Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Russ Tells us Jesse’s strategy “He’s got Natalie who is like a little Dog Doing his dirty work and Barking and Everyone”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


8:55pm Kitchen Michelle, Casey, Jordan, Ronnie and Russ.. Casey is doing some crazy dance in front of Russell saying his balls are shaking to the left and to the right Russell is laughing his ass off? Casey?s brings up them getting called up in the middle of the night for a compeition. Casey says Ronnie knows what i?m talking about tell them about it. Ronnie gopes of expalining all about the middle of the night competiions and how during one season Marcellas was saying he?s going to jump off the balcony? Ronnie is laughing like crazy but no one else it.

9:01pm bathroom with Kevin and Casey. Casey says if you want to win you have to make smart decisions. He says he worries that Kevin went to others and told them what he was telling him earlier. He says he didn?t ( I think he did )Casey says he hasn’t heard anything coming back to him yet.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:00pm Backyard Casey, Russell and Laura on the couch with Jordan doing laundry. Laura is saying that Jordan has no chance of winning the HOH and thats why them want to vote me out. They start bashing Jesse saying everyone is star struck. Russell says he rarely talks to Jesse anymore. Laura is pissed at ROnnie explaining what he did to her group. Russell says he’s going to get rid of Ronnie. Casey is telling them that he use to drink alot os Soda 2 big bottles a night… now that he has a trainer he doesn’t drink soda with his liquor.. the talk moves to vegas….Kevin joins them. Ronnie joins them and tells laura he wants to talk to her later. they keep talking about Vegas. Ronnie starts talking to lydia about slop…


9:00 bedroom Ronnie, JEsse, Natalie and Lydia. Jesse and Ronnie start talking game and everyone wakes up. Ronnie tells Jesse that chima will pur up Russ if she wins HOH. Ronnie telling Jessie that he thinks Chima will put up Russell. Jesse agrees, he starts telling ROnnie about Casey telling him he’s safe if casey wins HOH. Ronnie tells him taht Michelle is gunning for him and to watch out for her if she wins HOH. Jesse and Ronnie think taht Michelle is playing them.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:20pm Bedroom Jesse and Natalie. Jesse is saying that Russell is talking to the other side telling them things to gain their trust. Jesse has seen him talk to Jordan, Casey and Laura.
I was talking to Russell a couple days ago and telling him I wasn’t close to casey, Michelle and Jordan. and the very next day Russell is talking to them. I swear i’m going to get rid of him as soon as I can. Natalie is saying she really wants Russ gone this week. Lydia joins them. Jesse is filling her in on all the Russell hate. He says that he’s done saying shit to russell. They all agree that Russell needs to go. Ronnie comes back and fills them in on whats going on in the backyard, saying that they are talking about us. THey all agree that Russell is going to but Ronnie and JEsse up and if Casey wins he’s going to try and convince casey to do it. Ronnie and NAtalie say they need Lydia to win HOH and put Russell up because NAtalie and JEsse can’t. They start talking that Someone has to talk to kevin because he’s been talking to Jordan alot. Natalie says casey said he hates kevin and he’s the first to go up. they tell Ronnie to go after Jordan and tell her if she wants to save her ass, she needs to assure them she’s with them, or she will go home. They all decide to switch the majority rules answer from A to B so that Russell doesn’t know what there going to do. Jesse all of a sudden figures out that if could be 5 vs 5. Kevin joins them and assures them that he’s putting Russell up if he wins HOH. They tell him that Lydia or Kevin MUST win HOH cause its the only way to get rid of Russell.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:48pm Russell and Jeff saying they are cool now. They are wondering why everyone loves jesse. Russell thinks its because he’s been here before and they all look up to him, “There all sucking his dick”, “He’s even got Natalie who is like a little dog doing his dirty work and barking and everyone”…. LOL … They continue to bash Jesse.

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The Original Jim

I love how as soon Jordan has been put up Jesse is all of the sudden all about Russell needing to go home.


Ronnie is a master at being a worm no wonder him and jessie r friends


Does Ronnie not realize its a marathon, not a sprint? He’s playing like its a one week game. The minute the power shifts everyone will start comparing notes and realize he’s the one talking sh@t. What is his beef with Michelle? He should check himself, he won a game that anyone could have won without ever having watched the show. “Whose would be most likely to not take a yearbook photo?”. He’s talking too much, he’s the HOH, he should be doing all the listening.


whoever is trying not to be on the camera feeds the last couple hours I applaud you.Ronnie is becoming a freaking joke. Everytime he talks it’s like his Pinnochio nose is longer. He needs to stay lockdown in the HoH room for the next couple days only to go out to DR, eat,and shit


Laura is going out swinging and don’t know what will happen because it seems Jordon is not into the game as much as Laura now. Only thing i that it’s looking like a little too late for Laura.


Could it get any worse we need a twist fast, this sucks