2. I like Rachel and Brendon, the game is going to suck after they are gone. I hope that Brendon wins the next HOH and gets Lane and Hayden out!! The rest of the house guests are ass holes.+

    2. I think rahel is smart. regardless of her actions she is the only one really playing the game, she has studied tis show even down to the manual. she knows matt is lying, and i bet before thursday when she’s evicted she will have planted doubts in other people’s head about him. watch how he starts to squirm and can’t keep up with his lies once she outs him.

        1. he’s being forced to keep the diamond veto a secret, not the lie about the dollar. he could have come up with a better lie than that or say nothing. the house wouldn’t have known there was a pandora’s box, or he old have said he didn’t open it. that was a lame lie and she is right to try and expose him. i hope she does out him for his lieS.

      1. I don’t understand why you would read the blogs and watched the show -type anything about it, if you think it sucks

        1. the blogs are a lot better than what they show on tv this season. i used to be tuned in to watch it now i don’t care if i miss it because it is so boring, i hope they find better people next season because if they don’t this show is going to dwindle away fast.

  3. Does anyone think that Roach stole Matt’s veto and she was asking BB if she is allowed to use it provided she doesnt tell anyone? She has been confident lately about her position in the house which made me wonder why.

    1. I would love it if Rachel was as devious as Matt and shocked the house by finding and using his veto. It’s not that I like Rachel that much. I just love the drama. However, I like it out in the open…. Mano a Mano (sp?), not sniping, whiney, backstabbing like Brit and Ragan. At least Rachel had the guts to confront people face to face. She is totally inept socially, but not weasely like Matt or digustingly cruel like Brit and Ragan. It is different when its a one on one bashing (like Rachel and Kristen), but it’s slimey when an entire household goes after one person when most of them have no valid reason. They are like vultures going after wounded prey. The only ones that really have a reason to go after Brenchel are the two that are gone. If the house is really cruel to Rachel when she leaves Brendon will come unglued and watch out. I wouldn’t give him any alcohol thursday night.

      1. i agree, britney had a lot of nerve to pretend to be friendly and sympathetic with rachel and then bash her mercilessly the moment she was in the company of someone else. she has no right to judge anybody else’s character at this point. she has proven herself to be a truly cruel and egotistical person. most of these people in this house are back stabbers, and the fact that there are so many with no backbone, they just seem to bolster each other’s confidence in being mean spirited and two faced. i can’t stand b/r, but the way brit and her many partners in crime have acted is repulsive on a far deeper level. if i was a friend of brit’s back home i could never trust her again when she was not in my sight. she just wanders around bashing people relentlessly. especially people who’s asses she was licking moments earlier. i’m pretty certain her opinion of herself can’t get any higher. and mine can’t get much lower. she’s repulsive. like a pretty little apple with a billion nasty worms right under the skin.

      1. I think that is why she checked the rule book on invasion of privacy. I think that if she was allowed to steal it then she will be allowed to use it – finders keepers.

        1. i know earlier Matt was saying he knew someone was going through his stuff by the position of his shirt, but has it been confirmed that the DPOV is missing from his stuff.. did I miss that or something?

        2. I seem to recall,from past seasons,that they can take other people’s stuff and hide it,but they aren’t allowed to destroy anything. In season 8 Jen took all of Evel Dick’s cigs. and destroyed them. BB replaced them and Jen got a penalty vote I think. Dick took Jen’s (or somebody’s ) clothes and threw them over the wall in the back yard and onto the roof. He got yelled at for it,but I think that was all. Not sure who did what first. They hated each other with a passion. lol When Jen got evicted Dick got yelled at for writing “ding dong the bitch is gone” on the sliding doors. And there was another time when somebody took somebody else’s suitcase and hid it in the storage room.
          I have to admit that I’m not a Rachel fan,but it would be pretty damn funny if she did find the D-veto and at least stashed it someplace and we would get to see the gremlin crap his lil feety jammies. IDK if they’d let her use it or not tho. Ahhh the possibilities …….

    2. i don’t think ayone bothered his things i think with so many people in his room it probably got bumped around or something, because he said his things were out of place not that anything was missing. he should keep people out of his room if he’s that picky about it when he’s not in there.

  4. Seriously the saddest part of this game is on Kathy, Britt, Reagan, and Bren/Rach. All of america is laughing at them right now. All of those people are just going to get washed away like a flash flood down downhill. The smartest move would have been for Britt to save Rachel the strongest player in this game so far. They can team up and take down the brigade.

    Now Brigade is a LOCK for final four. 100% LOCK

    1. Brit wouldn’t do that because she is in with the popular kids in the house. She trusts Lane and has no clue about the Brigade. Won’t she be in for a shock, Kathy and Ragan as well. They could have totally formed an alliance and at least broken up the brigade. The problem is, Rachel is really too unstable and emotional for anyone to want to team up with her besides Brendon. Look where that got Brendon? He is going to be out of the house as well, he’s even willing to go instead of Rachel.

    2. I still cant believe that nobody sees the brigades alliance, wth?

      It’s not an absolute lock yet though, but it looks like it because of Regan and Brit cozying up to them, so they are going to get duped. But if Regan, Brit, Kathy, and BorR team up next week….nevermind. Matt can use the diamond veto and replace the nominations. You are correct, if they stay together it is a guaranteed lock.

    3. i don’t think is being played for a fool, because i haven’t heard her talk game with any one, she just listens and ask is she the one going on the block and just let her make it to jury, she seems to be ok with leaving, so I dont think she cares about the alliances in the house. besides kristen told her about the possibility of the alliance and i think she believed her but just don’t care about the alliances in the house.

  5. Brenda and Rachel are right for once a group of 4 strong is unbeatable that’s why the brigade is gonna be 4 Deep.

  6. I don’t agree!

    I love The Brigade, Ragan and Brit….so freaking funny!

    I will be so glad to see B/R gone! Can’t stand them!!

  7. Brenchel are COMPLETELY dillusional! Can you imagine having to deal with either of them outside of the house on a regular basis? At least the remaining players know there is an end in site. I would have to take medication just to make it…..

  8. That would be so great if Rachel stold the Diamond Power of Veto and uses it then. Matt is too cocky and would love to see him taken down a notch or two.

    Sadly, without Brandon and Rachel, the house is going to be sooooo boring. You think it’s boring now, wait till they are gone.

    1. is that a possibility for rachel to use the diamond pov if she did find it in matts bag………… i have only watched the first season and then the previous two……… i do alot of research though……. this is something ive never heard of……. simon do you know if tht would be allowed……….. or maybe if she can hide it so matt cant use it next week

      1. I would think if Rachel found the DPOV then the power would be removed from the game. Matt is not allowed to tell anyone about it and if anyone finds out then he losses the power nobody else gains the power. I doubt he even has it in the house, production probably keeps it for him until the thrusday shows when it’s needed.

        1. thanks………… that makes sense…. i would hope it wasnt that easy to lose a power like that……. who do you think has been going through matts stuff…………

          1. I dont think production can assist Matt by holding his POV – that is interfering with game play. It would be like hiding the idol for a player on Survivor. I think she can steal it and use it provided rhat she doesnt tell anyone about it. She was so confident when she came out of the DR two days ago so I think the bizsnatch got the POV. (insert puke bucket here)

              1. I agree both Matt and Rachel would be acting different if she found the DPOV. Matt seems sharp enough that he would figure it was Rachel with her attitude and probably find a way to steal it back. I would hope production wouldn’t let her get into Matt’s suitcase with out calling her on it. I would think that this is in the ‘rules’ somewhere??? I could be wrong.

          1. fella: I’m right there with you on that. why the hell is she talking about going through suitcases??? I will have to shoot my face off if she somehow got it.

          2. i’m with you. i can totally see production assisting rachel in finding, stealing, and then justifying using the dpov. if that happens i will instantaneously turn off the tv and erase all BB blog bookmarks from my computer.

      2. In BB they’re pretty clear about it: no. Only Matt would be able to use it. In Survivor though, I’m not sure. There was a case where that was almost tested last season, and it felt like stealing the idol would have been allowed. For BB though I’m 95% sure it’s a no. Not even Allison Grodner is that mean.

    2. I believe:
      Once in the jury house alone (they are the first, you know) Rach and Bren will get enough of each other having a little more privacy and maybe, just maybe, they will kiss beyond that pecking crap we see. Peck peck peck…. Mindless spiritless smooching… Rachel will dump Brendon as soon as she can’t use him. She’ll return to her Las Vegas lifestyle where she can be the center of attention, flash boobs, dance on tables, and wake up clutching 100 dollar bills after a wild drunken night.
      Brendon will return to his school and find he has no job. The students and faculty watched him turn into a whipped puppy dog whose language sunk into the depths of Enzoland. If he had any respect from them, it’s long long gone.
      If Matt wins and the Brigade discovers he lied about his wife’s serious illness, he will have to move to Marsland to escape their fury, and let’s hope for Matt’s wife’s sake she does NOT come down with a “disease lie karma.”
      Enzo ..he says he is an insurance adjuster. Do they talk like that to customers or can he tone down the F words every other word?
      Ragan: I sorta like him, sometimes can’t watch him for long, and does he stand in front of his blackboard farting in front of classrooms?…one wonders..!!!
      Kathy will wander off in a slumped down mood, smoking her cigs and happy she at least made it to the jury house.
      And I will wonder until the end is Lane REALLY Brit’s engaged BF?
      Ah, we wait patiently. I will admit, with the Rachel and Brendon causing drama, the house will be boring without them, and we will be watching pool games and Brit in the spa.

      1. Cursing is a Jersey thing. Cursing is an art form there. I can curse a sailor under the table if I am mad. It’s not something be proud of but, there you have it, it’s a cultural thing. I doubt Enzo would talk that way to a customer he doesn’t know, now one he knew, maybe!

        1. i agree enzo curses because it’s natural. brendon is cursing like a 10 year old trying to make himself sound tougher because he is dickless in a sea of testosterone.

      2. I was wondering the same thing about Brit and Lane. There sure are sparks there. I thought it was odd that she was making some pretty sharp jabs at him from the beginning of the show, like she knew him.

  9. Two things that BB should not let happen on the show….Girls that sit and pick at their split ends….girls that scrape at their ice cream dish with their spoon as if there is a little bit of ice cream still in there….OMG….give me something sharp to stab myself in the eye with!!!!!

    1. You bet and how about that mouth of hers….I’m not a prude but she is just as disgusting with her mouth as she is saying Rachel is with her body.

  10. Can anyone else see what we are watching unfold here. There are two people who are outsiders clinging together. Oddballs who are socially inept and needy who are being ostracized and cruelly played with. This is so much like highschool. Do the producers do any kind of psychological testing before choosing people for the house. This is the first season I have seen what I consider to be truly unstable people in the house. I will be glad when they are both gone for their own sakes and for mine so I can enjoy the rest of the season. I want entertainment….one on one verbal battles, a few catty chats and some real surprise moves from the hg’s not the producers.

    1. ITA, it’s like watching kids pick on the outcast on the jungle gym. One starts and they all jump on the band wagon so they don’t become the target. The problem is, the targets will be voted out and then who will be the next low man on the totem pole?

      1. My sentiments exactly! The houseguests are all bonding over trashing Brendon and Rachel. I would think after hearing for the 100th time how pathetic they are, there would come a point when you think “hey, this is not entertaining anymore.” (Not that it’s ever very entertaining after the 2nd time. How many times can you talk about someone’s so-called deformed toe?) They are inept, socially. They have no one except each other in the house. Be a little decent. Let’s talk about Hayden’s Justin-Bieber wannabe haircut or Britney the hobbit or Cathy’s 7-layer mascara or Lane’s sparse hair or Matt another hobbit or Regan the gay or Lane’s humongous head. Hey, this is fun. Let’s do it again!

    2. It’s obvious by these statements that none of you have actually watched a season of BB before. Every season has crazy unstable people in it. If you can’t see that B/R are the crazy unstable ones in this season, then you are quite blind.

      You all keep saying things like “they make fun of b/r like they have nothing else to do” and “They have no one except each other in the house” Well is that not obvious? What do you think this game is about?

      Also using “Ragan the gay” as if it’s an insult just goes to show how classy you are.

      1. I have watched every season, this is the first season where every person sits around and trashes 2 people, they are rude and I can not stand to listen, that is not game play that is 12 year olds stuff, and it is all personal attacks. Who are they going to start on next ??

  11. That would be the best if she found( wink wink. )his diamond pov
    to knock him of his booster seat. Ask him if u can listen to his cd,
    lock the door and search like u ain’t nevet searched before.

  12. Though perhaps Rachel can “steal” the DPOV, I doubt she can use it. I think it would become void. I say this only because it could encourage other hgs to rifle through each others’ things and I do not not think BB would advocate that. Rachel would have discovered the DPOV while looking for the $1 ticket (accidentally) so that may be the only way it is allowed….looking for something they knew existed, versus just pilfering in general. Remember – was it Britney (?) – who initially stated (Week 1, I think) that she was going through the hgs’ things for things to steal and sell on eBay.

    1. I think Roach went through his suitcase because she knew he was lying about the $1.00 he got and then she came across the POV by accident. Why do you think she was so happy two days when she came out of the DR. She was distraught before that. I am pretty sure she has it.

  13. Curious: 1. Who does Brit think is next after Brendon – Kathy? Has she discussed “down the line” with Lane – How she can plan to get to Final 2? 2. Same question for Ragan – What is his strategy after Brendon and Kathy are gone? Wait for Brit after that? Has either Brit or Ra discussed how and when to evict Enzo, Hayden, Matt and Lane??? Have those names come up – between ragging on B/R? Just curious; I am sure I have missed it. I would think it had to come up at some point by now….

    1. I’m not certain about Ragan, but I think Brit is counting on the POVs to get her to the final two. You have to admit, she makes winning the POV look easy. I think that’s her strength and regardless if the house likes it or not, that in itself can get her to the end. She’s hilarious so the show will definitely not be as funny if she gets evicted.

  14. Could America have Ragan steal the DPOV as the sab? At least Matt wouldn’t have that extra edge. Knowing that Matt was HOH, why would the producers give the Brigade the final edge that would insure them the game. The only way they could have been stopped is if Brendon won HOH and put 2 Brigs up. But that won’t even work with this stupid DPOV. Where’s a plane when you need one.

  15. Has the PoV ceremony been done? I thought I read it was, but up on this web site, it dosn’t say if it was used or not like last week.

    Are you doing this Simon? Will you say if the PoV was used or not?

  16. Sounds like all the people are complaining about it being boring are b/r fans…..if you’re so bored go watch the bachelorette. We aren’t watching the show to see people fall in love, and hook up with each other.

    1. Oh you are so mistaken. CBS sets up people who have the potential to fall in love. So yes you are watching a show for peopel to fall in love. Also the Bachealor Pad I think will be giving BB a run for it’s money.

  17. Love the Brigade, but seriously, it needs to be broken up. I don’t want this to become as predictable as it will be once Rachel is gone. Then Brendon/Kathy/Brit/Ragan. Especially now that Matt as the D.P.O.V Brigade is safe untill at least final 6, I think.
    What they NEED to do it get Matt out as soon as he uses the D.P.O.V. I can;t staaaaand him, ugh. “Oh just another week in the house with my running it, by the way have you seen my chest? Isn’t it sexy. Here let me never zip my sweaters up so you can drool ove rit all day. I’ve been working out have you notcied?” Ugh gross. Things have got to shake up after the break-up of B/R. Players like Annie and Andrew could have made this happen, but unfortualtely, that’s not happening. I think I favor Brit/Hayden for final two, but we’ll see how my opinions change.

  18. If you want some added info on the DPOV go to tvgrapvine Check out BB at the bottom of the page under latest news: “Diamonds Aren’t Forever”. Be sure and come back though…. this is the best site.

    1. For those who do not know what this is, it is a power given to a player that can alter the course of the game. The power allows the holder to take himself or someone else off the block and then name the replacement. It’s very effective when the game is close and the house is divided but not as good when the house is evenly stacked against one or two people.

  19. EVEN if R found the DPoV, AND was able to steal it according to BB, I thought it had to be used during a veto ceremony. If that is the case, she is still shit out of luck because it’s too late to use it. I think she found out she gets to go to a really nice villa in Mexico (jury house) when she gets voted out and there is a fully stocked bar waiting for her.


    Last night (Monday, August 9th), around 8:30 in the live feeds, Matt tells Ragan, Britney, and others that he thinks someone has tampered with his suitcase. He tells them he thinks he knows who did it but won’t name names. He then says Rachel. He doesn’t know what she hoped to find. For us in the know, we know it is the Diamond Power of Veto. He put it there after he got it thinking it was safe. In the same fee, he also tells them that he thinks that someone went through it two days ago. Here is the quote from the feed update on this situation.
    He says that people were suspect with that dollar and he looked in his suitcase and things were ruffled. He never goes in his suitcase. So what he did was he put this old hoodie in a curved pattern and he hadn’t been in his suitcase since and it was all over, totally not where it was. He wanted to know the policy of people f* with other people’s things. (He obviously asked the diary room this because we get immediate bubbles.)
    Now, I personally don’t think he would have changed the location of the Diamond Power of Veto. We know he told a lie and said he got a dollar for opening Pandora’s Box. He even had the card that he got from the first competition that he used as evidence. For more from the live feed, click Here.
    Checking later feeds, I found that around 1:00 AM, Rachel was talking with Enzo and Brendan and the talk centered on lying. They talk about the monetary lie of Matt:
    Brendon says someone opened Pandora’s box and only gets a dollar… doesn’t that sound fishy? Rachel says you are allowed to ask the DR and they can not lie for another player in the game. I guarantee if you ask them… BB interrupts with You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions… Rachel says this is not our DR session. I guarantee if you if you ask them they can not lie about it..
    After this both Rachel and Brendan made trips to the diary room. Rachel’s was the longest and she pointed out that the diary room cannot lie. Here’s the start of the mission.
    Rachel says I’m going to ask a series of questions… I’ll go ask them about the dollar… but I can’t tell you what they say to us. I’m going to ask if they recycle things from another comp. Would they goes through our belongings? Ask it in a vague way. Rachel says I’m going to go ask them, but the bottom line is there are two pairs working to split us up. They heard me say this so they know I’m coming. Another question you need to ask is is there an incentive to being the saboteur and then ask if the saboteur was chosen by America… they can not lie. Brendon says Matt is hiding stuff from us.
    The entire post is HERE
    The long and short of it is that Rachel went to the diary room and came out happy but Brendan got stonewalled. The rest of the guests went into stealth mode to find out what Rachel and Brendon was up to and Britney became paranoid. We don’t have all the details but evidently something went down in the house last night. We do know that Brendon and Rachel spent a lot of time in their bedroom with the manual and start going through it. Hayden makes the comment that they’re going to “get one of us out this week.” To read the livefeed update go HERE.
    My take on all of this is that something Matt said triggered this upheaval. Could the saboteur have gone through the suitcase? Could the Diamond Power of Veto be somewhere now and lead to a change in the eviction? Will Matt’s lies be revealed? Will Rachel and Brendan find a way to stay while sending someone else home? The only thing that is certain is that today is going to be wild in the Big Brother 12 House. Live Feed Updates will be posted on this site!

      1. I haven’t looked into it all 100% but i’m going to stick with what I know right now and that is MAtt still has the DPOV. she was trying to catch MAtt in a lie about the 1 dollar bill hence all the DR and rule book shenanigans last night.

        1. Yeah I’m thinking she asked the DR about production searching through their bags and got the answer she was looking for “NO”. In her mind this proves that Matt is lying about the $1 prize bc production could not have taken the ticket back to re-use. She prob thinks this will help in getting the house to turn on Matt.

        2. Yeah-I’m pretty sure it Matt thought someone was going thru his things, the 1st thing he would look for is the DPOV to make sure he still had it. I mean, I sure as hell hope he did!

      1. LOL, sorry Simon…we are all driving you nuts I bet (87,000 people have asked you about the DPOV). The Bridgade fans are freaking out, yo!

        1. problems it’s exciting to think that maybe she did steal it but as far as dawg and I know she did not. Mind you I’ve had my feeds off for the last hour so i may have missed somehting

  21. I am pretty certain that going through peoples’ belongings and stealing peoples’ property is frowned upon – even in the BB house.

    At least, I would hope so.

  22. Let us not forget last season when Chima stole Russells things, and hid them. She rifled thru his belongings, as Rachel is suspected of doing..difference is a game piece versus personal items!?! So, I would venture to think all is fair in the BB Household…just my opinion.

  23. So Rachel reckons her biggest mistake was getting rid of Kristen, and Brendon also thinks they should have gotten rid of Matt. So that means that both evictions on Rachels watch were mistakes. So much for power moves.

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