Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Lydia to Kevin about Jesse “I put my hand down there so I could Gauge it”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:00pm kitchen Braden and Russell. Braden is telling Russell that he never was going after him. He wants Russell to stay in the game because he’s such tuff compeition. Braden says he loves sport and wants to play the best. Russell says lets do this after dinner because he can’t focus and doesn’t want everyone around them. Russell looks agitated by braden allways talking ” I wants to throw an apple at the Fucking camera.”


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:30 Lydia and Kevin recycling room. Lydia is telling Kevin all about her and Jesse in HOH. Kevin asks if she gave him a blowjob, or did you give him certain favours, Did you whisper sweet nothings?. She says no, they kissed on neck but not on the lips or anything more. Jessie was kissing her all over the neck. She says Jesse said he could help her with his 2 fingers, and she told him to “Keep your hands to yourself.” Lydia says he did grab her butt though. Kevin says he doesn’t want her to take this the wrong way but he’s really surprised that she is attracted to Jesse. She says she’s surprised to, I told you I didn’t have a type but that whole muscle thing doesn’t do anything for me when I see him I don’t think about all the muscles. She tells him that JEsse is hung in the crotch, “I put my hand down there so I could gauge it” Kevin jokingly asks her next time to tweak Jessie’s nipple on his behalf. Lydia laughs and says OK, she says that she will not be the kisser next time, but is willing to be the kissee. She mentions that Natalie is always around Jesse when she is trying to be with him, “no more BLANK blocking”. She goes on to say Natalie came in and ruined it all she was banging on the door. They both agree that they want Natalie out

Kevin wonders why she didn’t kiss Jesse on the lips (must be a pretty women thing). Lydia says it just didn’t go that far. Kevin is woprried that she’s going to get played. Lydia assures him she won’t. Kevin tells her he wants to know about those 2 fingers….She goes on to tell Kevin that Russell is making sexual comments to her. Kevin scoffs “He does that alot” Lydia doesn’t like Russell that way “its not
like i’m going to kiss every guy in the house”.

Kevin tells Lydia that he will live through her since theres now other gay guys left in the house. Lydia smiles and tells him she’ll keep him updated about her love life. Kevin says thanks’I wish there was someone to cuddle with her” Kevin suggest to her to keep her and Jesse on the down low but Jesse is probably going to tell Russell soon.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:18pm HOH Jesse and Natalie – Natalie is complaining that her shoulder is so sore. Jesse starts to rub icey hot on it. They keep trying to find the spot that “really” hurts. Natalie is saying that everyone thinks she is a baby but she really hurts.. Jesse says I know I know take your pain killers those should work. Jesse is telling her that her muscle is really tight “she’s got a build up of lactic acid”. Jesse continues to explain to her how when he gets injured it feels this way. (he uses Like about 12 times in one sentence) Natalie says she worried about the HOH… she thinks it’s going to be a simple compeition. Jesse says he really doesn’t know it could be anything. Jesse says he think she should be sidelined and tell him and Russell to do during competitions. He tells her she needs to Drink alot of water and she needs to rub it out…. He goes on to tell her all he does is tweet about wrestleing cause he loves it.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Does anyone know if there is any truth that Lydia gave Jessie a BJ?


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