Big Brother 12 House Pics – Storage Room Looks The Same and The Shower Doors are Still Frosted

Early this morning on The Early Show, Julie Chen introduced the new cast of the 12th season of Big Brother!
Full Biographies of the cast of Big Brother 12!
The Media Day Videos were also released today: A day in the life of a houseguest
Julie Chen gives us a tour of the NEW Big Brother 12 House!
Big Brother 12 House

Two awesome rooms, the shower gives us those juicy shower pics and the storage room is strategy central, as usually these are kept more or less stock.

Big Brother 12 House

Table seats 12.. pink flamingos rocking it out

Big Brother 12 House

Big Brother 12 House

Big Brother 12 House


Big Brother House 6

All in all this is a cool looking house.. I haven’t seen a house I liked since BB8’s “Alice in Brotherland”

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The house looks really good this year. Hopefully this season is really good as well.