Big Brother 12 Housesguests are In For a Big Surprise

Heres a great quality video showing a sneak peek of the show tonight thanks, CBS Tweet

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30 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Housesguests are In For a Big Surprise

    1. I SWORE I saw it too. The redhead in the pink dress! Right at a minute in. i don’t think its an actual nip shot, but its really close!

  1. Holy Hutzbah Houseguests – there a “rat” in the house. They better not go near or try to use my Kosher Dishwasher. I;ll clobber them to death with my Challah bread. The same goes for them messing with my “schmattas.”

    Note: I am not Anti-Semitic. Both my partner of 20 years (who is very much Jewish) and I (in the process of converting to Judaism from Catholism) though not Orthodox to the full-extend, celebrate all of both the Jewish and (pagan) Catholic holidays. From Easter/Passover to Chanukah/Christmas.

  2. Hi Simon Hi Dawg…..Glad you’re back! I was thinkin from the clip that maybe it could be Kristen…..dunno….she seems to be having trouble keeping her facial expressions on track….dunno….just a thot!

  3. This may sound air-headed, but since the schedule is now Weds., Thurs & Sundays, will the competition be held on the following nights:

    Thurs: LIVE Eviction & HOH Comp.
    Sun: Eviction Nominations & Food Comp
    Weds: Veto Comp & Use of Veto?

    I am obviously a little foggy. If so, there is a small window to compaign for the veto. That should be intense.

  4. Welcome Back for another Season. I can’t wait for the online discussions here. This is by far the best Big Brother website, and I have been coming here for years.

  5. How does everybody feel about this year’s twist? In some ways I think it is a great idea, but let’s hope it doesn’t turn into CBS directly determining the outcome of the show.

    1. Yes, but can America be trusted either? Look what happened last year. Jordon was given angel status when she was just as bad as everyone else. I like the twist. It’s another name for America’s Player, none the less it might be interesting.

    2. I like it!!! Can’t wait to see how it affects the game. What I think would be even funnier is that NOBODY is the saboteur. The paranoia alone of everyone “thinking” somebody is out to get them will drive them nuts and make them turn on each other. It would be the ultimate twist if the saboteur was just BB doing crap to the house guests.

        1. Rockstar, Great to see you again this year!!! I can’t wait to read your always entertaining comments!!!! Here’s to a great season!!!

  6. It’s great to be back and thank you simon and dawg for bring this great website back. Hope this year is good.

  7. It sounds like America’s Player, by another name, which I thought sucked. Eric might have gone further if he didn’t get burned voting against his own best interests and having to hug Dick. I mean that was lame. I think they should limit America’s input to what food the slop gang gets, or vote on who gets a special power like last year. Maybe even give America a jury vote.

  8. So glad BB is back!!! I’ve had withdrawals! The flying weenie competition was funny!!!! I can’t wait to find out who the “rat” is in the house. Don’t have a feeling of anyone being my fav yet, but I’m not feeling “Vegas”. I like Ragan, so far he has been pretty funny! Here’s to a GREAT season!!!! Thanks Simon and Dawg for bringing back the best BB site EVER!!!!

  9. So, one of the 13 was picked to be the saboteur by the producers. That person is assured that she/he will get $50,000 by making it to the 5th week, but definitely will go home during the 5th week, if not before (foregoing any chance at $500,000). Did the producers just drop that information on the sabateur when she/he arrived in LA? Or, is the saboteur an actor of some sort? All 13 have a profile on the show’s web site. Also, I wish that, in the first episode, Julie Chen would give some background about what they do with the houseguests once they arrive in LA. How many days are they sequestered from one another before they enter the house? (Promos started about Sunday.) On what day did they actually enter the house? Inquiring minds…

  10. Thought Id amuse myself by thinking up some avatars to place over the HG’s faces. So far I think for:

    Rachel – “Fuzzy red dice” rear virw mirror decorations.
    Brandon – jockstrap
    Ragan – feather boa
    Lane – merge picture of both Andrew’s face (Season 8) and Steve Daigle’s face
    Hayden – a doopey
    Britney –
    Annie – A black burlap bag
    Enzo – too wide open
    That’s it for now.

    1. I think I’m going to lose my BB Pool money because I chose Rachel. Leave it to me to pick the chick with fake boobs and is dumb as a post. I thought if Jordon won last year, I might have a shot with Rachel but she is already getting on my nerves by how stunned she is. Lessons learned tonight – Never judge a book by it’s cover or a girl by the size of her titties.

  11. T, that’s me thanks for the info about arrival to the house. Why don’t the producers just have Julie Chen say that, since it is obvious the first episode is taped, with about 3 wardrobe changes, use of the Diary Room, and the first HOH competition all in the first show? It’s also helpful to know since, later in the season, there will be questions that involve how long the guests have been in the house. By not coming out with it and trying to make it appear like everything happened Thursday, it makes the show look rigged. I hope that next Thursday, when the saboteur is revealed to the viewers, Julie Chen tells us about the process. Did the saboteur go through the interview stage? Or is she/he just an actor wannabe who needs $50,000? Did all the players sign a contract that allowed the producers to just pick the saboteur (without the players knowing what the players were agreeing to), and then assigned the task to one of the 13 when they got to LA? Julie Chen could do a lot next Thursday to dispel any thoughts of the show being rigged if she reveals, not only who the saboteur is, but how the saboteur was chosen. Hope the producers are reading!

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