Big Brother 11 Spoilers – They Decide to Change the HOH plan and Chima wants a Strip show from Russel

9:45pm Backyard couch Michelle and Casey. She is tellig him she’s not angry with him. Casey saying he doesn’t trust everyone and it hey all throw the competition than one person that doesn’t gets a free HOH. Casey telling Michelle that the most logical thing is for all of them to play their best and take what comes.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:00pm Kitchen most of the house. Natalie is missing a pork chop and they all joke that when Ronnie came down for a second he took it. Russel says there must have been cheese on top of it.

Casey is voiceing his conerns that he is being blammed for all the HOH/pawn bullshit. They try to get advice from jesse because “He is expereinced” but he says drawing straws is the fairest. They consider using raw Spaghetti. Russell now asks Casey to be the pawn, Casey says he will if they draw straws. Casey tells them that if he even sees them talking to Ronnie they become his target. They laugh and he says he’s only kidding a little bit. Chima says he’s not kidding at all.


Lydia asks them if they will regret not playing after this is all over, they both say no. Russell asks them what they are going to do if there is money involved. Everyone wants to win money. Casey wants to know what’s going to happen if they rig it and whoever wins PoV and then that person gets into an argument with the ones on the block and decide not to use it. Chima explains the problem if her and Michele win HOH and unable to nominate ronnie than they have to nominate two of you guys. Jeff says ultimitatly he’s the target every week. Chima and Michelle says they want to play for HOH. Chima says initally it seemed shady people didn’t want Ronnie to go and that’s why people wanted her and Michele to play in HOH.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


They semi agree that all are going to go for HOH with the understanding that Ronnie goes home. There is no set plan for pawns its all up to the HOH. Jeff confident he’s going home he says tehre is a lot of shit that has to happen in order for Ronnie to stay.Jessie brings up that big brother is listening and they may rig it where they can’t throw it. chima say she really hope everyone in here wants him to go home. Jesse thinks it will be a 50-50 contest. Chima asks for a show of hands of who wants to keep Ronnie. Russel raises his hand and they all laugh. Chima says if she’ HoH she’s not comfortable sending anyone home but Ronnie. She says if he would just take his key and go home it would be ideal. Casey ends the meeting by saying they need to keep the rumor mill in check. Chima agrees.


11:20pm Backyard Casey and JEff. Casey tells jeff about his conversation with Michelle. THey both agree taht having everyone compete in HOH is a good thing. Kevin joins them, Kevin is nervous that Chima will go home if she throws it or is a pawn. Casey says she was going to get immunity but than the shady shit started again. Kevin says if he wins he can only put up a few people which is what the rest of the house is saying. Casey says one of the athletes will win because there’s 4 of them they have better odds.


11:30pm bedroom Chima, Russell, Natalie and Jesse. Chim asks them if she is alright with what she said. Chima wonders if she should go talk to Casey. JEsse says no you don’t need to its all been said. Chima says the entire meeting down their was directed at me. Jessie thinks he was also the target in that conversation Chima doesn?t understand why cause he didn’t say anything. Chima tells Natalie and JEsse that Lydia doesn’t like it when I flirt with Jessie. Natalie says that Lydia likes JEssie. Chima now saying that if she wins HOH she wants a firefighter outfit for Russell so he can do a strip show fro her in the HOH room.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Finally a break of from Jordon flirting with Jeff and Ronnie Squealing away calculus analogies of the game. This has got to be the best couple hours so far in the house. Everyone, even barking Chima and douchelish speaking Jessie all make sense when everyone is using teamwork to shift the nature and vibe of the new season. I bet the producers are happy. It’s like as if the producers are the houseguests


Lydia needs to give up her school crush on Jessie. He’s a heartbreaker and is too in love with himself to love another – or is he? hmmm Jessie is putting on a show until the day after the this season’s finale. He knows what the viewers thin kof him, he knows was he imfamously famous for and so he’s going to always behave in the house in order to build his brand. You have to remember these contestants,most of them,like being on this show to jump start their own brand: Dr. 90210 Kirby, Memphis, the list is endless. Now Jessie Godderz is following suit.


Hopeful hookups int he house by the end of the season: If not already lol

Lydia & Jessie Under those blankets,things are happening and they probably already have done stuff. Lydia, if and only if something grows out of your Jessie relationship,he’s just a f**K buddy, otherwise, he’ll break your heartby cheating on you with his hand. He LOVES himself.

Jordon & Jeff – They’re both single, they lay on each other so much. Yet what prevents the hook up is when Jordon says dumb stuff or whine. Look Jordon, Jessica Simpson called, she wants her personality back!

Chima & Russell – She basically admitted shes growing a crush on him. that fact that someone doesn’t hate him in the house is shocking to him and us lol When Russell drinks and with the houseguest growing respect for him, lookout for these two. Russell just has to keep firm on his secret bond alliance with Ronnie. It’s there.


what is wrong with lydias leg she had peroxide complaining


Cathy …..She made a backyard ghetto version of a slip and slide and scratched up her already inked and ugly legs……just so you know…..




I’m finding it quite annoying that people (mostly Natalie and Lydia) are always trying to make Casey out to be some sort of a shady schemer, as though he’s lying behind everyone’s back. He’s one of the most upfront people in the house. He’s the main reason this meeting actually happened. Because he wanted everything out in the open.

The Original Jim

They’re schemers, that’s what schemers do. They try to make other people look like schemers to draw attention from away themselves.
Anyway, it’s partly Casey’s fault. He should have owned up to wanting to change the plan (regardless of whether he actually instigated the change) and just told Michelle and Chima, “I’m looking out for you. There are people in here that I don’t think would uphold their end of this deal and if I were you I would want to compete rather than trust that everyone would do right by you. It doesn’t benefit me to change the plan, it benefits you.”


great revelations y’all