Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jessie’s glad Chima is on their Side because “Natalie isn’t too Bright”

7:30pm Backyard, Russell, Jessie working out. They are going over the people that have screwed them over. Russell immediately tells him they have to get rid of ROnnie at some point because he continues to lie. Jessie just tells him if a Athlete doesn’t win HOH they are screwed next week. He thinks they are all targets now. Russell thinks HOH will be easy for the athletes this week because it’ll be endurance. Jessie brings up that Chima is with them now so if its mental she’ll win it, he goes on to say Natalie isn’t very bright so we can’t count on her. Jessie inquires why Russell and JOrdan were talking earlier. Russell says that Jordan is completely clueless about what is going on in the house she has given up on winning and just wants to make it to the jury house. They start talking about how Lydia and KEvin have been acting and how stupid it is. Jessie says he knows exactly what they are doing they are trying to turn the two of us against one another. Jessie is pessimistic that he can beat anyone in the house in the final 2, he says he might have a 1 in 2 chance against Russell though. JEssie tells Russell that he (Russell) is in the same boat as Jessie the only way he can win is if he’s up against JEssie in the final 2. Jessie goes on to explain why Dan didn’t bring old man Jerry to the final 2 because Dan knew he coulnd’t beat him. Russell doesn’t think Jordan has a chance to win 500K she has done fucking nothing. Russell tells JEssie that he should think about getting rid of Jordan because Jeff and Casey are bent on removing Ronnie they should let them take Ronnie out. JEssie doesn’t reply an goes back to working out. Chima walks in and starts to flirt with Russell.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:00pm backyard Banana Crew. Jordan want Casey’s Banana suit after he is done with it. Casey wonders if he has to wear it out when he gets evicted. Jordan complaining that she has put on 10lbs since being in the house. Casey comments how easy it is to gain weight in here he gained 10lbs during that last lockdown. Casey gives Jordan some diet advice, he tells her to stop eating garbage after 9pm and only eat veggies. They miss Laura and wonder what she is doing right now, Jordan thinks she’s watching the feeds right now. Casey wonders if they have her hidden away to return at a later date. Casey says her coming back would be great they would have a chance than. Jordan brings up Jessie being very scared of going home on week 4 again, she wonder if something is up because she see’s Russell and Ronnie always talking in private. Casey says Jessie, Rat boy, Dog girl and Russell are walking around cocky cause they are winning Casey has given up all hope saying he already home in his mind he just has to wait till Thursday to be there in body. He’s not going to campaign against Jordan at all, that?s not the game he wants to play. Jeff comments that Casey is really burning through his smokes…. Casey says he hadn’t noticed but Jeff is right, he goes on to say he’s got a lot of shit on his mind right now. Jeff is trying to introduce hope saying they don’t know what kind a twist is coming up. Jordan and Casey don’t seem to response. Jeff asks them what they are having for dinner “sad burgers and cheese cries.” Casey brings up the live feeds and how he’s not going to watch them when he gets out just the shows on TV… Jeff adds that he has never seen the feeds and will just watch the show. Casey says there are websites (doesn’t mention us 🙁 ) that talk about the feeds.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:40pm Backyard Jordan, Russell, Chima with Michelle running laps. Russell is talking about all the truth and dare game they played last night and the Diary Room wanted to know about it. Chima thinks that what they did will not be shown because it was too sexual, Russell disagrees. Chima jokes that she will be able to find a good man after they air her sucking Russell’s finger. Chima now says she is worried about the things she has said in the house because she wants to become a teacher. Russell tells her not to worry nobody will know or care. Jordan asks about the sucking Honey and they explain to here exactly what happened. Russell says they will air it because adults will understand that it was honey sucking.
Russell tells them they won’t be showing Natalie farting and showing her lips to Lydia.. Chima agrees. Chima is stroking Russell’s head and smiling. Jordan makes a comment about Michelle losing weight but her and Casey have gained weight. Chima says she wants to gain some weight…. the talk drifts what they did today, Russell brigns up that he dived into the pool and hit his head and it really hurt. Chima suggests he go see a medic cause it could be serious. Russell tells her he’s a fighter he’s been hit in the head worse than that before.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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The Nat / Jessie / Ronnie crew just have sucked the life and fun out of this season and show. When they come out (always in a gang – pussies) it always breaks up any fun or talk the “normal’ house guests are having………


I don’t understand why the houseguests can’t see these three bullies as they are and talk about breaking them up. They are way out numbered if the rest of the houseguests turned against them.


I”m with you, but it’s like no one can keep their mouths shut this year. If someone says one thing then the entire house knows within 5 mins., do they not understand to get the power they need to shut their mouth. I would love for Thursday’s eviction, because you knows it’s gonna b Casey, when he goes to open the door it’s locked, no eviction and the teams are split, then hopefully someone will put Jess and Nat out, because Im tired of listening to them, actually need a triple eviction, jess, nat and rat cool would that be?


dude is it me or is jessie the most twofaced person in that house he is always makin small comments about nat the person who he is suppose to be the closest with and he uses everyone, i.e:nat,lydia,russ,ronnie, etc. i want him to go home week 4 like last year hahaha that wud be classic since he tried to play the game all different this time and ends up gettin screwed again. no one in that house can trust him hes out for himself evn tho jeff has sed hes out for himself in the end he basically says hell take jordan as far as he can, evn to final two if possible. jessie on the other hand is like ill get rid of natalie as soon as necessary n were not a package n blah blah hes a loser hope he gets sent home reall quick. i liked him at first but now he starts to show his true colors.




its so boreing break yhem up no more teams lets see some action


I can’t wait for Lydia and Natalie’s inevitable blowout. hopefully, Jesse gets screwed out of that situation. what did he say in his DR? oh yeah… something about it being the problem of someone being “ridiculously good looking” in the BB house.

three words for you, jesse…



Knucklehead Natalie needs a reality check in the worst way. She bullies her way in every conversation – screaming that she is straight with everyone and they had better be straight with her. REALLY??!! You’re on a program, showcasing individuals’ abilities to plot and scheme and backstab and you DEMAND that people better be straight with you?! You can take that ‘I’m a stone-cold gangsta who just got out of prison’ walk of yours straight into a wood chipper. BB absolutely sucks when bully-clowns like Natalie want the game to adapt to them instead of adapting to the game. And how pathetic is this casting when shit for brains Jessie can convince these pathetic followers to bow to the almighty ruler…I mean drooler – he must with that stupid opened mouth sleeping style. Better casting would have avoided this situation, where kissing his ass because he’s HoH is fine, but shitheads like RONNIE the RAT wish to have steroid muscles, so that’s why they kiss his ass – PA—–THETIC!!!!


Jordan, Jeff – don’t worry about this outcome if the ‘UNTOLERABLES’ keep knocking your alliance out – you have demonstrated a likability factor with your banter that should get you a much better check than the BB top prize. I’m sure deep pocket producers are watching. Good luck turning this game around as well.