Big Brother 12 SPOILERS: Big Brother is BACK AND BIGGER THAN EVER! The fun starts this summer on July 8th!!

GET READY FOR A WHOLE NEW SEASON OF BIG BROTHER!! Expect the unexpected!!! Your favorite summer reality TV show starts July 8th!!! Make sure you sign up here for the early bird special DISCOUNTS prior to the season starting for your 24 hour live feed video of the Big Brother house!!

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Looks to me as if we are in for a reunion of past BB Guests this time around. We shall see………Damn and I wanted to be on BB !! lol

Jake K.

Hey Dawg! It’s good to be back on the site!!!!!!!!!! Finally closing in on summer and Big Brother is coming. So psyched. First speculation…bigger than ever….more than 16 houseguests? It is starting pretty early compared to what it normally is. More time…more eliminations = more houseguests. Idk…I am just getting psyched! What do you think?


I can’t wait for July 8th… this is the best show of all the reality game shows and it’s been so long. What happened to the idea to do an All Stars Big Brother? Did I miss something? Wasn’t the next BB going to be all the past folks, or are they all in jail for selling drugs?! See all the regulars here in July… just checking around to see if I am missing and BB news.