Austin “Its an easy reason to vote out Becky, she needs medical attention” Steve “We have the votes”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-20 13-20-14-343

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1:10pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the HOH lockdown. The house guests head out of the HOH room. Austin offers to carry Becky downstairs because her toe bothers her too much to walk. Austin picks her up and heads out of the HOH room. Big Brother blocks the feeds. The feeds return to Austin and Liz moving their things out of the HOH room. They comment on how Big Brother took the Ottomans from the living room. Meg says we’re small now. James comments on how the table will be small soon too. Meg says I’m excited to see what the commp is. Austin says I hope its not a long one. Meg says the slip and slide was a long one. James walks through the kitchen and asks should I wear underwear with these? Austin says yes. James says yeah, it’ll keep my erections at bay. The house guests are getting ready for the live eviction / HOH tonight.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-20 13-20-23-900

1:30pm – 1:40pm Bedroom – Austin tells Liz we need to talk to Meg and James. I’m worried they’re going to be like I thinking it might be better to keep her now. Liz says no. Austin says They don’t have the votes. You just have to convince them Johnny Mac is on the up and up. Its our votes anyway’s, we control it. You have to be careful though. James has a high probability to win this. Liz asks why would he be upset, he said he doesn’t care. Austin says we just have to make sure he’s okay with it. Liz asks what do you think, like what the f**k!? Don’t you agree with me? Austin says its 50/50 .. I can see positives and negatives to both. Liz says she’s coming after me. Austin says I’ll go with you, whatever you want. We tell them, Johnny Mac we know who he’s after. If we took him out Steve would go bonkers. Liz asks can we tell them who his target is. Austin says they know, I told them. Austin says if anything her injury makes her easier to vote her out. Liz says thank you because I did this for a reason, you know. We can tell them that Becky completely jumped ship from them (Meg & James) this morning .. she said her only people were Jackie and Johnny Mac. Liz hugs Austin. Steve joins them. Liz is worried James and Meg will want to keep Becky because she won’t be able to compete in competitions. Austin says its an easy reason to vote out Becky she needs medical attention. Steve says so we’re all on board. He counts 1, 2, 3, we’ve got the votes. Austin says I think they’ll vote Becky out too if they think we are. Austin says I’ll smooth it out in case one of them wins HOH. Steve comments on how Vanessa is a big target to keep in the house. They agree they can’t trust Vanessa. Steve asks Austin to tell him if Vanessa talks bad about him.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-20 13-39-23-670

1:50pm Kitchen – Austin says they might have to take her to the hospital. Liz says someone might have to pack for her because I don’t think she can. Becky comes out of the diary room with a cane. (Meg has competition as the grandma of the house)

1:55pm – 2:20pm Bathroom – James is cutting Steve’s hair. Steve comments oh you really took off the sides! Johnny Mac says where you’re going you don’t need sides. Steve asks where am I going?! James says where you’re going you don’t need sides. Johnny Mac says its a back to the future movie reference. James comments that they (Production) said we can wear whatever we want .. so its pretty much going to be questions. (HOH comp) Vanessa tells Steve she loves his hair cut. Liz joins them in the bathroom and tells Steve he looks hot!! Austin you have competition!! Austin tells Steve he has a sister he can hook him up with. Vanessa tags in to trim the top “Just the tip!” Vanessa finishes up and everyone tells Steve they love it. Steve looks in the mirror and says he’s seen the hair cut before just never thought he would see it on his head.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-20 13-58-51-335

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 14-38-03-141_jpg

2:36pm Steve’s new hair style

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-20 14-43-22-757_jpg

2:40pm Goblins, Austin and Steve
Talking about Vanessa being “Laid out”
Wondering if they should pack her stuff for her. Austin says Meg should do the guys don’t want to be going through her underwear drawer.
Austin – She’s really out of it she’s had two vicodin
Austin – she’s loopy, feeling good though
James asks steve who he’s voting out
Steve – Becky
James- alright than it’s settled

Steve tells JAmes there’s 7 people playing in the HOH today

3:56pm Feeds are down until after the live show. But guess what? It’s endurance tonight so grab your feeds and watch how the competition plays out.

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac

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So, the plan is to vote out Becky tonight, right? I seriously hope so. I’d be disappointed if J-Mac were voted out instead. I just REALLY hope someone goes after Vanessa next week (though if they were smart, Meg and James would target Austin, Liz & Julia). The best way to break up that group is to vote out Liz. Then, Julia could play her own game and Austin would have to come up with a new strategy/find someone else to work with. Or he could just get evicted, that wouldn’t be bad either.

J-Mac, Steve or James FTW.


If James wins he might put up JMac and Vanessa. Would be interesting to see if JMac might be more motivated to get out of bed if he was on the block with Vanessa.


If James were smart and he really wants Vanessa out he would put up
Vanessa & Liz to make sure he gets Austin & Julia’s vote.


Although I like J-Mac, I would almost agree with you. Sometimes I wonder why he isn’t TRYING more. I hope he steps up his game and wins HOH…we haven’t seen him as HOH. It’d be interesting for him to have to actually make big decisions.


Worst move ever ! James puts up Vanessa and JMac…and next week the Austwins put James up! After Vanessa the biggest target is James. Austwins and JMac will target James. Dude!

Thank You James...TMI or Megs Win & Killing Spree

Throwing comps to appear weak, non- target, handing wins prizes to others then lying, slandering to engender hate, and scapegoat another target, aka meat shield describes the gameplay for Julia Austin Liz until this week, Meg, Vanessa, James, JMAC. That’s why this game is so boring. They’re gazillion alliances never held or meant anything, they can’t keep them straight and still have no strategy no trust 5 minutes before eviction rehearsals.

Liz says I never had a strategy except sleeping with you I just got lucky/laid. Austin says I never tried to win I just want HOH bed & babe. Meg makes a joke of never trying. Julia wasn’t in the house 1/2 game, never wins anything, doesn’t care enuf to keep script straight. Steve & his Mommy thinks no one is onto his idiot savant act. Vanessa thinks she can control everyone with mental breakdown tantrums, Bible rants & fear. James wasted one HOH and lies to his only partner aiming for America’s Fav, yeah favorite perv. Thank you for keeping your erections to yourself James, gawd! JMAC talks only about how much he hates it there, I’ll do what you want, hhhhrraawww. Lord. Becky gimps out, because Liz is most afraid of the cripple with a brain. None of them are putting up no one. And no one’s lying or going back on a deal. Predict more coaster floater boredom with JMac & Meg on the block no matter who wins. May the best professional pawn win. Goblong deader than a doornail.

I can’t wait for JMAC to lose because the questions tonight are houseguest trivia and he never bothered to get to know anyone. Then production has to change all these babies diapers because they all crap their pants saying maybe we should have strategized. Whoever wins better not ask Austwins and Vanessa what to do or I’ll shoot my TV. Oh, yeah, they’re just telling them what they want to hear, until they really start to play the game…next week. Riiiiiggghhtt you’ll start playing next week. I still dream about Meg winning and going on a killing spree, first James for grandma crap, all his jokes at her expense, pawing, kissing attempts and now lying to her & making deals with JMAC behind her back. But it will never happen :(


I think if Johnny Mac gets HOH, he will get Vanessa out.

james crouching tiger

i have a question… what the fuck is wrong with casting?
These idiots cast floaters every year, I mean is it very difficult to see the Victoria and Meg aren’t gonna light up our TV screens. Here’s the golden rule, if you cast floaters, make them really hot. The last cute girl in the house was kaitlyn from bb15 and the last time there were hot girls who played the game was bb14 with britney and danielle….
cmon it’s reality tv we need eye candy
also stop casting the token gay guy every season.
Remember season two when they had bunky? he was a hairy bald gay guy without a really obnoxious laugh and really tight clothing. I’m not hating I’m just saying it gets old after watching it season after season. Shake up the house, throw more minorities in there, more cute girls, quit casting floaters and people who don’t know shit about bb


You would think by now every player would know about alliances and couples. Keeping Julie, Austin and the babe Liz is ridiculous. The other players are like babies clinging onto the hope of 4th place. Please do something to change this Allison.

Yo Yo Yo

When is someone putting those 3 bozos up???


Just because they dont talk about it, doesnt mean they are not thinking it. People with the opinions about Austwins need to be target #1 and to save Vanessa until final 5, I do not agree with. This is a good game, and the spotlight was on Van and shelli before this. Which were the best targets at the time. Since Liz came into power, everybody now suddenly realizes they are a VOTING power house. The twins never should have entered the game, but it happened. Shelli and Van needed to go before these bozos.
Stay true house guests on getting out Van.. She is the head of the austwins, this week was no different. In fact, why didn’t Liz target James? He is the one that threw the veto. Becky was after van, just the same as JMac, and Austin preferred Becky to stay.
Actually, I already know the answer, it was because Van wants Becky gone.
We will see tonight when the mastermind trio decide to throw HOH since everybody is their bff. They will float to the power… Poor strategy because their numbers suggest they could power through the game… But they are obviously more the strategic players. (sarcasm)
The only way I think Liz should go first, is if Van wins hoH.
Aaaaand cue the thumbs down!


James FTW!. If James mans up and targets the Austwins like Clay-Shelli he has a chance. Getting rid of Vanessa this week guarantees his exit next week. When Vanessa is gone, the Austwins 100% go after James! Spill to Vanessa and bring Steve in is his only option.

Pinocchio Obama

I hope Becky doesn’t have to bow out. I would hate to see anyone leave that way after surviving this long.

Backseat Driver

The only change for tonight is that Becky will be limping out the door.


Everyone is hating on Vanessa so much they cannot see the Austin and the Tweedles are gaining power with each eviction.

Seriously, these people are really dumb,

Roll Tide

I cannot stand Austin and the twins. Liz and Julia both ha e vulgar mouths. Liz is down right nasty with the hairball. I sure hope James wins HOH this week. Other wise he might be gone next week.
Liz’s family has to be very embrassed.

roll high

Haters are gonna hate!

P.S Becky is kinda hot


Roll tide

Geaux Tigers

James is a lot worse when it comes down to vulgarity. I wish he wasn’t because I think he is hysterical when he’s not being vulgar!

Just a thought...

Maybe it’s, “you learn what you live and live what you learn”


Say what you want but Austin HAS to go. Otherwise this game is Over. He is the Loser Glue. He isn’t even playing to win. He’s totally pussy whipped. I want to see the shift without his gross ass there.


Austin’s not the glue. He’d dump Julia if he thought it could help him with Liz and Julia will turn on Austin in a second. You take out Liz then Austin and Julia will split up quick. Liz is the bologna in that sandwich.


They might end up wanting to keep him to the end because they could use the fact that he said he only wanted third place cuz he doesn’t want to come between sisters. He really didn’t even play the game all he wanted was a showmance. Everybody knows all he. cared about was helping Liz and Julia win so he doesn’t. deserve the money. Neither does Julia. Now poor Meg bless her heart she could of won the comic book comp if she wasn’t so slow because of her arthritis. Because as slow as she was compared to everyone else she came pretty close to Steve’s time. So she could come through towards the end. Even Victoria won a game towards the end. So stranger things have happened.

Mini Me James

I really believe these people are dumb enough to keep JMac instead of a crippled Becky. Priceless.


Jmack fans will thumb me down to next week but I could not agree more. I’m thinking “hmmm keep the girl that’s injured and on painkillers for the hoh comp or keep someone perfectly capable of winning hoh and risk them putting me up”. If I’m trying to win, I would keep Becky lol

Uh huh...

They were dumb enough to keep Shelli over a weak, unmotivated Clay all because he said he wanted out as opposed to seeing his older sister – whoops, I mean BB girlfriend – sent packing, so yeah…

James Short on Strategy

And was James HOH, and he rags on Becky?? James watch and he should have put Vanessa vs.Shelli, not her weak son I mean brother Clay. That way one strong alliance member is gone. But James talks tough, can’t pull trigger, then outs Becky for mentioning Vanessa as back door, against his own alliance. He’s the kind of guy who throws a grenade without aiming or warning, runs away and let’s his platoon take the shrapnel. He keeps Meg around for his meat shield, and to talk to the women since he never listens to women strategize its all over his head, pun intended. He prefers his bro-manes first a fight over Clay, now he believes Austin gives a crap about him, or JMac?

His vulgarity, chauvanism and short sightedness, pun intended, is a product of his feelings of insecurity and he overcompensates with his tough talk to his own demise. They played while Rome or their game burned. Why did Meg partner up with him, instead of anyone else who had an idea of what a real team is about?

Some have pegged James as a hero, but he’s Austwits dirty work butt boy with eyes for America’s Fav, hence his pranks take precidence over long term plans. He didn’t pick up his poor taste inside the house or rubbing elbows with haters, he cane in with that mouth and his duck dyNasty visor. Or did Production give him that for his DR character? 9


This HOH can’t be over soon enough for me. Seeing the gross asstin and liz on BBAD and their pictures on here smeared all over the place is so disgusting. Please, please, don’t let asstin win HOH tonite so I don’t have to suffer another week of this disgusting duo. Imo…they are the worse “showmance” EVER!!!!


Ewww. Remember Amanda and McCray. Now that was disgusting. Liz is just a THOT and Austin is washed up wannabe wrestler. I too can’t tolerate another week of her hair flipping, sqeeling, poking her lips out (bothers the hell out of me), and saying whatever others say seconds after they say it. For instance Austin says “what a bunch of nerd herds” Liz says “nerd herds haha haha”. She constantly does that. She is the classic bimbo. She won a contest based off of frign Emojis people! Then Austin let her win the Veto comp. This group is the dumbest group ever to think it would be fun to let twins in. Do you think for a second Dr. Will or Evel Dick would have let them get past the 2nd week? Hell No. This is a house full of floaters. Every one of them. Vanessa is the only one thinking strategy. I hate saying that but it’s true. ,


It’s amazing seeing Austwins dominating at this point in the game. I’m not a fan of any of them but I don’t hate them either. I just can’t find the logic in people not going after a known 3 person alliance. Yes, it helps to have Vanessa sitting in front of you but man I just don’t get people not targeting them. No one is even TALKING about putting them up. I really think Austin is a twit but his social game the last few weeks has been rock solid. IMO, Julia is sitting in the best possible position. She’s won nothing and has 3 shields ahead of her!

twin hater

can someone please tell me why are they not going for the twins and Austin if James was smart he would throw this comp tonight they all want venessa cry baby out so let someone else do it then he can win it then he can drag johnny Mac in to his megs and his alliance take out Austin then they got control of the house


Watching Austin and Snotty Liz is nothing short of disgusting…I can smell them through my iPad …they are ruining my BB experience. Get them out!


What they did to Steve’s hair is just mean.


I like it!! Call me crazy but Steve be looking hot with his hair like that!!


I think it looks great!

I beg to differ

Steve, for once, looks really good.

I hope one of the twins OR austin gets voted out next, ty.


Ireally feel like Van is gonna f*ck some sh*t up this week lol. Mainly against the Austwins. Production knows that their ratings will keep going down if either Liz or Austin isn’t taken out at this point. My hope is that Jmac wins puts up Liz and Van and Van wins veto forcing to put up either Austin or Julia. Yeah that puts a target on my man JMAC but at this point I’ll shoot myself if one of them doesn’t leave plus I see a Van and Austin fued starting that could be interesting as long as JMAC steers clear he could avoid it since everyone knows Julia isn’t gonna take revenge since that would require her to actually win a comp lol.

Sick of Judas

Liz is the head of the snake-she is showmance plus twin. Evict her and that whole triad crumples.


if Liz goes – Austin and Julia go to Vanessa – and they will pull Steve back in.


austin sleeps up with Liz

and then there’s Julia sleepin by herself down

I swear Liz is sooooo dumb I’m dying

Sick of Judas

It’s obvious Liz doesn’t really like Sasquatch-she’s always pushing him away. This is a girl that knows how to use men but you can tell it still grosses her out to kiss him.


She likes his finger!!

BB17 Fan

Despite what she may claim, she has fallen hard for him and has gotten. used to this attention. Pushing him away is just another sign of her immaturity. She will forever be haunted by her behaviour once out of the BB world. Contrary to what others think, I don’t think the twins are anything special. In a house a with a few others, of course they would stand out.


James for the win. Liz and Austin for the block. Lie and say Vanessa for replacement but really it’s Julia.

Yo Yo Yo

I don’t understand why James thinks he “with” Austwins. They are a group of 3… He won’t go after them. :(


Seriously though, Steves “hairstyle” is horrendous!

steve the magic dragon

dude, steve slays


Jezus H Ke-rist people! This is too easy! You want to keep Vanessa “in the dark” and make her feel safe? Tell everyone you’re voting Becky out because she came after one of “yours”. This calms her (Vanessa) the f down…and she’ll relax and NEVER see next week’s (hopeful!) blindside coming. Man. Play the GAME people and stop being in summer camp.


Perfect scenario would be Vanessa and Liz nominated. Vanessa goes. Next week Liz and Julia nominated. Austin is backdoor’d

What will probably happen, Meg and John nominated. John goes. Jury member returns and gets nominated with Meg. And goes home.

Them damn alliances


If Jmac really wants to get Van out via backdoor, he should nominate Liz with either Steve or James. This way strongest competitors will play in veto comp and Austin will try hard to get Liz off. If Vanessa wins, they could possibly get Liz out. If Vanessa takes Liz down, Jmac could put Austin.


great so it is endurance hoh tonight. production probably wants johnnymac or james to win. hope it does not work.

Crazy Feeling

I have a crazy feeling, that Vanessa is going to win HOH tonight. Hopefully not, but I just feel like if production, has anything to do with it, she will win. Why? Because I can’t imagine this cast with no drama, such as the past week. Boring Boring Boring! The worst case scenario, is that Julia wins HOH, then it’s another week of watching the Lizards think that they are the hottest thing on earth.. UGH!



I really thought this would be an endurance comp tonight. But james said they were told they can wear whatever they want. Do you think they changed the comp in case Becky stayed and would be playing as well?


Unlikely, Becky’s edit hasn’t been good enough for production to go through the effort of altering the comp. and besides they’d just play up the determined wounded player that survived a train and bat to the face.


I think its the egg comp or the log comp tonight but i wonder how they will get austin in the log he might break it. I hoping james wins it and maybe jackie gets back. I think steve might be in trouble because shellli might tell about the freaks and geeks and steve was apart of austwins if jackie or becky gets back. I do not think van is an idiot she know something is up. She feels lonely because everyone is on to her. I hoping steve sends her packing. Honestly he won’t win against van he might win against jmac or james. The problem with steve he needs to socialize a little bit vocal.


what happened to becky’s toe?

Shelli's Chompers

She injured it in her HOH comp and then re-injured it during Otev. It was swollen and the doctor (not Jmac ????) drained it. Now she’s on antibiotics and Vicodin and is probably feeling pretty good! I don’t think she cares right now if she gets evicted! Lol

brotalk to human dictionary

after a week where Vanessa’s walking around wondering why her alliance is ignoring her, and asking her alliance if she’s the back door target i think the funniest thing to happen would be if Vanessa were to win hoh.
I highly doubt it will happen. But imagine the drama as everyone tells her that Austin and the twins have been repeating everything she says behind her back and laughing at her.
reminds me of James’ scornful women sentiment when he wanted Shelli evicted. It’s not what anyone wants to see, but just for a second imagine the feeds as Vanessa’s head blows up. Imagine Austin whining to Vanessa to please forgive him (oh he already did that a few weeks ago, didn’t he).
In all seriousness, Vanessa is likely going home this week. But for a moment think about the feed drama that could have been.

cmon cuh

let’s be real, vanessa is dead in the water at this point. No one takes anything she has to say seriously and no one really wants her in the game at this point. It would be a waste to take her out when even allies want her out. As much as it pains me to watch her on my TV screen, John, Steve, and James, I’m leaving out Meg because she’s not exactly a master strategist or comp beast, need to go after the Austwins. I don’t think I could deal with it if one of them won and right now, they’re golden.


Put it this way, at summer camp, no one listens to the boring camp leader. Until someone is in trouble… who will they call?


If Julia, by some long stretch of the imagination, wins HOH, will she ban Austin from the room but allow Liz? Or will Julia be kicked out of the bed to accommodate Austin and the Lizard?