Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Chima’s going after Russells Love Nest, Kevin: “Grossly Big”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


10:00pm Bathroom Chima, Lydia, Natalie, Kevin and Michelle watching Jesse and Russell in the shower. Russell says seeing men naked is no big deal, Women’s bodies are beautiful, ya know. Men’s bodies aren’t. Jesse says hey thats how I make my money. Chima tells Jesse to hurry up and get out because she wants to jump in and see russell love muscle. Jesse climbs out and starts putting on moisturiser. Chima starts sneaking into the shower with Russell. She see his bum and says she’s impressed. The others pull her away as they do she screams “wait I wanna see the love nest”. She than goes to say she can see the tip of it below his knee, Kevin says that would be “Grossly” big. The girls try to get a comparison of Jesse and Russells units. Chima: Jessie, hurry up so Russell can get in there. I wanna see Russell’s love muscle.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:55pm Backyard Casey, Jeff and Jordan. they are going over the votes. Jordan says she has Lydia’s vote Casey tells her not to worry she has the votes. They know that Laura is a bigger threat so everyone is going to vote to evict Laura. Casey mentions feeling sorry for
what happened. Jeff says they shouldn’t. Casey says, well, not ‘sorry’. Jordan says Lydia came up to her and said she doesn’t trust Russell apparently she caught Russell in a lie. Casey adds that Russell is walking around now saying that he called Ronnie out. Casey says it was obvious Ronnie was up to something he was walking around talking to everyone around the clock. Casey instructs them to just stay in the background, stay out of the limelight. Jeff says that jesse has no personality at all and how when he was in a conversation with Jesse, Natalie and Lydia he couldn’t believe how dumb they are. Jordan says Lydia mentioned about getting rid of Natalie. Casey tells her to not get involved at ALL. Casey tell Jordan that Lydia like Jesse and so does Natalie those two are going to want to get rid of the other. Jeff tells them he cannot believe how much Natalie follows Jesse around all the time, Jesse loves himself and with someone like Natalie right there into him as much he’s as happy as can be. Jeff brings up the conversation he had with Michelle and how she hinted taht she may be voting to evict Jordan. Jeff asks if she would vote for Laura and Michelle says no, I’m just debating all the options. They count the votes and there thinking 5-4 or 6-3. Jordan whines that she’s going home and Jeff tells her she’s not. Casey says after Ronnie is gone, the focus could be right back on the other side, the Russell/Jessie conflict is building and the Lydia/Natalie conflict is building.


10:50pm everyone but Ronnie

They start talking about the odds of getting ROnnie out. Casey says there is a 1 in 6 chance of him getting into the POV and then the 1 in 6 chance of him winning, 3 percent chance of him getting the Veto and saving himself. Casey says the chances are small of him getting pulled out of the bag and then even smaller of him winning. he just thinks his odds increase if he’s guaranteed to get a chance. Putting him up is silly ‘cuz it guarantees him a chance to play.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Casey is explaining to them how the two nominees are to be chosen. He says that Chima and Michele must have immunity if they throw the competition. The rest of us will play for it. Jesse doesn’t like the idea of being a pawn it makes him nervous. Casey says that he’s not trying to orchestrate this, that it’s something to think about it. Jesse agrees that it makes more sense to Back Door Ronnie. Casey asks if people are ok to draw straws. Laura suggests that the HOH should just decide. Jeff wants to get it resolved right now so that no one gets bent out of shape later for no reason. Casey says they can decide later. They start discussing the next VETO challenge. Michelle says she doesn’t think it’ll be endurance she thinks it’ll one were you have to eat nasty food. Kevin says he thinks Big Brother might not pick a competition that helps their Ronnie plans. Casey now talking about putting up two pawns than plan on backdooring Ronnie. He’s trying to figure out who would want to be the 2 pawns, he says they should promise that person 3 weeks of safety. Natalie thinks the POV is going to be physical and they?re going to win. Casey says at the root of it, Ronnie needs to pay for what he did. He gets another week of pay here and then he’s going home. Chima agrees. Kevin says he’s sure what he would do because of all the damage Ronnie’s done. Chima says maybe there are people in the House who aren’t as threatened by him. Natalie says she’s not happy with being a pawn, but she won’t put up Michelle or Chima.


11:05pm backyard chair Lydia and Jordan. Lydia asks why Laura just doesn’t eat a piece of pizza she’s going home anyway. Jordan says she wants Russell and Casey to drive ROnnie mad so we quits. This way Laura and Jordan can both stay. Lydia confirms her vote for Jordan.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:10pm Russell sees Ronnie coming downstairs to the kitchen so he pays him a visit. Russell starts in on Ronnie right away. Saying that Ronnie thinks he’s so smart but he was outsmarted by Russell. Russell really gets into his face. Ronnie says he’s looking for the bottle opener and Russell grabs it and throws it on the floor for Ronnie. ROnnie runs back up into HOH whil Russell barks at him the whole way. Jordan asks Russell about Ronnie and he says he was shaking when he came downstairs. Casey says that it doesn’t matter if somehow Ronnie stays this week, he’ll go up the next week or the next week, he can’t win everything. Chima says that Ronnie is going to try and talk to Jesse again. Casey tells them that if they don’t get ROnnie out he could end up in the Jury house. Kevin says once he’s in the jury house, he’ll start playing again and causing drama there.


Casey is trying to get them to put CHima and Michelle up as pawns. Kevin says if he wins he will not put up Lydia and CHima, Lydia says same here. Kevin asks Natalie if she would put them up she says she doens’t know what she would do she hasn’t thought about it. Casey is trying hard to convince them to put up Chima and Michele as Pawns. He asks each person if they are OK with that and they all say yes.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:45pm G-Room Kevin and Lydia. Kevin is mad about what position they are in. HE says they had tit perfect they had a eviction plan and they had the numbers. He thinks that Natalie, Russell and Jeff have some type of deal going. They talk about Natalie being a liability, that she’s clearly out for themselves and not the group. Kevin says that 2 athletes are going up if he’s an HOH and if Ronnie wins POV..”Oh well an athlete goes home boo hoo” . Kevin says that the Athletes are trying to work together to wipe us out. Lydia tells him that she trusts JEsse. They are agreeing it would be very tempting to get rid of a Russell or another athlete over ROnnie. Chima enters. They are concerned that Natalie, Russell and Jeff won’t keep their word not to put them up if they throw the HOH comp. They said that those three hesitated when they were asked when they were in the backyard talking. Kevin now tells Chima his plan to put up two Athletes if he wins HOH. Chima asks them if she should throw HOH, Lydia tells her that her and Michelle are safe we can’t backdoor ronnie if we don’t win it. Kevin talks about Larua a bit calling her a dumb bitch for not campaigning hard enough to stay in the house. Chima asks them who would be the better person to keep Larua or JOrdan they both answer JORDAN. Lydia calls Natalie Jesse’s little barking dog. they go on to rag on the atheletes a bit.

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Russell can make more than $500,000anotherway. Based on the way he has his bears he could quit the show and join the Village People. Who needs the Big Brother if you’re in the YMCA.

I wish Jordon and Laura were both evicted this week. They are whining way too much. And it’s obvious Jeff wants to sleep her but he get turned off by her whining.

Laura really is doing anything last minute to be saved this week. She never wins challenges and is so late on the game when it comes to forming alliances that fall through.

Kevin/Michelle/Chima are a waiste of time on that show. They need to step up their game and Chima needs to not bark so much.

Casey is playing it smart. Freaked me out how Russell and him gave each other a high five on tonight’s cbs broadcast

Jessie and Natalie are actually playing the game well and Natalie needs to keep on taking the high road. Both her and Jessie get talked about and bashed alot but if they never shout back and argue outloud with to her houseguest then they’ll stay around longer

Lydia is way too sensative and cries when someone says something bad to her.When you look at her you think: Dang this girl is hardcore I never wanna be caught in an alley with her. But then she’s a care bear beneath all those tattoes


The only reason Lydia wants Jesse around is because she hooks up with him. I dont think she’d vote him out, she wants Nat out of the way.

The Chosen One

MichaelHollywood: Nice comments but ultimately unfounded and stupid. It’s 2 weeks in dude…wake up. And stop trying to sound like you’re a pundit. No one cares.


Yuo wake up Lol this is an internet blog freedom of speech. I can say what I want. and so can you.


MICHAELHOLLYWOOD is actually Lydia posting while smoking crack.


MichaelHollywood is the guy from last year that was gone first. “It’s week two speed up your games.” hahaha I bet Michelle wins she has a pHd and she’s actin like she’s dumb. She’s is going to be the longest lasting “Brain” person at least.


okay michael hollywood, what is your deal?
Its obvious you have no life…we all love big brother and have our own opinons, you talk on here like your in the house or something…no life whatsoever