Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Fat Rat Lies Exposed 2.0 and the Backyard Banana Crew has lost all Hope

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:40pm Red ROom, KEvin and Lydia. Kevin is telling her about a lie he caught Ronnie in. IT had somthing to do with Ronnie saying that Russell was Talking to KEvin. KEvin claims he hasn’t talked to Russell in at least a week. Kevin is pretty sure that him and Lydia are out of the Loop. He tells her they are never part of the conversations anymore. Lydia agrees and says she is nervous about the entire house right now. They start to put 2 and 2 together and uncover many more of Ronnie?s lies. They briefly talk about the order of the house and how it might be best if Casey stays and Jordon goes home. Kevin says the have to start winning HOH’s. Lydia goes to the pool room to talk to JEff and Jordan. She tells them all about what is going on and how Ronnie is lieing again. She says that her and KEvin are out of the loop now. JEff is eager to

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

get them to join with his crew. Lydia brings up that everyone use to hate Ronnie when he was HOH and now they are hanging out with Ronnie all the time. They all agree that Russell was faking all the yelling he was doing last week when Ronnie was HOH. Lydia is now beaking off that lighting could strike twice and Jesse could go home both time on week 4. Casey enters and Jordan, Lydia leave.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:00pm upstairs Chess Board Kevin and JEssie. Jessie wants a confirmation that Kevin is voting out Casey and not Jordan. Kevin says that Casey has never helped him in this game why would he want him to stay. Jessie tells him the people that do not vote to evict Casey will be targets next week. He goes on to say they have the numbers so it doesn’t matter… Jessie asks him if he’s ok that Casey is up. KEvin is he doesn’t care as long as it isn’t himself. Jessie brings up that Lydia was pissed that Casey went up.

Kevin gets called into the Diary Room and Ronnie joins them upstairs. Ronnie is telling them about a new plan to cheat on the HOH competition. Lydia and Kevin know the way we had planned to cheat so we’re going to change it up but still talk like we’re sticking to the same plan when they are around.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:00pm Backyard the banana’s. Casey is singing banana songs and Jeff wondering whats going to happen if he wins HOH. Jeff is confident that he will make the Jury house with Jordan. Jeff keep reiterating that they need to win HOH or there done for. They discuss how relieved they will be if one of them wins HOH. For once they won’t be under the gun. A whole week of no worries, “Best Week Ever” Jordan decides to use the elliptical machine but she doesn’t know how to work out. She asks Jeff how does she know its working. Jeff gives her a hand on setting the machine up. Jordan tells Casey how sad she will be if Casey goes home because he’s so funny. Jordan goes on to say that they are all the nice trustworthy ones in the house and they are the ones no one wants to talk to or make deals with.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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so the worms begin to turn. Its hilarious what sore losers they are, and how slow they are to grasp whats going on. If they actually get it together to counterattack, it’ll be great drama. I think this season is awesome.


LOL the rat is at it again, and like a dumb muscle Jessie and his loyal dog Natalie is eating it up, and wasen’t it “Jessie” who said Ronnie never lied to them? DAMN dude is STUPID if he wins BB he’ will probably blow the whole 500k tryin out for WWE what an idiot


Casey is such a douche. I’m so pleased he’s going home.


Interesting to me that Ronnie is now called the Rat – because he plays the game? He’s a liar, and cannot be trusted ? so what? that’s just game play – and don’t give me BS about playing with integrity – past winners have shown much more ability to be psychopaths than people with integrity. Guess it?s just too tough for some to know the truth ? that Ronnie is playing the game, and being devious is a significant part of that? As far as this being a good BB year ? with that posturing self-centered idiot Jessie in control, I?m growing increasingly bored with his constant preening and strutting. Is there anyone in the world more in love with himself than that two-pump-chump???

Evel Russ

I don’t get you people that say he was just playing the game and think he was playing it well. If anyone but Jesse won HOH this week he would have been out the door in week 3. He got lucky, that’s it. Otherwise he’s actually played a terrible game. He’s done way too much lying, got caught, and the talk from his alliance is already starting that they need to cut him loose soon because he can’t be trusted. There’s a difference between using some strategic deception and lying with every breath.

Killer K

Ronnie is playing the game true….but it’s not a good strategy….what, having people telling you stuff and then immedietly going to the other person and telling them what was said, is a good strategy? No…it takes a little more than betrayal to be a good player….Ronnie chose what side he wanted to ride with, and it’ll be his undoing watch….he’s a cocky nerd who thinks he’s “the man”….not only is he a bad player, he might be one the most hated ever….so don’t give me this crap about him “playing the game”…that’s always the lame excuse the use when they screw someone…people in the past have proven, you don’t ALWAYS have to lie to win….especially to the people you’re supposed to be with…Ronnie = Most hated ever….try to explain that one….


I have to say I agree with Oldpharts comments as Ronnie is playing the game. The part that gets me is that the people keep buying what Ronnie is selling. Jessie is trying to take the target off his back but in turn is losing the empire he once had following him. This game could get very interesting quickly if the right moves are played. The reign can only last so long. Certainly BB has more tricks up their sleeves that will get this game going once again. We are still in the first few weeks. The drama will explode again soon!!


ED is the most hated to me. I Like Ronnie


Thanks blperks, I too am hopeful that “The drama will explode again soon” , because this season is like watching paint dry – lets all think positive thoughts and pull for Jessie to walk soon, so things can really start happening again!