Big Brother 11 – Jessie told Russell “You just crop dusted a large area with your fart, I’m probably going to get pink eye”

5:45pm Big Brother Time: Jeff, Braden, and Jordan are looking for things to eat/fixing things to eat. Braden discussing that he asked someone in the diary room about his missing blender. Said the lady “In there” was pissed when he asked about it. Jessie & Russell are in the HOH talking about wrestling and training. Jessie is telling Russell about the beach he hangs out at and said when he’s drinking he’s everyone’s friend. Jessie said Ronnie told him he wanted to lose weight. Then Russell farted and Jessie said you farted right where my head lays. Jessie told Russell “you just crop dusted a large area with your fart, I’m probably going to get pink eye.” Jessie & Russell turn on the spy screen and realized they had been talking loud about nothing.
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Big Brother 11 Laura Crosby

They start talking about the POV. Jessie thinks it’s going to be questions. Russell asks what Casey will do. Jessie said when Cassy comes in he will fart or burp. Russell said, no what happened with the argument. Jessie, Oh yea. he went on. Braden & Casey had been talking about movies and Braden said did you know Indiana Jones was filmed in a building. Casey said back, oh wait, you know Indiana Jones too? Braden came back with F*** you dude. [in anger]. They feel he needs to go because he snaps too quick. Chima has rubbed Russell the wrong way. He tells Jessie she will give you that little bitchy smirk and that laugh. Jessie looks at the fish tank in the HOH and realizes he hasn’t fed the fish today at all. He said the fish were going to go belly up. Jessie wonders how many fish are in the tank. Russell said 10. I’ve already counted everything. Jessie said Nat had too.
Laura discusses with Braden, Michelle, and Kevin is there too …that her boyfriend’s name is Stein. Braden asks if he is Jewish. She says no, but his family is. She states that he stopped being Jewish when he was five. Continue to discuss how this is possible.
6:10pm Big Brother Time: Russell said he wanted to saran wrap the toilet. Jessie wants to super glue their shoes to the floor. Jessie said they could put a condom next to someone so when they
Big Brother 11 Jessie Prank

wake up they wonder what happen. They noticed someone was sneaking around down stairs. Jessie said, dude, he just dropped his shoes and I heard it up hear. Can you imagine all the game we’ve talked that they might have heard. Jessie said when we get out of here they are going to get some shirts made up. He said he already has some but Russell is not going to like them. He pulls out a shirt with his picture on it that says, The Man, The Myth, The Legend. The other says “welcome to the young gun show”
Jessie is standing at the HOH door with a pillow. They are watching the spy screen and are planning… on scaring someone who is on the couches outside the HOH room. It is Kevin that is outside the HOH. Lydia is also there. Jessie thinks they are talking, but they appear asleep. Jessie is still standing at the door, ready to scare Kevin. He sneaks to the door, slowly opens it with a pillow in his hand. Jessie turns to the camera and says if he shoots through those two bars and falls off the balcony it was an accident. Jessie swings the door open and scares Lydia. Kevin is sleeping. Jessie just did his big scare. It didn’t have much effect. Lydia was getting up already and Kevin didn’t react. Jessie decided to play Kevin chess while Russell plays with the spy screen.

Big Brother 11 Jordan & JeffBig Brother 11
6:30pm Big Brother Time: Jordan and Jeff are talking and kind of flirting on the living room couches. Jordan is messing with Jeff’s feet…there is lot of giggling. Jordan is giving Jeff a massage in the pool room. Jordan and Jeff are talking about food – cookies and milk. Jeff says that she was giving him chills with something she did.

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Oh wow, Chima is a gonner! Lydia damn near begged to suck jesse’s wanker just to say in the house. This season is gonna be something else!