Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Annie breaks down and Brendon tells her he will try and fight for her..

4pm Annie is up in the HOH room trying to plead her case with Hayden to see if there isn’t some way she can stay in the house. Annie says that people have been coming to her for information, and that she openly gave it. Annie says we need to get rid of Brendon. Annie says that Britney is threatened by me because she’s weak and shes just floating by. Annie tells Hayden that Monet already has the $10,000. Annie says that she feels she’s targeted when everyone is doing the same thing. Hayden says that he never lied to Annie. Annie says that some of those people are lying their pants off and that she doesn’t see how her going home benefits him. Annie says that she didn’t have alliance with Brendon, but would have had his back. Annie says that she consoled Rachel and Brendon when they got on the block, no one has consoled her. She tells Hayden that she is going to try to talk to others about voting for Rachel. Annie says that she feels like Brendon doesn’t care about her. Hayden says that people are nice outside, but it’s different in here, it’s Big Brother. Annie then asks Hayden if he really considered anyone else? Hayden tells her yeah a few other people. Hayden tells her that she still has four days until the vote, and that she should not to stop fighting… anything can happen.
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4:30pm – 5:50pm After Annie’s talk with Hayden she goes to the kitchen and asks Brendon if they can talk and they go to the bedroom. Annie says to Brendon that she wants him to be honest about him voting to keep Rachel and not her. Annie says that their deal that was made to keep Rachel gives her no shot at staying. Brendon says a bunch of the houseguests were saying that Annie was making alliances with everyone. Annie says that’s bullshit! Annie is crying. She says she’s embarrassed and Brandon asks her why she’s crying. Annie says that she’s going to leave with a lousy $750. Brandon has his hand on her leg.Brendon tells her that she made it into the house out of how many people? He keeps wiping tears from her face. She asks why can’t I have a shot to stay. Brendon tells her because this is a game and your life will go on when she leaves. Annie tells Brendon that she never should have done this…she tells him that she doesn’t want to be filmed anymore and just wants to go home. Annie tells Brendon that he’s choosing a showmance over keeping her. Annie says that she just doesn’t understand why he would do that. Annie says will probably lose her job, her family, her life because of all this. Brendon tells her to stop. Annie says that she won’t be able to find a job after this.. Brendon promises her that he would fight for her. Brendon tells her that he doesn’t want her going home. Brendon tells her to not get depressed and he wants to her to enjoy her experience here. Brandon tries to change the subject and says who do you think is the saboteur? Annie says she thinks it’s Matt. They are laughing and joking about who the sabateur is and how it will suck to be the first person out. Brendon says she has 5 more days to make some good tv because they’re all boring as shit out there. Brendon told Annie he connected with her as a friend, and he has very few close friends anymore who he can share his life with. Then they hug. Annie says that her sister will be disappointed in her because her sister is a huge Big Brother fan. Brendon tells her that she won’t be. Brendon tells Annie that this game is a mental mind fuck and that everyone understands what we go through in here. Annie tells Brendon that she feels like she is such a disappointment.

6pm Brendon leaves and Matt and Ragan come in and sit on the bed and talk to Annie. Annie tries to convince them why they should keep her over Rachel. Annie says that she doesn’t understand Hayden’s decision to keep the weak people like Kathy and Monet in the house when they can’t help win challenges and could potentially put Hayden and others on slop. Annie says that they won’t be able to help keep Hayden safe either because they won’t win HoH. She says it’s stupid of Hayden to want to keep the Brendon and Rachel alliance.

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Great post. Very funny and I’m with you on most points. The “perv”, haha! Lane is pretty smart. And Kristen is showing her hand now and therefore has become more interesting. .Mo’ Money – is she the saboteur? People have said the replay shows her missing from the living room during the lock incident, so maybe that’s the evidence. I don’t have access to the replay, so my first hunch, Kathy, still remains my mole pick. We’ll find out next week. But Ragan, a fav? Too much whining and crying and drama for my taste. Unless you mean favorite as in fun to pick on. But no critique of Matt in your post? He’s flying under the radar – at least this week.

Uncle Cool

I agree with Annie. Get rid of the tramp and the doofus.

Uncle Cool

I am actually starting to think Enzo is the saboteur due to the fact he is acting like he is an actor doing those ridiculous stereotypical ‘jersey-boy’ impersonations.

The other possibility is Matt.

My favourites are Ragan, Annie, Monet and Kristen. So far.

Hayden is as dumb as a post. Brendon is a douche. I have no idea how Kathie can be a cop unless her performance is an act.


Brendon and Rachel are no Jeff and Jordan. We weren’t subjected to constant tonsil hockey with them. They actually had conversations- silly ones to be sure- but at least they weren’t all over each other constantly.


I was at camp once and the power went out during a storm and I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth. I made a point to make sure my teeth were brushed. I couldn’t see a thing. I understand the need for good dental hygiene. ha

C Note

Lane is here just to be famous, he wants the coochi, or is it coochy, well whatever it is, I mean that Texas PooTang. I guess Im really a nice person deep down somewhere in my soul, i mean deep, cause I really like Rachel and her dumb laugh and “totally super vocabulary”. Now Brendon, I just dont know, the jury is out. For Lane to be the saboteur he would have to play something other than pool, he is just staying out of the bullshit so he can at the very least make it to the jury house. Enzo is cool but he gets a little annoying. Im bored of him allready but its early and he could make a comeback in my mind. The mole is definetly Kathy, I keep alternating between the po-po and Brit.