Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Houseguests get to Practice For the Next Competition

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:20pm Playing chess outside HOH, Natalie, MIchelle, and Chima. and Lydia/Russell in living room . Lydia tells Russell that she stayed up so late last night she say the sun rise. Lydia goes on to talk about when she was sad yesterday and Natalie was asking her whats Wrong Lydia said she was tired but she was really annoyed at Natalie for being around JEsse so much…. Lydia starts playing Russells leg like a instruments she tells him that her and her sister are starting a band when she gets out. Lydia brings up her sisters weight issues and how she is very self conscious about it….. All houseguests are caleld outside for a lockdown.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:55pm Lockdown Backyard Everyone is looking at the catapult structure in the middle of yard. Ronnie sits in a far off corner nobody looks at him. They figure it?s a upcoming competition so they all start practicing. The game works by the person sliding a ball down a ramp taht pivoting the ramo up when the ball reaches the end of the ramp at which point the ball flies into the air and hopefully inside one of several buckets situated approximately 12 feet away. you have to slide the ball down the ramp and shoot it at a target. Its a difficult task and some houseguests struggle with it Jordan gets it in tiwce in a row. Kevin, CHima and Natalie stink at it. Casey, Lydia and Jordan are doing awesome. Once the lockdown is over Ronnie runs back to HOH and goes straight for his Holy BIble. While the group disperses Kevin makes a comment that he didn’t get one ball in Chima says don’t do that thats my technique… then she smiles at him.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


6:20pm JEsse, Casey and Jeff. Casey tells JEsse that the girls Chima and Michelle are goign to play for HOH and he thinks the plan is getting changed. They are thinking about letting the HOH go to whomever and just hope that the person who gets it sticks to the plan to evict Ronnie. Casey finally is saying that everyone should compete for HOH and they will deal with the outcome.


6:33pm Storage Room Jesse and Russell. They are talking about Keeping Ronnie this week. Russell tell JEsse if they decide to keep Ronnie they cannot tell Natalie. Jesse starts to reiterate the conversation he had with Chima when she said she will fuck Russell if he wins HOH. Russell seems pretty excited. They go on to talk about keeping Ronnie and how thankful he will be to them. Russell thinks they could get ROnnie to do anything at this stage of the game. Natalie walks in and tells the guys that Casey is by far the best at the game. Russell says it doesn’t matter because he’s going to be in casey’s face the entire time. Jesse just

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
gives them some types on where to position the ball on the ramp. Natalie start to complain that she hurt her shoulder playing the game…. JEsse can’t believe it.


6:55pm Backyard, Laura and Jesse. Jesse is explaining to Laura how things are when you get evicted. Laura wants to know if she will be home by Friday because she might have some work she can sign up for. Jesse thinks Friday might be a little early. He explains that she will spend all day Friday on the phone doing interviews with reporters. Jesse “it’s like your press release, just like you had it coming in, you get it going out, I tried to sneak in a phone call to my family.” Natalie joins them and says she making a phone call the second she gets out no matter what they tell her. Jesse says they totally won’t let you everything is timed in 15minutes chunks. Laura now asks when will she get her Cell Phone back. Jesse says security will drop you off to your room and thats when you get your stuff back.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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