Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Pumping Iron and Casey’s song about Potato Balls

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
7:45pm Kitchen Lydia, Michelle and Ronnie, Ronnie is sad because Jeff and Jordan are treating him differently. He says that he’s done nothing wrong why are they acting this way. Lydia leaves without Ronnie knowing…. He asks Michelle where she went, Michelle doesn’t know.
Ronnie leaves and goes looking for Lydia.. Finds her steeping (she pretending to) and goes back to the kitchen. Ronnie starts talking about tweeting and how neat it was. He says he’s going to get it hooked up to his phone and Lydia is going to tweet him. The conversation moves to Harry potter and Ronnie keeps talking bout how cool those movies are. He tells Michelle that he’s going to go to bed early today and sleep in tomorrow.

8:00pm Backyard Jeff, Casey and Kevin work out….. Russ joins them but does his own thing.

8:40pm backyard Jeff on the Elliptical, Jordan doing Laundry and Casey on the couch
Kevin joins the. Casey wakes up and mentions how Casey it is that two populars to go right away. Kevin says there not too popular… they both laugh. Russell joins the, everyone doing there own thing
Casey singing in the background “I like potato balls because they like me”


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


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The Original Jim

Ronnie: Why don’t Jeff and Jordan like me anymore?
Hmm, probably has nothing to do with the constant lies and backstabbings. What an overdramatic, egotistical, delusional little twat. I hope they make the next week miserable for him and it ends with him going home.


I don’t like Kevin’s cheecks. He looks constipated all the time. I hope he’s not a bottom. If he is, he should buy this

The Original Jim

He doesn’t need that. There’s plenty of douches in the house already.


Jessie has trailer trash/has tom-boy/ and barbie @ home.. Its sick

Secret Person

Ronnie’s a douche. He probably thinks that everyone in America loves him and that he’s a genius.

Randy Wolfgang

Simon – what exactly happened – who called him out?????

Randy Wolfgang

WOW!!!!!! Wish I could see that!!!!!!