Cody WINS the Power of Veto Competition! “Lets go! LETS GO!”

Lounge room. Nicole talking to herself.
Nicole – I am just mad because I could have won that. Why did you panic Nicole!? If you get to move further in this game .. do no panic again. Ok! Don’t panic again. You could have won that veto! You felt in your mind that you didn’t deserve it because you aren’t physical. I am battling so much in here on top of playing the competition. I need to believe in myself more. Right when I got down to me and Cody I thought there is no way I can beat him. He is faster. He is stronger. He has been studying more. In all reality I could have beat him. Its not about him.. its about me beating myself. That sucks! Yeah I am frustrated. I am really really happy for him. I now have to be brought to final three.

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