Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Annie kisses up to Hayden; Hayden tells her there a good possibility that shes going up as a replacement..

10:20am – 1045am When the Feeds come back. The cameras are on Annie up in the HoH room talking to Hayden. Annie is stating her side and trying to explain why everyone is against her. Annie is denying that she is in an alliance with Rachel and Brendon. Hayden says that Brendon also denied it but that he’s not sure what to think right now. Annie blames Britney for spreading all the lies and gossip. She says that she really doesn’t trust Britney. Annie says she has a personal relationship with Brendon but that it doesn’t translate to the game. Annie says that it is really hard to talk to Brendon because he’s always tied to Rachel. They then talk about the alliances formed so far in the game. Annie mentioned that in the first couple days she got along with all the girls really well and that they thought that maybe it would be a group of girls to the end. Annie says that now she just can’t stand Britney. Annie says that it’s bad for there to be such a big Brendon/Hayden power struggle early in the game and that they need to come to an arrangement.
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They both say that Brendon is really smart. Annie says she’s an asset to Hayden because she is close to Brendon and she could help Hayden to eventually blindside Brendon. Annie says if she doesn’t go up on the block that she will not put up Hayden for as long as she’s in the house. Annie asks who is going up and Hayden tells her that its a good possibility that she will be going up. Hayden says he’s sorry, but that it’s not a done deal and they should keep talking. Annie says that she appreciates his honesty. Hayden tells her that she is not the only option and that there are other options. Hayden tells her that there are other people in the house that need to go on the block. Hayden says that being honest is what will probably come back to bite him. Annie says yeah me too, I am so open and honest and that will come back to bite me in the end. Hayden says just being me will probably hurt me. Annie says not necessarily it didn’t hurt Dan. Hayden tells her to just be her, that yesterday she wasn’t and that people notice. Annie says that its hard because she sees people whisper about her, that she will walk into a room and people will stop talking.

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