Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Braden jokes that if you win 6 POVs, you’re world renowned & get a giant statue/trophy

Big Brother 11 Big Brother 11

3:20pm Big Brother Time: They’re on lock down and they’re wondering if POV is today. Switching to Laura and Ronnie whispering about that someone, told Laura that they are considered a candidate for the block. Laura assuring Ronnie one more time that she’s not coming after him. Discussing possible people they should approach after next week to team up with them. They wanna work with Casey, Laura thinks he’s a floater. Ronnie and Laura both like Kevin. Chima walks in and sits down next to Laura and Ronnie. Laura telling Chima that Jordan and Lydia wont talk to her (Laura) or give her time of day because and thinks its stupid.
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Lydia is crying. She tells Jeff and Braden that the other people hurt her with little things they say. She thinks some people don’t talk to them because they talk to her. Braden, Jeff and Casey are in the pool room. They are chatting and joking about….Braden having pheromones that run people out of the room. They were referring to how everyone seems to leave the room when they come in. Jeff says he wants to win POV to prove himself “let’s dance, I’m ready” All laugh. Jeff also says that he would not use the POV if he wins. Jeff says he wants to win POV, but at the same time doesn’t want that pressure. Braden joking that if you win 6 POVs, you are world renowned and get a giant statue/trophy. Lydia has joined the guys in the pool room and they are talking/joking about her stuffed animal. It’s a unicorn named “Day Yum-yum.” Braden’s stuffed elephant is named Ellie. They joke about the stuffed animals hooking up.
Big Brother 11 CaseyBig Brother 11 Chima
3:50pm Big Brother Time: Jordan is napping in the pool room. While the guys and Lydia chat, Jordan was napping, awake now. Lydia thinks Ronnie is on her side. Jeff and Braden say he is not and that he is in the middle. They say he’s staying neutral so he can do whatever people tell him to do. Ronnie comes in the pool room and hugs Lydia. He says she looked so upset when she came through the kitchen earlier. Jordan askes Ronnie why people are ignoring Jeff and Braden. Jeff interrupts and says they’re not really being ignored…that they’re just joking. Then Jeff says the house does feel divided. Ronnie agrees…says things will get worse after POV…that Chima will probably throw a fit if she doesn’t win POV. Jeff talks about Chima still have a couple days in there too (implying she will be voted out). Now calling Ronnie “Ron J” and “R J Robot” (which he said was his nickname as a kid) Braden says he took the towels off the wall. Ronnie thinks he wasn’t supposed to because they were decoration. Braden doesn’t care…all are laughing. Casey joins them and is siting on the slide. Now having a little spelling bee…just chatting and laughing. Big Brother 11 Lydia
Lydia is studying the book they got from Big Brother. Casey and Jeff talk football. Russ is called to the DR. Jeff says he keeps calling everyone Russel. Braden jokes…”If you call me Russel again, I’ll snap your neck.” Jeff asks Ronnie who he is going to vote for. Ronnie avoids the question. He says he will vote for who he trusts more and has no alliances. Lydia starts campaigning to stay. Ronnie asking if he votes for her and then finds out she is talking shit about him. Lydia says she hasn’t and isn’t planning to nominate anyone in the pool room (Braden, Jeff, Ronnie, Jordan) if she wins HOH. Jordan “double seconds” that. Lydia now talking about catty and mean comments from other people. As she campaigns, the others are laughing/chatting. Ronnie asks Braden, “what about you, Braden?” Braden: “Oh yeah, we’re all on the same level.” Talk turns to Evil Dick and his strategy…how they don’t think it would again. Lydia: You know who the goodies are and who the baddies are and I just hope I have enough votes to stay.
4:10pm Big Brother Time: Ronnie asks Jeff if he would use POV. Jeff says no…he Big Brother 11 Jordanwould rather Lydia win it and would throw it to her. Ronnie whispers something to Lydia. Lydia loudly denies saying whatever he said. Jordan backs her up and says someone is out there planting seeds about her. Braden says it’s sad and ridiculous. Lydia continues to deny what Ronnie whispered to her. It seems to be something negative about him. She asks who told him. He confirms it was Chima. Laura to Chima: “I’m not sending you anywhere.” Natalie to Chima: I can 100% guarantee my vote and Russell’s vote.
5pm Big Brother Time: The House guests suspect it will be a night time competition for the PoV. Jessie and Ronnie playing chess upstars with Braden watching. Lydia joins and Jessie leaves to HOH bathroom. Russ comes in and Jessie says he went in HOH to get away from Lydia. Russ and Jessie are tight. They talk as Jessie is on the toilet. Russ is worried that Lydia’s group will put him and Jessie up. Jessie says Nat will fight for them. Jessie thinks they’re safe with Ronnie and Casey, but no one else. Jessie says they need to keep Ronnie close because the other side is confiding in him, so he’s their leak. Jessie says Jordan will put them up. Russ thinks Jeff and Braden want him out.
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Uhh…the only people I like are Jordan, Kevin, Casey, Laura, and Lydia. All the rest suck. No offence.