PART 1 Of 3 HOH Winner: NICOLE! “A girl won the 1st part HOH! I’m as shocked as you are!”

10:36pm The live feeds return. Enzo talks about how the spinning really got to him. That moon made fall into sit down. Cody – hitting that thing spinning 180 miles an hour every single time .. why is he just grazing it and I am getting dragged by this thing. Enzo – what was that thirty? Thirty five minutes!? Cody leaves to shower. Enzo to himself – That’s it! I have to move to comp two! Enzo – This is it. This is my destiny now. This is my fate. I’ve got to beat Cody. Enzo leaves to shower next. Nicole and Cody chat about the comp. Cody – you won the first HOH. If I was in your spot I would be f**king hyped!

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