Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Lydia and Natalie Heart 2 Heart

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


8:32pm Backyard Lydia and Natalie. Natalie is telling them the longer Ronnie is in the house the safer they are, She explains that Ronnie is going to be everyone?s target, we’ll be safe. Lydia says that she wants the 5 of them to make it together. Kevin leaves. Lydia starts telling Natalie about her past. She says she had a 7 year friendship with someone that didn’t work out. She goes on to say she was in an abusive relationship and almost killed herself over the guy. She says they were really serious they were going to get married and have kids. The guy was hunting her down so she had to stop her MySpace, facebook and he even found her on twitter. She says that the guy found a girl a week after we broke up but he was
still messing with her. She tell Natalie that the abusive partner did the owl tattoo on her leg. Natalie asks her about the DATDA tattoo. lydia tells her it means defence against the dark arts. She gives Natalie some advice about tattoos saying only get them if your married for 25years, if your dating them than its doomed. Lydia brings up living in england and how she was flown back and forth for 16 years. Her date completely ignores her and has a girlfriend with kids Natalie’s age…. more talk about family etc….


Lydia points out that it’s hard to connect with Jordan and Laura. Natalie agrees. Natalie says she hasn’t talked to Laura she hasn’t tried with Laura because she’s leaving. Lydia says that she’s sticking with the people I want out. The Ronnie thing was a line in the sand, it divded and flipped the house. Natalie reiterates that the longer ROnnie is around the longer they are safe. Russell joins them and says Ronnie is too scared to come out. Russell brings up Casey walking around earlier today saying that “Russel isn’t around the house he must be upstairs again”. Russell calls Casey a Fucking dumbass for saying that.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:12pm Bathroom Lydia and JOrdan. Both trying to be nice and engage in some girl talk. Lydia is wondering why Laura hasn’t been campaigning. She tells Jordan not to worry she’ll vote to keep Jordan. Jordan doesn’t know why Laura is being so quiet, She tells her to go ask laura. Jordan than adds she thinks its the slop it really has gotten to Laura plus laura is homesick.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:27pm Laura, Kevin, Michelle, Casey Laura is saying that her speech tomorrow is going to have short little jabs at Ronnie. She wants people to know why she’s where she is. Even if she doesn’t go she plans on saying something. Casey says that the rat isn’t even human he tried to psychologically break Michelle. Michelle comments on how ROnnie could of done worse to her. Laura tells them about her speech points. she’s going to say that she likes everyone and she’s glad she got to meet them. Casey says she should say something about taking one for the team, she’s making a sacrifice for the rest of them to be able to do what they need to do. Laura saying she hopes the those left are smart enough not to let it happen to them. Kevin leaves and Laura continues to talk about her speech.


Chima come in and asks for reassurance that she’s not put up if she doesn’t win HOH. Casey says he would love to see that jackass rat go home but he still wishes Chima good luck. Casey says too many people with different agendas. If he was her, he would want to be given a fair shot at HoH.


9:45pm Working out, Russell and Jessie. Russell is saying that Casey is gunning for him. Jesse telling him not to worry. Alot of people are unhappy with Casey right now give it all time and Casey will self destruct. Russell says he just doesn’t like Casey as a person. Jesse tells him to also worry about Michelle because he thinks she?s coming after them. He points out that Michelle is playing low key but Casey will be digging his own grave.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:05pm Chess Board Natalie and Jesse. Jesse is talking about when he told Russell that what Russell had did really fucked Natalie and JEsse. JEsse tells her that the talk around the house is him and Natalie are goign up as pawns. Jesse says that he doesn’t care if she hates Ronnie, Ronnie never lied to Jesse and you can’t trust Casey. Jesse warns Natalie not to talk to Lydia regarding game she’s too smart. Jesse tells them that if Kevin wins he’s putting up 2 Athletes.


10:20pm Chima and Michelle are getting mad at Casey because they are just finding out that there not going to be given safety if they threw the competition.

Michelle denying that she said anything about not liking the plan. She says the others decided while she and Chima were in the bathroom. They try and make it look like Casey is the mastermind behind a big plot. Casey keeps denying that its his plan he’s just moving with the house. Michelle telling everyone that she did not say she wanted to play for HoH. Casey says he would hate for them to not try their hardest and get put out next week.
Michelle saying it looks like she and Chima are just trying to get a free week in the house.

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