Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jordon lets Everyone Grab her “Boobs” and the Verdict is they Feel FAKE

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


10:45pm Outside most of the house minus Jesse and Lydia which are in the green room. Casey is telling them about the production talk restrictions and ho they can’t sing songs and say peoples names. Chima says she didn’t make up russell the love muscle russell told her that name. Casey says he explaind to his kids about how they develop differently ant at different times and tells them “not to worry about it”. Jordon Blurts out “I got my period in the 5th grade” Jordan”


10:55pm Kitchen, Jeff, Jordan, Ronni, Laura and Kevin making fun of Jeff’s “Toona”. Jordan brings up the POV Competition and tells the story of Jeff and his attempt to spell Techno and make it longer to “Technotronic”. Jeffspeaks up and tells them all he’s just a shitty ass speller. Jordan says she’s a bad speller to cause she didn’t learn using “hooked on Phonics” Ronnie has set up his hotdog so he can eat it right at midnight, Kevin laughs “has his hotdog laid out”. Kevin leaves.. Ronnie says he loves the outcasts, “but if Casey, Kevin and Lydia wind up on the have not thing…Man! we have it made”


11:00pm Chima “I didn’t make it up..I got it from him” about “Russell the love muscle”…Casy says he explaind to his kids about how they develop differently ant at different times..and tells them “not to worry about it”…”I got my period in the 5th grade” Jordan announces..

Russell said he had friends “held back” because they wanted their kids bigger to get sports scholarships in high school…

Back in the eco friendly room Jesse sleeps next to the pizza Lydia brought him as she sits there…he wakes up “what are you doing’ and she tells him “hanging out by myself” and now with him….Jesse “I’m so tired”..lydia asks if he wants to watch spiders sin a webb and explains about them outside {heavy stuff here}

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:14 PM Jessie and Lydia Green Room
Lydia is telling him about washing the comforter. Jess asks her what she thinks about next week. She says that her and Kevin are going to kick major butt.Lydia tells Jesse that she’s not going to go out of her way to be a bitch to Braden “Don’t talk to me because I’m not going to talk to you.” Jessie telling Lydia that he’s worried that Kevin might still be a little mad at him because he put her and Chima up. Jesse thinks that theres a good chance if Kevin wins HOH he’s putting him up. Lydia doesn’t think so because he knows that I don’t want you up just like I don’t want Natalie up. Lydia says that Kevin will most likely put Ronnie and Laura or Jeff and Jordan. They start rehasing the days fights. Lydia tells him she doesn’t think there are any loyalty with Laura. She shops around for the better deal.

Lydia asks Jesse what he thinks about Casey, Jesse says he never talks to the guy. Lydia says casey is really rude and tries to make her feel small, “he barks and I’m not going to bark back”.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
11:25pm Kitchen Russell, Laura, Jordan. THey are talking about how intense Ronnie is in the game. They thinks its weird how he’s always whipsering to everyone, and is always into a conversation. They find it funny that he almost never talks game anymore ever since peoiple started to notice. he tells everyone how obsessed he is with all those video games. Ronnie is playing them all like one of his video games. Russell tells Laura that her name was mentioned first to be nominated and it was Ronnie who mentioned it Russell isn’t sure what’s going on with Ronnie “the dude’s ridiculous and it’s getting to be too much”.Laura mentions taht Ronnie is so smart and she doesn’t want to compete agasint him. Ronnie asks Jordan if Lydia and her have made up. Jordan says she thought things were OK, but that she is being ignored. She says she doesn’t understand it because she didn’t do anything. Russ agrees.


Jordan- do you remember the movie What About Mary?

They say yes…

Jordan says her boobs once looked like the old womens boobs from tehres somthing about mary. Russell smirkes “well that was money well spent”
Chima says nonsense they look amazing they really do. Jordan says thanks. she tells them that she use to think they looked like armadillos.
Kevin:”mm hmm” Russell tells her whatever they don’t look like armadillos now
Jordan says of course not i’m very proud of them now. Laura asks her if Jordons happy with the size, “you wanted larger?” Jordan doesn’t want them larger “at first they scared me i wantted them smaller”.


She tells Kevin to touch them He does and she takes it and rubs it under her boob. Kevin says they feel weird, Larau says its because she just got them done, “they will flatten”. Laura says she’s had her boobs done for about a year and now they feel real. Russell asks them if they are affraid that guys aren’t going to like them. Laura “because they are so big?” Russell says no because they’re so fake”.

Laura defends her boobs saying they feel real, “I’ve never met a guy that doesn’t like them”.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


12:00pm The Have nots get to eat… Ronnie dives into his delicious macaroni and hotdogs.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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