Big Brother 12 It’s a “MindF*CK” a xanax shake would be good…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:20AM Garbage Room Ragan and Annie

A: “I only trust Kristen”
R: “she is so nice”
A: “I hardley know her but inside I “know” he, she’s the only one i can trust i can be myself around her”
R: “Yup, its like a breath of fresh air in this house”
A: “When i came in to this house i judged her and now i feel bad about it.. I told her that”
R: “we call these week one lesson sometimes you have to lose yourself in this house to figure out where you are”
A: “it felt really good to talk to her.. i know she’s really close with hayden and i know hat other people are to but i really want to stay here” (she kinda pumping all over the place)
R: “if i extract myself from this house my gut instinct to hayden before the game got into my head was that hayden was not a dumb person and he’s his own person and he’ll do

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

whatever he wants…the thing is I have no idea what he’s going to do”
A: “Hayden is a nice guy but he’s told me he’s scared of brendon so whoever he puts up is the person that is going home.. he’s not going to get rid of rachel”

R: “this game is fucking hard”
A: “its a mind fuck”
R: “the idea that tomorrow could be the last day of slop is so exciting.. ”
A: “I don’t know if i can handle it like you did”
R: “Some people will absolutley CAAAAAVE if their on slpo.. it really takes it’s toll”
R: “do you ever just sit there and realize OH MY GOD i’m in the big brother house?”
they laugh about both wanting to be on the show morea than anything else in the world and now there on it and its so “FUCKING HARD” Ragan says we’ll never watch a future Big Brother and Scoff when someone gets the have nots. Kathy joins them and Annie starts rehashing her melt down. She tells Ragan there was things she wanted to say but couldn’t because she’s not allowed. Cathy buts in and says people have to understand that we can’t talk about everything in our lives because of the situation we’re in “I have things I could say but production said NO WAY UH UH”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:45am Garbage ragan, cathy and Lane. talking about xanax
Ragan says a “xanax shake would be good..” He goes on to explain to them that Dog Xanax is the same as human xanax so you can go to the vet tell him you need to calm your dog down during forth of July and you can just pop his xanax. Lane calls the room the sex room because of the lights, Ragan squirms. Lane asks “What.. does that make you feel uncomfortable?” Cathy says “he (ragan) just sat there and was telling me he slept with the porn king.”.. They all laugh Kathy goes on about hearing dirty things from ragan.

Ragan tells Cathy “You snuck reaver in that hair first day, those prisoners taught you how to transport drugs in your orifices you went into the bathroom and pulled it out?.. “you pulled out “Cocaine, Crystal Meth amphetamine, a crack pipe… ” Thats why it looks like you lost weight… you didn’t get a IV you where mainlinning H..” (LOL ragan cracks me up) Ragan: “can I admint that I’ve done drugs on this show? cathy and Lane are laughing… Ragan: “no i’ve never done drugs” cathy “all i do is bust people for drugs… ”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1:02am Rachel and Brendon kissing

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Uncle Cool

Ragan is great. I think they should not oust Annie. The unstable ones are the ones they don’t have to worry about. It’s the strong players that need to be shipped out.

I woud get rid of Lane, Enzo or Monet first.


I’m liking Ragan more and more. He was whiney for a bit but I hope he will slap out of it. I don’t really care for Brit & Monet, they are very catty. I see Lydia like qualities in both of them. Annie is a tough one for me though, I wanna like her but there is something not right about her.

C Note

Annie is a drama queen, granted Monet and Brit are catty they will be gone soon. Please no more Annie!